Its the known bioactive plasma field with the flower of life on a torsion carrier which piggy backs on the earth’s resonance along with the node connector part.

The ‘Plasma’ aspect is a kind of strong charge field which in the simplest terms promotes negentropy, to all aspects of your being. In the most simplest descriptions, the instruction of order is given to ‘disorder’ So any disorder is pushed to be reversed.

The flower of life field represents the core makeup of things, most things follow this pattern in being expressed as a form of life, even a cross section of DNA has this pattern.

So lets simply say, it is the original blueprint of how things are supposed to be.

So what this does is order a return to an original blueprint in a very harmonious way, which affects you and the world around you.

It will also make your system a bit robust while you spread this everywhere.

affects you but also the world in a major way.

It also uses partly some mild pranayama to spread it powerfully from you while wearing it to the environment.

while reinforcing you.

You can expand quite a lot with this.

( It may also, help with solar and earth’s general evolution, which can also help your own evolution, psychic abilities generally may be a lot more enhanced and the connection to each other using this (node).

In fact you become a temporary nexus node yourself, use slowly and work your way up in usage time)