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The Key Ingredient to Success with Fields

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  1. janosch says:

    so the fields that one should put only for some hours are defenitly not recomandet for traveling… (hitchiking/backpacker) how far away they have to be to not be activ?

    1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

      10-15 feet away. If they are on your backpack, they would affect you the same since they are still within your aura. This is only for chakra accelerator and advanced healing. And after using chakra accelerator for some time, you can carry it for a bit more than just a few hours.

      1. janosch says:

        ok, thank you 🙂

  2. jobzzet says:

    Welp, that explain why I feel so drained after wearing the chakra acclerator field for 24 hours on the first day I receive it

  3. Paula says:

    What is your advice for carrying around the Best Path in Life field magnetic capsule?

    1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

      Fields like best path and glory simply require you to carry them around. Depending on where you are in life, the best path field may take longer to restructure where you are right now to get you to the right path in your life. This means that some negative things might happen along the way but these negative things will actually turn out to be exactly what you needed at that moment.

      My best advice to you is to remain positive of the path you are headed in life and remain aware of the opportunities and subtle changes that occur. Opportunities will show up and you should always take them because they will lead you to the path in life that would make you most happy. You should be somewhat like Jim Carrey from the movie “Yes Man,” where he says yes to everything and all these things lead to greater opportunities and changes in his life. But obviously, you should not say yes to literally EVERYTHING like he did in the movie lol.

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