Enlightened States Update…

Hey everyone, just wanted to give an update on some things we have upcoming.

For one, we will be changing our sapienmed facebook’s name to enlightened states. Our SapienMed youtube channel will remain the same and will be integrated with a lot of the stuff we do here on EnlightenedStates. 

I know we haven’t made any new videos on the channel lately but worry not, we will resume to posting AT LEAST one new video a week. And yes, we have a list of all the requests that you guys come up with. Some we have not been able to do because they are not exactly possible at this moment or not enough research has been done in that field. But we will try to get to as many possible.

If you are willing to pay for a certain request though, you can always ask us through our custom form and we would research it as soon as possible. 

Soon to come will be a video to help relieve/cure tinnitus. We still stand by what we do at SapienMed which is providing free alternatives to very expensive operations and tools to help you improve the overall quality of your life. 

As for here at EnlightenedStates, we will be releasing some amazing fields very soon. Our social mastery field will be releasing this week. Our extreme weight loss field and also genius field will also release some time soon as well. We have a lot more exciting developments as well that will truly amaze some of you. We are also very happy with some of the results some of you guys are already getting with the imbued items! Please leave testimonials on the product pages when you can.  

We really are aiming to not only make dramatic changes in people’s lives but in the world. Stay posted 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Enlightened States Update…

  1. Timofey says:

    Keep up what you doing, I really appreciate it! Listening your Youtube videos for a few days and already have a results! Certainly going to order something from your site later )

  2. Youri says:

    That sounds amazing, I am really looking forward to everything you guys are doing.
    About the Genius field, when do you expect to have that one come out?

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