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Surefire Methods to Accelerate Healing

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  1. Kim says:

    I enjoyed this article and would like to download the healing audio mentioned but the link takes me to a t-mobile page with message: “dream magic not available. Can you provide another link?

    Mucho thanks!!!

    1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

      I will send you file by email 🙂

  2. Park, June Yong says:

    Hey Sapien. I believe I was in the delta state for about 5 minutes, but then something weird happened. My head started rotating clockwise without any resistance or willpower. Is this normal? Does this mean that my delta state thinking was successful?

    1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

      It is normal. It seems like your beta mind is resisting the deep state of mind you are reaching or it is a first time reaction to you consciously going into that state.. Which means you are definitely doing something right 😀 Just stick to it. You will be amazed with what you can experience in that state.

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