Psychic Development 101 : Psychic Stimulation (Pt. 2)

In our previous article, we went into detail as to what being psychic means and how to become psychic. To become psychic, one must develop the neuron connections necessary in the psychic nerve cluster (behind forehead). In addition, what makes you psychic is the interconnection of these psychic areas and all the other senses that makes psychic abilities possible.  We listed several ways you can develop this nerve cluster and in this article, we will list three more simple ways you can start developing it today.

1.       Energy Sensing Method: This is a practice I believe that anyone seeking to become psychic should practice. It will train your mind to tap into energies and pick up on subtle energies. In the other article, we went into detail as to how it’s important to understand conceptual communication so that you could understand energy all together. But without being able to sense energy, you won’t get really far.

So what you must do is first get in a very relaxed state while laying down or sitting in a comfortable position. Do whatever works best for you to relax and clear your mind. This could be taking deep breaths in a rhythmic motion, chanting ommm or mentally relaxing every part of your body.  You can listen to our alpha brainwave audio if you need help getting relaxed (or our relaxation audio from dreamseeds).  If you do not have your eyes closed, you should then close them after feeling sufficiently relaxed.

With your eyes closed, begin to try to feel what certain things in the room you are in feel like. First, you can start by feeling your legs, your arms, your face, your nose, your left toes, ext… Then if there is a table, feel what the table feels like. Feel the television. Feel the wall. Feel the things you know are around you without opening your eyes. Feel as if you are that thing. You are your toe, you are the wall, you are the table. I know it sounds ridiculous and hard to fathom how you would do this but with enough practice, you will eventually get it.

You might not get it the first time but it will eventually click. In a way, you are feeling what it is like to be these things. And it is this feeling of being that makes you tap into that energy and sense it. The more you practice this, the clearer the feeling becomes and the more structure you can feel around this energy. Over time, your conscious mind will also pick up on subtle energies naturally. You will become ‘energy sensitive.’

2.       Dreamweaver’s Psychic Card System: Years ago, Dreamweaver created a psychic card system that pretty much allows you to do psychic things like healing, removing negative entities or even stimulating your chakras. The attunement card works on upgrading your existing energy level and functioning along with directly telling your subconscious how to use all the cards and energies in the system. When using the cards, the energies also stimulate your psychic nerve cluster to make these sorts of things possible. So in using these cards, you are essentially working your psychic nerve cluster to do these kinds of things and creating neuron connections that over time will make you naturally psychic.

Over a long period of time, you will learn how to do these kinds of things on your own as well and not have to depend on the cards. In fact, Dream does say that the more you use them, you will intuitively find how you can access these abilities without depending on the cards. Best part is that this is ultimately free and you can access it through our https://www.instagram.com/sapienmed/ and you ought to read the directions in our facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/EnlightenedStates/posts/2307420672636268 .

3.       Our ‘Heal Those around You (Be the Healer)‘ audio from DreamSeeds also uses your own psychic ability to heal others. The field creates a psychic link for you to the field, uses your mind to gather the idea of who needs it (you thinking of who to heal) and so using it will create a deeper connection that field which you will be able to use to heal others. So listening to this audio and using it to heal yourself or others will overtime develop the neuron connections necessary to make you more psychic.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2Y0ELJ9TI4&t=12s

These are just a few more free ways you can begin stimulating the psychic areas of the brain so that you can become psychic. You can refer to our previous article for more information regarding this. Hope this helps! Until next time 🙂

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