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Everyone wants someone in their life, to share their days with, to love and care about, who will in return love and care about them. This item helps you to find people that will fit this need in your life!

The fields on this item hit this particular task (finding the right person, or if it is your way, people) from several different directions at once, creating the best chance possible for you to meet your long term relationship goals.

This field is for items only. 

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One Who is Compatible 

Someone with similar interests might make the best friend and possible companion for you.

This item is imbued to draw those who have with similar relationship interests.  If your relationship interests are heterosexual or homosexual it is made to call those of similar thinking.  The item it’s self involves nothing sexual however.  You may find good friends of similar mind or you may draw that special person who is compatible.  Having similar goals, belief systems and desires.

Look Better

Increase your business or sales easily and naturally. This field aims to make you seem better looking to others.  Also it addresses body language issues which you might be putting out unconciousley that drive people away.  Changes of this kind will take some time however. Don’t expect to turn your body language around totally 20 minutes after putting ths item on.  Some customers have reported noticing no real changes for the first 6 weeks or so. 

Increase Sales

The Glamour and Desire components of this item should have a positive effect on relationships of all kinds.  Working with the public in any way whether by sales or service will be easier for you when these fields are active in yor life.

Comments about the field

Everyone wants someone in their life, to share their days with, to love and care about, who will in return love and care about them. This item helps you to find people that will fit this need in your life!

The fields on this item hit this particular task (finding the right person, or if it is your way, people) from several different directions at once, creating the best chance possible for you to meet your long term relationship goals.

Body Language: Most people know by now that doing a few simple things can help other perceive them as better looking. Smiling, standing up straight and presenting themselves in a open fashion.

But other things have powerful attractive abilities and are outside of the conscious control of most people!

Such things as pupil dilation and skin flush can have incredible effects when close to a person you are attracted too! It grabs there attention like no pick-up line ever could.

This field not only makes these things happen for you, but is now able to do so only when needed! The timing will be just right for maximum effect at all time. It also will subconsciously help you remember to present yourself in an open and positive manner at all times.

Calling: This is a powerful psychic signal that you will begin giving off about twenty minutes after putting the item on. (or even near, as long as it is within three feet of you)

It simply calls to anyone in your area, within about a mile of you, towards your location. It does not drive people to go to you, but they will feel restless and desire to go towards that area. Many people will respond to this rapidly and simply begin to walk towards you if in a public place. Those that do have some compatibility with you and should be considered for possible relationships!

This is a broad based signal however, and simply calls to those like you, with similar relationship interests. It does not create immediate attraction or desire itself.

Desire: This psychically generated signal literally causes those near you to want to be with you. You will seem friendly, kind, sexy or whatever it is they most desire to see. It is slightly addicting, so be careful! When people have spent more than a few hours in your presence, they will miss this when it is gone.

This is because there is a mild endorphin response that takes place for anyone in your presence for longer than about ten minutes.

(This also helps with sales…)

Pheromone Production: While different for males and females, humans are mildly responsive to pheromones that can be produced by our own bodies.

The pheromone produced by men cause women to be more relaxed and happy in their presence. It is not directly a sexual attractant.

 The ones produced by women are sexual attractants, but men are less susceptible to them than women are to the male version.

This field causes your own body to start pumping out the appropriate pheromone for your gender however for the time period that you are wearing the item.

You need to be within three to five feet for these to be effective however.

Greater Attractiveness: This field makes you seem better looking to others. You will just seem to have a certain allure that is quit separate from your personal appearance.



How can I purchase fields to be embedded on a Quantum Energy Pendant?

There are several ways that you can do this. When you are purchasing fields, there is an option where you add the Q.E.P. to the order so that we can place the field on it.

You can have up to two fields in one pendant as well. If you would like that, then add this item to cart and the two other fields to cart as well. When you make the purchase, send an email to letting us know to place the two items on the Q.E.P.

What do I do after purchasing a field? How long would it take for the field to be placed on the item?

Send an image to and your order number. Your field should be done within three days to a week. We will send you an email letting you know when the field is done.

If you purchased a field on the Q.E.P., we will ship you the product as soon as we place the field/s on it.

You said you can place up to two fields in one Q.E.P., can you do the same with custom items?

Yes we can. If you purchase two fields, just send us letting us know that you would like the two fields placed on the same item.

How do I purchase fields from SapienMed’s youtube channel to be placed on items?

On our custom orders page, you would click on the Sapienmed product. On the checkout page, you will see a field that says order notes. On there, you would write down the field you would like from SapienMed.

If you want more than one field from SapienMed, you would just have to add more than 1 of the custom items to cart. On the order details, you would write the sapienmed fields you would like on the items.

How can I get a customized item/audio?

