6 Ways To Begin Taking Control Of Your Mind

Part of being a happy and effective person is being able to control your own thoughts and emotions. If you do not learn to control them, you will always be at the mercy of those around you, and lets face it, many of the people around you will gladly manipulate you to their own ends.

Manipulation of emotions is so common in our lives that many people have become convinced that it is impossible to control their own emotions. This bit of disinformation has been fed to us over television and in movies subtly over the years, as well as being reinforced by those around us. In a way it may be purposeful. After all, if you don’t know it is possible to control your thoughts and emotions, you will never really try, therefore you can be controlled. It makes sense in a dark and somewhat evil way.

This is a false premise though. You can control your own mind and will be happier and more successful when you master your emotions and can control them at will. It simply takes a bit of effort and practice.

How can you begin to control these things?

1. Turn off the T.V.

Keep it off. With it’s jump cuts and blatant emotional manipulation, this box is one of the major sources of stress. It is difficult to learn to control yourself on a deep level when you keep getting distracted by the bright colors and overly loud sounds. Okay, this is not so much a technique of control as it is a piece of advice that will make the other methods more easily achievable.

2. Learn to meditate

Meditation is a fantastic tool. It will help you to calm your mind, which is a form of personal mind control right there, and will help you become more aware of your internal mental state. You have to be able to realize what is going on in your head before you can control it! An easy way to skip the difficulty of reaching meditative states is to listen to this theta audio field which increases the amount of theta waves in your brain and entrains your brain to naturally produce stronger theta brain waves and to allow you to become conscious in those states for longer periods of time.

3. Smile more

Even if you don’t feel like it. Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins even in sad people. The trick? It is the initial act of smiling that causes the release. So for a big blast of endorphins, smile fifty times in rapid succession! Just don’t do it in public or people will think you’re a bit strange. You can also listen to these sapienmed videos which make release the neurotransmitters in your brain that make you happy. They are Dopamine Neurotransmitter Overload and Serotonin Boost.

4. Practice direct mental control

You can control your thoughts. If a negative thought comes into your head, you can replace it by consistently dwelling on a good one. The key word here is consistency. If you give a half hearted effort, you will get poor results. If however you stay on top of things and keep replacing the negative thought pattern you wish to get rid of with a better one, you will soon find that you have achieved control. This may seem a constant battle at first. Years of negative ideas won’t just disappear overnight. They will disappear though, if you take enough time to make it happen.

5. Replace your emotions with better ones

When you begin to go in to an emotional state that you dislike, change it. Here is a simple method that really works!

1. Calm yourself as much as possible by taking several deep breaths and closing your eyes. Relax your body as much as you can, given the circumstances.

2. Focus your attention on a spot inside your brain. Even with your eyes from the front and about half an inch in front of you ears. It is less important that you be exactly on target than that you become aware of the feeling inside your head.

3.  Imagine a small point of ticklish pleasure at this point, near the center of your brain. Really try to feel it.

4. Now, every time you inhale, imagine this point of pleasure getting bigger and stronger.

5. On every exhalation feel the pleasure hold its position.

6. Let the feeling grow until it fills your head. Then let it run down your spine, sending pleasure out into  your body.

What you have just done is create a release of endorphins into your system. By increasing the amount of pleasure you feel, you will also increase the amount of endorphin release!

6. Pretend your way to total control

By pretending you are in control of yourself, you can increase your actual control. By this I don’t mean acting like you are in control on a shallow outer level. Rather try to internalize it. Become the particular state you want to feel as much as possible. Run over how you wish to feel and what it is you wish to be thinking. Let it sink in completely. If another thought or emotion intrudes, just acknowledge it, then set it aside. With just a little practice, and by a little I mean less that a days worth, you can turn your “pretending” into direct and complete personal mind control. Also, having confidence that you are in control definitely helps internalize that you are in control and by consistently listening to sapienmed’s confidence booster, control will be gained very quickly.

These are all techniques that anyone can do without special training. Do they represent the only things you can do? Not by a long shot. In the near future I will release a follow up article that will illustrate how you can use your own innate psychic abilities to reinforce your meditations and mind control efforts. These new techniques will likely open up a world of self-control for you that few have ever mastered.

Until then, remember that you have the power, the skills and the responsibility to yourself to control your own mental and emotional state. It is up to you.

By Dale Power

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