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    This forum is about helping each other make the changes that we desire and spiritually grow. A strong community of support helps guide people in the right direction and accelerate change for the better. We are dedicated to ensuring these fields work as best as possible for you and that you receive all the support necessary. Here, we can grow together and begin living more fulfilling lives while operating at higher levels of consciousness. If you’re not there, we will take you there. We have a very ambitious mission and we would like you all to be a part of it.

    We will be launching new products that will enhance your way of life and being in ways you wouldn’t have imagined possible. But you knew this already. What you did not know is that we will be launching experiments and projects that will get us closer to helping people operate at their fullest potential, like 100% use of their brain potential. And in some ways, past that through field work that can change people at the cellular level. Yes, that means genetic modification. This will all happen in due time but to make these projects and experiments happen, we need you to become a part of our forum.

    Not only will you get the opportunity to be a part of evolutionary research but also the opportunity to help other people. By committing to daily progress logs of certain fields you are using, you are building proof that these fields work for those who are too skeptical to try them yet are the ones that need them most! And if you commit to a progress log and dedicate time and energy to the forum, you will be rewarded 😉

    So join us! Grow with us! Transcend with us! The impossible is possible here on this forum and explore these infinite possibilities together ^_^

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