This is to improve aspects of brain and mind such as memory, focus, recall, mindfulness, mental clarity and so on. Won’t go into too much details on physical parts but overall is helpful to impeove all aspects of the brain along with removal of mental pattenrs that would prevent you from utilizing the capability of your brain and mind at it’s best. Cuz in many occasions people doesn’t see results not only due to subconscious belifes but also due to many different emotional and energetic pattenrs and so on. (Such as guilt, fear of standing out or feeling of undeserving and so on. That’s my observation from the people I’ve processed to help their situations in past). Another reason why many fields don’t work is cuz our mind and body is used to being at the comfort zone all the time. So when someone tries to make any “change” to these things there is a mental and energetic pull from your entire being to bring things back to “normal” according to your subconscious mind as it’s used to those pattern. Which is why this audio doesn’t use any forceful approach to make change but rather tries to bring results in a different manner. This is why results tends to “fade away” according to many and this is why people has to use something for a great duration to see permanent changes. And then they face “ah man! Why it’s not working” symptom. It’s simply cuz the conscious and subconscious mind isn’t on the same page on what you’re trying to achieve. it’s very possible that what you believe subconsciously is polar opposite of what you consciously belive in due to many factors and ehat your subconscious mind is used to. With the sync of these two getting reault from whatever you do is highly unlikely or isn’t possible most of the time. And not to mention there are stuffs that your teacher or parents probably said in childhood that somewhat put an impact on you or some unsolved emotions that has to be taken care of in order to utilize full potential of your own intelligence.

But even if it’s done, since subconscious mind combined with our emotions and our feelings creates the reality we are experiencing continuously, in order to experience perfect result we need to let go of everything which is not that result you’re aiming for and is in the way of the desired outcome you are looking for. If so then faster result and changes can be seen. And in fact even if existing subconscious belifes are dealt with, it’s only a matter of time they show up again unless we fully let go of all the mental and emotional pull that is attached to those belifes and mindset and all the fear of losing or not having result which lies in one’s unconscious mind as it hids and covers things that you don’t wish to deal with and it’s something related to he famous shadow self that people speak of. So this audio also works on dealing with all those subconscious and unconscious belifes, pattering, energy blocks and mindset that holds you back from improving intelligence along with the enhancement of the physical brain. On the other hand it also creates the mindset that you’re an intelligent being and is lot more capable to deal with the old mental pattern and so that it won’t show up again. An approach to deal with everything related to brain and intelligence in physical, mental, energetic and emotional level. As a result you can also experience an increase in results from other brain and intelligence related fields and this works on dealing with deep rooted issues that needs attention. The audio can find your problems and deal eith them one by one.  For starters you might experience slightly hd vision on mental clarity during use. Don’t use more than 3-4 times a day and give some time to experience permanent changes and will vary person to person for obvious reasons. So there’s no overnight miracle. In Truth, even if you had an amazing and extremely high functioning brain you still wouldn’t be able to get the most out of it unless you desl with the issues that has to be dealt with. And this audio can help with exactly that. And in fact majority of our ideas comes from our mind which is a tool of creation and not something to identify with.  Along with the brain this also aims towards that.

“The Ideas that doesn’t have any limitations are just happens to be due to their unrestricted potential”

(If you feel mentally and emotionally uncomfortable at some point it means it’s working on something that you need to let go of and no need to feel negative about it. Just let it go)

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