Unbelievable Brain Hack To Lucid Dream Every Night

In this article, you will learn a brain hack that will allow you to lucid dream every single night. In lucid dreams, you have the freedom to fly, explore, make love or even wreak havoc. This boundless freedom and seamless connection with your subconscious mind allows for personal growth on a much deeper level. In fact, scientists over the years have cited these as benefits from lucid dreaming

  1. Improved memory
  2. Enhanced creativity
  3. Greater self-confidence
  4. Higher energy levels
  5. Less nightmares
  6. More self-control
  7. Improved problem-solving skills
  8. Better, more restful sleep
  9. Enhanced self-awareness

But the majority of us aren’t able to lucid dream, let alone remember most of our dreams. There are several techniques that most of us may have tried but failed to get any results with. Techniques such as keeping a dream journal or doing reality checks throughout the day could take months to produce lucid dreams. Before I show you how you can skip those months and get results within a few days, it is important to understand how lucid dreams occur in the first place. 

How Do Lucid Dreams Occur

Lucid dreaming occurs when the parietal cortex of the brain remains awake during deep sleep. So when the parietal cortex remains awake, you become consciously aware in your dreams. It becomes a lucid dream when you are consciously awake and aware that you are dreaming as well.  Being awake in the dream world is like being awake in the real world.. except that you aren’t bound by the laws of physics and you can do as you please without permanent consequences.

It is a common belief that almost everyone has lucid dreamed at least once in their lifetime. I don’t believe that to be the case but I do believe that everyone has had at least several vivid dreams in their lifetime. And the distinction is very important to understand if you ever want to lucid dream.

A vivid dream is when you become consciously aware in your dream but do not know you are dreaming. You ever wake up, went to brush your teeth and perform your morning routine and then wake up only to find out that was a dream? That was a vivid dream! Many people confuse it for a lucid dream but it is just one small step behind a lucid dream… All it would take for a vivid dream to become a lucid dream is to realize that you are dreaming. The issue is that it can take months and even years to train your brain to induce vivid dreams on a regular basis! 

Lucid dreamers have an active parietal cortex during sleep and this area of the brain is what people are training when they embark on lucid dreaming exercises. But most people give up on these exercises because it takes a rather long time until the parietal cortex begins to remain awake during sleep. Once it does, they’ll consciously wake up in their dreams and quickly realize they are dreaming… so the fun can begin.

But how do we skip all those months of training the brain to act a certain way? Well, we could make it act the way we want to with the help of a powerful morphic frequency that keeps the brain’s parietal cortex awake during sleep!

What Does It Do

If you listen to this audio before sleep, your brain’s parietal cortex would be programmed to remain awake during sleep and induce vivid dreams.(Paid version) Due to the power of the frequency, it is possible you may still end up becoming aware that you are dreaming and have a lucid dream as well. If you play the audio on loop while you sleep, it will work much more effectively and induce a level of awareness you would have never imagined having in your dreams. In this state of awareness, it would be much easier to realize you are dreaming. 

A morphic field is an energy field of information that tells the body, mind or spirit how to behave. The audio above is embedded a powerful field that directs the parietal cortex to remain awake during sleep while at the same time proving stimulation to the brain’s imagination and visual areas.

But as powerful as this audio is, it is possible that you will still believe the dream to be real life and just follow allow along with extreme vividness. If you listen to the audio in a daily basis before sleep or during, it will program your parietal cortex to remain awake during sleep. This will practically guarantee that you will eventually lucid dream in the long run but you can begin lucid dreaming immediately if you commit yourself to the following exercises.                                                                 

                                                              The Method

This audio works hand in hand with these well-known lucid dreaming exercises. If you follow these directions, you will undoubtedly lucid dream within the next few days or even week. Everyone’s brains operate differently so the time frame will vary. But you will experience interesting results regardless of who you are and if consistent, you will unlock your own personal reality that you can visit on a regular basis.

