You can gain full access to your dream world by listening to this powerful audio before sleep. This audio  is embedded with energy and subliminal/supraliminal programming that directly stimulates the parts of the brain that allow you to lucid dream.

There is a part of your brain that maintains awareness in the parietal cortex. This is what needs to be stimulated and trained to remain working when we go to sleep in order to maintain awareness while dreaming.

People stimulate and train that part of the brain by committing to many different lucid dreaming exercises but this audio directly stimulates it and maintains its awareness during deep sleep.

This specifically works by stimulating the areas of the brain that maintain awareness, while in specific brain states associated with deep dreaming, as well as boosting  the imagination and visual areas.

So by listening to this audio every night before sleep, you can expect to have lucid dreams and more vivid dreams in general. It works much better if you have this audio on loop all night (it will still work at very low volume and on your phone’s speakers).

NOTE: (Listening to this every day will train your brain to naturally become aware during deep sleep so you don’t have to listen to this audio any more. Be consistent and learn how to recognize you are dreaming! Often, you will awake in your dream and not know you are dreaming.)

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