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Entity Removal

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  1. wahl says:

    Dale I found your methods interesting and would like to add some crucial information.

    These beings are there with us for a reason.
    Without a resonance to them we wouldn’t have attracted them.
    Meaning that the being (or another with similar qualities) will be back unless you work on the reason.

    These beings don’t belong here.
    They belong into the light where they can further evolve.
    Treat them with respect and estimation but most importantly let them go.
    Guide them into the light once they are outside of you.

    To make things easier ask the angels for a light cone for as long as it is needed (they will know).
    Intend all energies that leave you to go into the light through this light cone.
    Otherwise they will still be in this realm and may affect you or other people.
    Also they are lost and need love more than anything else.

    Hold your hands like this for a closed energy circuit and more power:

    ° °
    _ _
    | |

    / \ <– body (hands upwards and in front of chest)

    | |
    / \ <– hands (touching and finger to the top)

    Work with unconditional love and non-polar light.
    Ask Godlovelight for guidance.

    Further reading (non-commercial license!):

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