Time Manipulation

Time, as we know it, does not really exist. It is largely a perception that we, as humans, seem to hold together using unconscious group effort. For most people, in day to day life, time is considered a constant, and functionally acts like one.

What I am going to go into here will allow you, with practice and effort to bend time, speed it  up or slow it down, warp space so that distances shrink or grow and possibly time travel to both the future and the past. 

First, let me state for clarity: This article is about time manipulation, not about manipulating your own perceptions of time. This is the actual changing of what is measured on a clock, and when managed the time travel described is a physical alteration of when you are.

(I stated this because it always bothered me as a young adult that some people claim that time traveling in the mind, as a mental process somehow counts as time travel. It doesn’t. It counts as Clairvoyance, Possibly Remote Viewing, but not as Time travel or manipulation.)

The hardest parts of this kind of work involve capturing the concept of time itself, which basically means “feeling time” and then altering it to your will and holding that field as solidly as possible.

Practicing time manipulation isn’t all that hard to do though, in fact most people probably bounce a bit in time, with things speeding up or slowing down around them, at least a little, every day.

Time Travel requires a good bit of understanding in regards to psychic function, and a fairly exacting ability to both pick your Time of being and let go of your current time framework.The starting point for all of this is gaining a conceptual sense of time.

Sensing Time:

As with almost everything psychic, start out by clearing your mind of all concerns possible and letting go of all words and pictures in your head.

When you have done this, don’t worry if it takes a little practice it can be done, focus on the feeling of time passing. This will be very vague and smooth to the perceptions of most people, which is fine, just get a sense of it and once you have what you think of as a sense of time passing, let it go.

Then recapture it again. Do this over and over again until you can feel this light touch of time with just a little extra thought.

Try to recognize it as a concept however, so that changes made to this perception of time will be interpreted by your subconscious mind as the rate of time changing and reinforce that action.



Bending Time:

When you have a handle on your innate sense of time, or at least have a good
proxy (Yes, even if you use your imagination to build a false sense of time, it will
still work! So don’t worry if you are uncertain about what you are feeling, this is a
very, very smooth and constant process. It is akin in a way to feeling still air
around you without moving, possible, but it takes work.) you can begin to speed
up time around you or slow it down.

It is best to stick to one understanding of this for now, for instance that the time
around you is slowing down, or speeding up. (As apposed to the time within you.)
This will prevent mental confusion as you work.

Start by regaining your sense of time, and alter it to “feel” faster or slower.

How you make this alteration, what it feels like to you, this doesn’t matter as much
as the conceptual intent. Focus on it going faster or slower and it will, as long as
you hold the concept clearly.

It generally takes some time for the strongest effects to build, about forty minutes
of work, so be ready for some work there. This is part of the reason that many
more people do not just “float away” in time more often. It takes focus or an
altered state of mind to create the effect in most people.

Also, time tends to warp in a field around you, When I have done this in the past, I
found that clocks placed within 5 feet of me registered the same time as a watch
or clock on my body. Clocks ten feet away showed about half that time difference
and clocks that were farther away than twenty feet OR that update from outside
the field, tend to remain accurate. (Updated from outside, such as the clock on
your cable television program guide or in some cases, computer.)

Why Bother?

There are a few things that are helpful about bending time. You can cover a
distance while traveling in less time without physically moving faster. It is a little
subtle and odd at first, but you can, with practice, cover about 1/3rd more
distance while still going the speed limit in a car or while flying in a plane. What’s
more important, a radar gun will still clock you at the speed your car is driving.
Even though you get to your destination earlier than that speed would allow.

Time, as mentioned above, does not work as we generally think!

This will allow you to do more work or to hold of having to go to work for a little
while. Depending on what kind of person you are.

*While I have never done this, a tightly held field could allow for a person in a
fight, or other life or death situation, to have more time to react and respond, and even
seem to move faster than their opponent.

**OK, I have used it to appear to be moving faster. But not in a fight. It may be
hard to muster the needed focus at those times.

The main reason though is that it allows you to develop a sense of times passage
without danger.

*Warning!: While time is very elastic and will rebound, bending it can and will
mess with your clocks and sometimes they will, over the course of hours or days,
reset themselves as time catches up to them or, at times, this won’t happen and
they will just need to be reset. It seems to have to do with how profound the
original bending was.

Doing this near your computer can cause sudden and catastrophic failure.
Protect your machine by moving at least ten feet back while practicing.

Also, it is not unheard of for physical effects to manifest that are not intended.
Metal bending, electronics having disruptions and other things in that vein.

ALL time manipulation seems to also bend space, at least to some small degree.
Keep this in mind, as the effects can be very odd if you don’t look out for them.

Time Travel:

When you bend time around you, you are, of course, time traveling. At least a
little bit, for a little while.

What I would like to discuss now is how to deepen that experience and move
greater distances through time in your chosen direction, to a given destination.

The big difference here is that you need to gain an understanding of your time
location field itself. This piece of information is sliding along in the “NOW” all the
time. By focusing on the passing of time, and how it relates to your body and
energy field, you can find out what this field feels like.

Once you have that, you can practice placing it in different areas of time, holding
the focus on that feeling and “slipping” into different times.

Because teleportation is highly related and is done in much the same fashion,
don’t worry overly about the physical placement aspects of things. Your innate
psychic ability will keep you in position on the Earth, and not drop you into deep
space, even though the planet may be millions of miles away from the past or
future you are selecting.

You will find, once you have traveled to a new time, that you have to hold on to
the new location in time, or else you will eventually slip back into your current now.

*Personal Note: I have only done this once, a movement four days into the past,
which I used to meet a deadline on a project. Oddly (or perhaps not?) I was in the same
place I had been originally, but the “Me” from the first time through was not there.

I say oddly, because everything that had been done was done and what interactions I had before with others repeated.

I suppose a greater distance in time is possible, I have even heard of many such
cases, but it would require the desire to travel to that time specifically.

Remember: When working, try to apply the basics at all time. The time you
spend, the focus and clarity you bring to this effort, the physical actions
you have taken to make it work and the level of your mental state and
bilateral synch pattern will all play a large roll in your success.

There are very few areas in life where letting go of the fundamentals
gains you better results.

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4 thoughts on “Time Manipulation

    • Samuel G says:

      There isn’t exactly a limit. And although possible, time manipulation is rather difficult and it is likely that you would change things for the worse. You are where you are now and no matter how messed up things may seem now, you can always change your life for the better. Trust me, I’ve been at a low point before that I thought I could never rise up from… but I did rise. And I know you can too. If you couldn’t do it over, what things do you believe would now make your life amazing?

      • Whippersnapper says:

        Not OP but I actually agree with them.

        It’s all very well to try to find ways to make the best of your current circumstances…but it’ll never be as good as if you could go back and make things right before they go wrong. As for me, I’m willing to take the risk of making things worse if there’s a chance I can set things right.

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