There is a contact form on the customized items section and there, you will send your request for a customized item or audio. We will get back to you as soon as possible as to whether the request is possible and price the field based on its complexity. If you agree, you can send an image of the item you want it on  and we will send you an invoice from which you can pay for the field.

 Where do fields  draw energy from?

They draw zero point energy.  The pure and base energy that makes up all the atoms around you.

Are there guarantees?
There is a two month money back guarantee with the fields on the Quantum Energy Pendants. You will experience the benefits of our fields a lot sooner than two months but two months is a good span of time to know if a field works well for you. Everyone is different and it can sometimes takes about that amount a time for a field to assimilate with one’s energy field. Still, it’s best for you to stay in touch with us at and we will help you get the most out of all our products. You also have to send the product back to get the refund. After three months, the window for a refund closes.

We cannot offer guarantees on the other products because audios are virtual and custom items are done on items that belong to you. Neither of those things could be returned to us so some people would take advantage as they have in the past. We are very confident that these items will work for you. 

Why are the fields so expensive?

Fields take a massive amount of energy to accomplish and hours to do at a time. The value you are getting is also beyond the price that is listed. Instead of having to listen to an audio, to have a field work for you, you will have a field on an item work on you all day (as long as you have it near your aura). You will receive the benefits of these fields 24/7 and increase the speed that they will work for you.

Do I still need to listen to audios if I have the same field on an item?

No. But the audios would serve as an extra boost. It would not be necessary to listen though.

Is there any proof of this?

Our sapien medicine youtube channel. You can find hundreds of testimonials in the comments or read a few in our testimonials page. All of our audios have fields embedded in them through psychic means. They have helped thousands of people over the years.

Dreamweaver has also helped hundreds of people throughout the years by making fields on items. In fact that it was what he mainly did. He was well renowned in many of the internet’s metaphysical forums such as what was the world’s most popular metaphysical website,, and there are many threads (such as this one or this directory of threads  dedicated to his fields that discuss about the power/effectivity of his fields. He also had a forum dedicated to his products called The site expired but you can find it on As ‘riws’ mentioned in the all things dreamweaver thread I linked to, “Dreamweaver hasn’t left much for debunking with so many physical effects to these fields.”

How can you create fields remotely?

Time and space exists in ways different that we perceive, by having a link to the item, or something to mentally create a link to it (like a photo) we can work on it the object as if it is directly in front of us, as it requires the same mental link if done in person. So in that way there is no difference.

Is there any religion behind this? Is this satanic?

No, there is no religion behind this and this is not satanic. Our fields are completely natural and do not use the help of spirits or certain energies. Its simply pure, zero point energy that directs biological or energetic processes to create the changes that one seeks. The energy within you and all around you is already set with informational fields. All that you are doing is altering it to create the change you need.

Can anyone do this? Or this an ability you are born with?

Anyone can. There are a few abilities that one must fine tune to be able to … the ability to meditate and hold your mind still. The ability to understand conceptual information and communicate conceptually (in other words, subconscious communication). Our I.P.F. (improve psychic functioning) field actually helps bridge the subconscious and conscious in a way that allows you to instantly understand subconscious communication.

You would then be able to mentally find and hold a field in your mind for hours at a time. It used to take Dream about 10 hours just to make one field and I am working on ways to make that less for you all.

How are these imbued items any different from the thousands of “magic” or even “haunted” objects we can find on the web usually much less expensive?

All objects here have fields carefully formed over weeks and even months of time, by a highly trained individual using actual technique. Most of the similar sounding claims made are just objects people are selling, with no mention as to what they did to them (if anything) or how they believe this would work, even if they did mention it.
These imbued items have their fields built using the processes of field theory. This means that all work is done in a deep mental state (a trance if you will) and time is taken on each part, often hours of work! Instead of a fairly useless “spell” being spoken over the objects, a far more useful “conceptual construct” is formed and held for the duration of the work period.

One of the concepts used in the formation of these field states is called an “organic model”. By using these specific concepts, the fields themselves grow, almost as if a living thing! This means that the fields themselves become far more powerful than a single person could get them without vast amounts of work.

So the biggest difference between this imbued jewelry and objects and what you might find elsewhere? They actually work.

Are these fields some form of energy then? (Is this magic?)

The fields we speak of in field theory are likely formed of patterns the ambient energy that make objects up, rather than being a separate form of energy. What seems to be happening is that the patterns in the fields of energy that form objects influences part of how that object behaves.

Traditional magic seems to work, when it gets real effects (which does happen, after all, not with the consistency practitioners may like…) On the same basic principle. However, by learning the rules by which these fields operate the effects are so much stronger and more reliable that it is almost like dealing with a completely different topic!

Do these objects work for everyone, or only people that believe in them?