  1. When you set your alarm to wake up, have a note on your phone/alarm that reminds you to recall your dreams. You can recall with your phone’s voice recorder, in your notes or even a diary (which you should keep next to your bed). Point is to recall as much of your dream as you can. And do not move! Do not go to the bathroom or do anything. Just wake up and recall your dreams. If you begin to forget, then close your eyes and change the position of your body and continue to reflect. This will bring new fragments of your dreams to the surface.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    And recall your dreams in the present tense. “I am flying over the boardwalk. I  am  slapping my best friend over the head.” Do not attempt to interpret the  dreams or  understand.

           What this does is bring more waking awareness to your dreams. Often when we              wake up, we forget all of our dreams so it is almost as if we didn’t dream at all. A              dream journal not only allows us to remember more dreams but also to gain                      more conscious awareness in our dreams. 

  1. Commit to doing a reality check throughout the day. Every now and then, ask yourself “am I dreaming?” The more you do this, the more likely that you will ask yourself the same question during your dream. If this question arises during a vivid dream, you would immediately realize you are dreaming.
  2. Throughout the day, you will look at your hands and say in your mind or out loud “I am going to find my hands in my dreams tonight.” Repeat a few times throughout the day. Then when you are in bed to sleep, you will look at your hands and say in your mind or out loud “I am going to find my hands in my dreams tonight and remember it.” When you fall asleep, you will eventually find your hands in your dreams and they will appear different. This would be a cue that makes you realize you are dreaming.
  3. Listen to the audio before sleep or during sleep. If you listen one to two times before sleep, you will have vivid dreams throughout the night (with a possibility of lucidity). If you leave it on while you sleep, you will have extremely vivid dreams that are likely to turn into lucid dreams. You can loop the audio by making a playlist of the audio or you can purchase the audio here and simply loop it on your phone. If you can’t fall asleep with the audio on, then you can set up an alarm with the audio (if purchased) and have it play on very low volume so it doesn’t wake you up. Ensure that the alarm plays on a loop as well.

                                                  The Shortcut

  1. Set an alarm for 4 hours into your sleep. While holding on to the intention to lucid dream, listen to the audio once or twice and then go back to sleep. You should lucid dream within the first try or 2 with this method. (this is only possible with paid version)

The audio in itself is powerful enough that you could get away with just doing one or two of those techniques a day. But doing all of them will ensure that you lucid dream as quickly as possible. Consistency is key. You cannot fail to lucid dream if you commit to these exercises and the audio on a daily basis. And if you do commit to them on a daily basis, you will program your brain’s parietal cortex to remain awake during sleep and naturally lucid dream just about every night.


Revisit any place your memories? Check. Fly like an eagle? Check. Spend time with friends and family you haven’t seen in a long time? Check. Face your fears knowing you have full power over them. Check. Must I go on? In your dream world, you are only limited by your imagination. In a world where we are so limited by rules, shouldn’t we have our own personal sanctuary to escape to every night we sleep? Now you can. I have given you the key to unlock the door to the world of dreams. I leave it up to you to open it.


7 thoughts on “Unbelievable Brain Hack To Lucid Dream Every Night

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    It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this
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  2. Alex says:

    I tried the shortcut method and it works very well! the problem is that when I realize that I’m dreaming after a few seconds I wake up or the dream continues … I tried various techniques to stabilize the lucidity like rubbing my hands or turning on myself, but they did not always work. Any advice to give me?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Ellen Groth says:

    My lucid dreams all begin the same way. I hear a loud sound of static (as when a TV is on but no signal is detected. It begins with 1 short burst and at that point I become conscious and know that I am entering a “lucid” dream state. The static then becomes more frequent, longer, and progressively louder, but then it all goes away and I am in a state where I know I am dreaming and am generally just observing (with great interest) that this really cool thing is happening. Typically I sense the bed moving and I often begin to float. It is very hard to control what is happening. In my dream last night I was able with some success to fly a jet plane and have sex. At one point I was crying (I don’t know why) but I could feel the tears running down – and I thought, this really cool that I can feel the tears even though I know that it is not real. In the same dream my legs were elevated as if I was in a no gravity chamber. Eventually I could feel my hear wedged against the wall behind my bed which was not pleasant and I began to think that maybe my head is really pressing against the wall, so I woke up to check – and it was not.

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