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Time Manipulation

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  1. Liveinthemind says:

    So, is there a limit to how far back you can go? There’s a lot in my life that I wish I could do over.

    1. Profile photo of Samuel G Samuel G says:

      There isn’t exactly a limit. And although possible, time manipulation is rather difficult and it is likely that you would change things for the worse. You are where you are now and no matter how messed up things may seem now, you can always change your life for the better. Trust me, I’ve been at a low point before that I thought I could never rise up from… but I did rise. And I know you can too. If you couldn’t do it over, what things do you believe would now make your life amazing?

      1. Whippersnapper says:

        Not OP but I actually agree with them.

        It’s all very well to try to find ways to make the best of your current circumstances…but it’ll never be as good as if you could go back and make things right before they go wrong. As for me, I’m willing to take the risk of making things worse if there’s a chance I can set things right.

  2. Profile photo of Angel Monica Angel Monica says:

    can you write an article about teleporting?I would like to know more about it.

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