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How to Create An Item That Repels Negative Energy & EMF Radiation

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  1. Nita says:

    Where should I place these magnets?
    Should I put them near the Wireless?
    Do I need any near body while I’m on my smartphone, or is there any other way to protect against phone radiation?

    1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

      Inside of a pillbox or anything similar to one. All you have to do is carry it with you.

  2. Ey@el says:

    Is it okay to use an aluminium pillbox (the one displayed on picture looks like an aluminium one like those you can purchase from Amazon) as aluminium is supposed to block EMF. I’m a bit puzzled here. Hope you can answer. Thanks.

    1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

      Yes and aluminum pillbox will be fine.

  3. janosch says:

    does the distance between the two north pole has an influence on how big the protective energy field will be?

    1. janosch says:

      and the number of magnets has to be 2? because on the picture it looks like they are 5 and 5. putting two or more magnets togeter makes them similar to a gigger one when theyr similar in size? or not?
      what about the little stones, do they need to be cleaned normaly and to have rest over night from us like normal, or are they cleaned and charged from the proctective energyfield?
      its because i plan to do more than just one to have a nice give away, and i want to understand it better.
      also is there a material for the capsule to choose that could supercharge the effect. or could gold plated magnets have a positive efect maybe?

      thanks in advance

      1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

        Sorry for the late reply, I never got a notification for it. The number of magnets doesn’t have to be 2. You can add an extra magnet to both just as long as they are facing north when glues to the pillboxes. It would make it stronger but careful… you don’t want them too strong either, the energy field would cause you discomfort. And you don’t need to clean them, the energy field would do that on its own. If you somehow managed to get crystal capsules, then that would definitely supercharge it! But not necessary. 2 magnets on each end of the capsule would create a strong enough field and with crystals between will be more than strong enough. And the distance does not matter too much… so as long they are not so far away they aren’t really repelling eachother.

        1. Taylor says:

          Hi! What kind of discomfort are we talking about? I just want to make sure that I made it right. The pillbox I bought have the screw thread inside so I have to fit the four magnets inside and the two north poles are pretty close to each other.

          1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

            Don’t worry about it. Thats fine as well. Discomfort in the sense of being overwhelmed by too much energy. If you do feel overwhelmed, then you will eventually get used to having more energy at your disposal. If you don’t, then… nothing to be concerned about!

  4. janosch says:

    no problem, and thanks for your work 🙂

  5. Jill says:

    Instead of a pillbox capsule can I make a small cylinder out of orgonite and glue the magnets to each end? There would be copper powder, iron oxide powder and quartz sand in the orgonite…

    1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

      Yes! That would would incredibly well. Perhaps better than it being on a capsule. Great choice with the orgonite!

  6. Profile photo of Alex Alex says:

    if we insert lapis lazuli inside, will we get its benefits?

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