Walking the Dragon Paths: Entering Other Dimensions

The Dragon Paths are lines, that exist all around us when outdoors, especially in
Wild places, that when followed allow us to slip from this world into one of the
nearby dimensions. This is not travel to alternate universes or realities, this allows
for a normal 3-D human to slightly enter a true fourth dimensional space for a time.

You will be able to reach places  that otherwise would not be  possible, travel over great distances rapidly even  though on foot and go  unseen to the naked eye,  or even cameras, that may  be watching while actively in this other place.

A woman in a dress dress walks through the foggy forest.

This is both a psychic/magical technique and one that requires conscious mental participation as well as physical movement. Though each part is spelled out separately here, all of the things below need to be done at the same time.

When you enter into the Dragon Paths, you will feel it as a slight dislocation in space at first, and notice that the colors of the world around you seem slightly more vibrant. Other than that, things will seem fairly normal. Unless of course you
try to walk the whole route again in normal space, then you will find key portions of the path you walked to be missing all together. The end point may well be different and everything will look different as well, even though in some places there will be signs of your passing before!

This happens because the Dragon Paths sometimes touch our own world. If they
didn’t we couldn’t walk them. It is possible at these points which allow entry to
show back up visibly in our own world for a time.

*Just as conjecture, I would like to point out that the Sasquatch  (Big Foot) moves
in patterns that seem similar to my own experiences walking the Dragon Paths in
the past. Showing up for brief periods then disappearing, even though the
landscape may be such that a large creature should be visible.

There are conditions on this one however, if you want the technique to work well.

Wild Places:

It is theoretically possible to walk the Dragon Paths in the city, but the lines laid
out by humans never run along them. We build roads, paths and houses in such
a fashion that these intersections don’t often happen.

In undeveloped places, people feel comfortable following their own path and can
make out the areas of difference, the places where nature allows for passage,
even though there is no trail. Following these lines will get you going in the right

Also, the further away you are from large groups of people, the less tied you will
be to their preconceived notions of reality. This will allow you more freedom in
movement than you would normally experience, because others are not holding
you down.

With enough practice, you may eventually be able to discern where these paths
are, by watching where humans have not built, in urban areas. This takes
practice and a willingness to be led by the subconscious mind without worry or
concern for rules.


In general, you will actually want to physically walk the paths, rather than trying to
ride something or drive. It is potentially possible to fly them, but I don’t have
enough experience at this point to recommend that course of action.

So be ready to walk!

Comfortable shoes and enough conditioning that you can go the needed
distances are great places to start! Carry what you need for your trip, because
as with hiking, you may not simply be able to stop at a local store. Though there
are a few in certain locations, that line up on the paths.

Don’t be tempted to run! Not at first at least. You want to learn the correct “Feel”
of the paths before setting out at full speed. Otherwise you will keep losing them
and just be going for a normal jog. (A good thing to do, but not what this article is

Mental state:

For this  endeavor, you will want to be in a clear Theta brainwave state. Focused
and alert, without to much noise in your head. Most people can manage this with
just a little practice, but learning to do it before you try this will make a huge

Intuitive/Attentive focus:

This is the crux of walking the Dragon Paths. Not any great mental magic, though
some is needed, instead the key is attention to things most miss.

What looks like a line in the grass? Follow it. A place where the bushes don’t
meet perfectly that will allow you passage? Go there.

Do this while holding the right mental state and you will step directly onto the
Paths without a problems.

It also helps (but is not absolutely needed at all times.) to have a destination in
mind. You can also just explore, and sometimes find things that are very different
than you might expect.

You do need to keep your full focus on the paths however. Let intuition guide
you and simply go where you think you see a line, a path or even just feel a
sense that you can go in that direction.

You will begin to feel that you are winding back in on your trail, if you are doing it
correctly, though you will not recognize everything as you go past it “again” just a
few landmarks and recognizable things, normally surrounded by unrecognizable

That is all it takes. You have probably actually done this once or twice in your life
by accident! It is one of the reasons that people can at times become lost in
familiar areas.

Be aware of danger

There is a bit of danger in doing this, about the same amount as hiking in the
woods, and for similar reasons. Animals cross these paths and some of them are
dangerous. A few are not exactly normal animals the way we would think of things
either. These are called Dragon Paths after all! (Because of the way they twist
actually. I have never seen a dragon myself.)

If you are injured on the paths, it may not be possible for searcher to find you,
even if you can see and hear them. So be careful.

Finally, it is possible to end up many, many miles further away than you have
walked physically. Keep that in mind when traveling this way, that there is no
consistent measure of distance on the Paths. You may walk a mile to find that
you are only a few Hundred yards away from your starting point or you may walk
a mile and find yourself twenty miles away even though only twenty minutes has

In general however, this is a fun things to do and allows for some useful tricks,
such as disappearing from sight and sometimes running into strange people and
creatures you otherwise would never have met.

It varies from place to place, and from one time to the next, though you can follow
the same path to the same location if you are careful, more than once.

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