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Our social mastery field is one of our most powerful and complex fields to date. It not only produces the necessary changes needed within to make you more effective socially but also produces the necessary external factors to make conversations with others effortless and effective.

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The ability to effectively socialize with other people is one of the most important skills you can learn. We are social creatures and much of the functions in our society depend on human interactions. It is quite obvious that some of the most successful people in the world are also the most social. Their ability to connect with other people gets them the right connections and attracts them much more opportunities.

But not only is socializing crucial to society, it is crucial to our well-being. Studies shows that social people generally lead happier and more fulfilling lives. It truly feels amazing to connect with other people and build relationships with them.

But many people are plagued with social anxiety. Socializing makes a lot of people nervous and it is becoming much more common in this day and age of technology. Although the reasons for social anxiety are different for everyone, the fact that the problem is internal is the same for everyone. No amount of knowledge on social skills will be helpful if you still don’t feel comfortable socializing. And even then, there are many external factors to take into account when ‘trying’ to socialize properly. The best social interactions are the natural ones that come off with little to no effort and produce the most connection. This is what our social mastery field pretty much generates.

Our social mastery field is one of our most powerful and complex fields to date. It not only produces the necessary changes needed within to make you more effective socially but also produces the necessary external factors to make conversations with others effortless and effective. The sub-fields are as follows…


Charisma– Charisma is a complicated mix of body language, voice and voice tone, physical appearance, dress, and more…it also has a psychic component, which Mesmer referred to as “animal magnetism’…and that is the component that this field will boost, dramatically. It also creates an attractive draw to your presence, whatever you say and your actions in general. In other words, you will more likable.

Likability increases people’s receptivity to your communication so that they are genuinely interested in what you have to say. Interest is what makes conversations flow very easily.

Eliminate Fear And Instill Confidence In Socializing Fear of socializing truly disrupts the flow of conversation and makes you more focused on yourself rather than the other person. It also puts your guard up and disallows you from opening up or even expressing yourself to the fullest extent. The sub-field works on removing the fear of socializing and instills a confidence in your ability to socialize. When you are more confident in socializing, you will find that you are more focused on the conversation itself and that you become much more expressive. You won’t be so worried about what to say and will just say what is on your mind. Conversing will feel more effortless.

And even if you are not conversing, you will feel more at peace around people. Social anxiety is not only rooted in having to talk to people but in being around people. In this sub-field,  The removal of fear extends to removing the fear of being around others and increase of confidence also extends to generally feeling comfortable around other people. 

Willingness To Be Social And Joy In Being Social Often people with social anxiety or introverts don’t socialize… because they don’t want to socialize! It is not a part of their personality.  Willingness to be social makes you desire to be social and enjoy talking to others. When you enjoy talking to others, they will also enjoy talking to you. People feed off of the vibes you give them. In this way, conversation becomes much more fun and engaging.

Make People Chatty People around you are willing to talk to you more often. They are more prone to open up to you and start a conversation. 

Enthusiasm And Empathy A great part of what makes a conversation flow is your interest in what the person is saying. The more interested you are in what they have to say, the more interested they will be in talking to you and opening up to you. People are more interested in themselves than anything so they feel great when someone is interested in what they have to say. Empathy is what makes this possible and that is what this field produces in you. Feeling for the other person allows you to care for what they say..and also connect with them in a deeper level. The field will make them feel empathy for you as well. This can lead to good long lasting relationships with people.


A field like this can be used in sales to become a much more effective salesmen. It would be hard NOT to make the sale with a field like this. When you connect with customers, they will always want to buy from you. You can even use this to make new friends or find a significant other. Striking up conversation should come much easier to you now and you will find it easier to connect with people. But best of all, this field can be used to improve the connections you already have with the people in your life. More fulfilling relationships with people lead to a more fulfilling life. And that is why this is one of the best fields we have to offer in our store.

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1 review for Social Mastery

  1. Profile photo of Mike Mulder
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This field is simply in one word. Amazing!
    I’ve gotten this field about a month ago, and so far it’s been working suprisingly well for me.
    A little about me first, I am a introvert, and a lone wolf, and I’ve had no desire to even communicate with people. But now ever since I’ve gotten this field,
    I’ve been seeing lots of social changes in myself.

    -A desire to actually go out and talk to people. (For me that’s a pretty huge deal considering I never felt like talking to people before, I honestly saw this as a waste of time but this field changed that)
    -Opening up to people with ease
    -People opening up to me more often
    -Conversation comes a lot easier then before
    -More empathy and care for what others are saying
    -Feeling more confident around people and or big groups of people

    I highly recommend buying this field. Thank you for this great gift Sapien! ; )

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