They work for whomever is holding the object.  More specifically, they work for anyone that has this object inside of their person energy field (aura).

Interestingly, though there is a small portion of people that will absolutely refuse to admit that these effects are taking place, these objects even work for die hard “debunkers” and “skeptics”!

How do you use it?

It’s a good idea to have it in your natural energy field (aura). Directly on your person can be better.

What items are best for fields?

I highly suggest something you can wear, necklace, ring or bracelet. The longer you can have it on you, the faster the field will work on you. But, that is not necessary. They work on any solid items. Fields also work extraordinarily well on crystals.

The assimilation of the field, does having it near you for long periods of time make the field part of you?

Yes, your body naturally tries to reject all foreign information, because it will try to maintain what it perceives as its natural state of being. So there is a small period of adjustment before your body accepts the new information, with some people this can be immediately with others this can be a few weeks. For example, a person with very low self confidence, wearing a glamour item will naturally try to reject the effects of the field, because they have perceived themselves as ugly for so long, the new field of information conflicts with what their subconscious sees as right.

There I a way to make it quickly a part of you and to achieve greater effects, simply gold the item while meditating. At the gamma/epsilon brainwave state, where the majority of the brain is at that level (and it is very hard to have any form of awareness in this state) DNA accepts new information and integrates it in the chains. Of course the reflection of that change takes a while but it is entirely possible to add new information and or overwrite existing information.

Does having several fields at the same time hinder one to another? Or would it add? How many fields can you have at a time?

Depends on the fields and the effects you wish to have, thinking logically about it would let you see easily which compliments each other.

I suggest no more than 4-5.

Can these fields, if overworked, dissipate?

Most of dale’s fields and mine are self-propagating, meaning they function similarly like a like a living organism, growing and repairing itself. But what is overworking it? Using it constantly would not be overworking it. Overworking may be like burning the item every day or running an electrical field through it, that’s overworking because you are forcing it to constantly repair and regenerate itself, which can be damaging.


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Custom Item, Magnetic Field Capsule, Quantum Energy Pendant

2 reviews for Matchmaker

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    matchmaker definitely works well at least for me, people becomes so friendly with me, oldest friend contacted me, i was living alone for quite long and i was tired of this. and im in love with a woman and she’s interested as her body language shows this, she is shy when she look at me she tries to avoid my eye contact when im facing her but when i look away she take glances at me, she said she likes the way i think. more women shows interest as i start hanging more with friends. im more confident because i know that matchmaker work. when ever i see a woman interested i just go and talk to her. nothing seems difficult to me now.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    If you’ve ever watched one of those shows where someone gets a magic love “spell” and everyone starts falling for them (watch “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” episode of Buffy for an idea), this field is not that far from it. Its not Ax Body spray crazy, but it is highly effective with sometime extraordinary results

    Experiences from the first time wearing out in public place,
    – an elder lady in her 60s literally stuck her hand down the back of pants
    – men i had just met saying “I like this guy” (this one happens alot)
    – various forms of “deer in headlights” stares from women (or homosexual men), lots of smiling back
    – women letting you get what would normally be uncomfortably close to them. (ie invade their personal space)

    One particular thing happened, that has happened several times since… I was standing outside getting some air when an extremely attractive women passed by. No special attention was given to me.
    She walked by several past feet. Stopped. Turned back around and approached me asking if I had a lighter.
    I said yes and she made a comment about the lighter being “bigger than usual”. I still wasn’t getting what she was inferring and simply said “yes it is” and which point she said “Stop flirting with me!” .
    Finally it hit me this one more than a normal request. We flirted for a few minutes and then she said I should visit her at the nearby restaurant where she worked.
    At this point, I demanded a kiss and told her would think about visiting, if I got a kiss. Without a moments thought, she offered her lips to me.

    While this may sound like an unbelievable story. I have done this same thing several times since. Asking for a kiss from random women on the street (or acquaintances) who I’ve just met minutes before.. and its worked every time.

    Another sign the field works powerfully, is when you make eye contact with a women who is walking with her obvious boyfriend/husband
    The ones who are very devoted to their partner will still give you a initiating friendly smile when making eye contact.
    The ones who may not be as devoted, will sneak in the smile, the look of flirtation/desire and some type of subtle sex vibe towards you. (Don’t look too long less the bf/husband catch you :P)

    This response always pleases me the most because it shows the field working exactly has described…the person sees in you exactly what they wish to see. Either a friend or a potential lover but they are attracted either way.

    Some tips: Ensure you make eye contact, from all but the most shy ones you will get extended eye contact back and probably a smile.
    For the most hardened/shy ones, Give it a 2nd or 3rd chance if the first eye contact doesn’t give you the desired result. They will eventually maintain eye contact longer than normal and smile or speak.

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