Automate one of the hardest steps in spiritual growth and accelerate your energy awareness and control to unforeseen heights. 

The special part about our ‘Energy Awakening Course’ is that the process of shedding the weight that hinders our spiritual perception is automated through a series of audios. The audios do as follows:

Body Primer: Cleans the energy body of any repressive energies/blockages, stimulates and prepares all of the primary and secondary chakras and nervous system for the rest of the audios in the course. 

 (An Emotional Release audio is included with this course to help release the repressed emotions that arise to the surface. An Automated Grounding audio is also included is help if you become overwhelmed by the energetic process)

Energy Sensitivity: Widens, grows and enhances the energy flow of all the meridians and chakras and increases natural sensitivity to energy via the nervous system

The Healer Primer: Clears blockages and expands the heart chakra, Clears blockages and expands palm chakra from the heart chakra and widens its energy as well, widens and strengthens the meridians as well and increases the connection between the palms and rest of the energetic system.

Not only are these audios clearing and stimulating the energy system to increase your energy sensitivity, they are also preparing your energy system to allow you to interact with, and transmit, subtle energies on your own.That is the goal with these audios. Awaken your ability to sense and interact with the spiritual.

And energy blockages aren’t the only thing that hinder our ability to sense and interact with energy… The ego does as well. 

The ego is the conditioned personality that maintains its sense of self through the constant pattern of thoughts we experience on a day to day basis. It blocks our ability to sense what is here and now and instead has us focus on the past or a future unforeseen. Amidst this cyclone of thoughts, we lose our ability to experience the present moment from which truth is ever present and as clear as the sun. It is now that energy is ever flowing and is a flow that any person can consciously feel and be a part of.

We kept this in mind in the creation of this course and made two audios to supplement: 

Ego Dissolution: This audio dissolves the ego’s thought patterns and over time decreases their control over your consciousness. 

Meditation Audio: This audio takes you to a state between the theta and delta brainwave state, focuses your consciousness to the present moment and silences the ego. 

Although the audios automate much of the work for you, the course has so much more to offer. It introduces concepts of the metaphysical in a very logical way for anyone to grasp.

Instead of complicating things, we explain by simplifying concepts and helping you attain a core of understanding that helps shape the new array of experiences your mind is to open up to. Because that is how we aim to teach in this course. Through experience. Your own experience. 

Over the years, many of our listeners have messaged us in regards to how they wanted to take their spirituality to the next level by opening their third eye, experiencing oneness, astral projecting, energy healing and creating fields on their own. They had read books, taken other courses and tried all sorts of things and garnered little to no results.  We knew why they weren’t garnering any results and decided to create a course that resolved this issue and guaranteed growth for any beginner or expert alike. 

The issue is energy blockages all throughout the energy system that slow down the flow of energy and hinder energetic perception/sensitivity. The less restrictive your energy flow, the more that energy flows in your body and the more this energy becomes something you naturally sense. This would begin to also open up your ability to sense subtle energy outside of you. But more importantly, the ability to sense and interact with subtle energy allows for you to tap into the metaphysical part of yourself. Your spirit. And at the core of all spiritual practice, this is the part of us that we hope to find and become in touch with. 

Not only are these audios clearing and stimulating the energy system to increase your energy sensitivity, they are also preparing your energy system to allow you to interact with, and transmit, subtle energies on your own. Our course also includes a number of practices that are designed to be as easy as possible for any beginner or master to attain a level of mastery over their inner being. The practices are easily felt, palpable and over time, will help you gain a high level of energy control that allows for unprecedented growth. The practices also help you make the most of the energy attunements that also come with this course. 

Become the Healer: Attunes you to a powerful source of healing energy so that you can tap into and use whenever you wish to. The healing energy works on a energetic and physical level by: Healing through Unconditional Love energy (reconnects broken bonds), Stem Cell Production (replaces damaged cells with new healthy ones) and Supercharging the Mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell that increases healing potential)

Quartz Crystal Energy: Connects to the Quartz Crystal energy source. The energy source consists of Quartz Crystal energy and Unconditional Love. Quartz Crystal Energy works as a clearing energy and also amplifier that can stimulate and grow the energy body (such as the chakras).

Amydala Healing & Fear Release

Depression Reversal

Brain Enhancement

Fast Metabolism for Weight Loss

Subconscious Limiting Beliefs Clearing

HGH Booster