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How To Guarantee A Sapienmed Field Works For You

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  1. Shukra says:

    Hi Samuel. I recently started listening to Sapien Medicine audios via YouTube.

    I have a few playlists where in one, I have got the ‘Clear All Subconscious Limiting Beliefs’ looped 3 times. In another, I got the ‘Energy Blockage Removal & Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation’ looped 3 times each, respectively. And the last one is ‘Attract Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance’ and ‘Powerful Good Luck Energy’ looped 3 times each as well.

    Before I head to sleep, will start off with the Clear All Subconscious playlist and will fall asleep. Once that stops and if I wake up in the night, will continue with the Energy Blockage and Love, Gratitude playlist. By morning, when I am almost up, will play the Attract Wealth and Powerful Good Luck Energy playlist.

    Is this considered the proper way to play the audios? Or should I make some changes? During the day, I will listen to ‘Positive Vibe Energy’ audio once. I haven’t started another field that I wanna listen to as I am focusing on Attract Wealth and Good Luck Energy at the moment.

    Kindly advise and let me know your opinion if I can start listening to another field (subliminal) from another uploader. If yes, during which time will it be appropriate to listen to that field?

    Hoping for a reply. Thank you in advance.


    1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

      You could listen to another subliminal from another uploader. I just suggest you stick to no more than 4 fields at a time. No need to overload your body.

      1. Shukra says:

        All right then.

        Thank you.

  2. Nick says:

    Hey, I am feeling very apprehensive when I am listening to all these audios. I don’t know why but for some reason I have always been afraid of my subconscious mind. I am having a really hard time believing and also I am getting these negative thoughts as to why this would not work for me even when I listen to the Clear all subconscious limiting beliefs audio. I am constantly feeling that what if I gain the desired results and then lose them. I have this deep fear of losing the things I receive that haunts me everytime. I feel I have extremely deep rooted subconscious limiting beliefs. What do you suggest I do to remove all these energy blockages and the fear I get when I listen to these audios?

    1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

      The clear subconscious limiting beliefs audio is a good start. The audio isn’t going to work overnight but the more you listen to it, the more it dissolves your fear so that you ultimately can let go. Because it is rather clear you need to let go of your attachment to result. By listening and not caring whether the audio works or not, you can let go and You can also listen to the energy blockage removal audio and that should help as well.

      How long have you been listening to the audios? Where do you think this fear springs from?

  3. tightgeist says:

    i also get suggestions by my angels, that it might be the third eye(chakra) which causes the constant retriggering of the frequencies.
    that would make sense because of your chakra growth video and the effect i had the last time i listened.

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