Can anyone do this? Or this an ability you are born with?

Anyone can. There are a few abilities that one must fine tune to be able to … the ability to meditate and hold your mind still. The ability to understand conceptual information and communicate conceptually (in other words, subconscious communication). Our I.P.F. (improve psychic functioning) field actually helps bridge the subconscious and conscious in a way that allows you to instantly understand subconscious communication.

You would then be able to mentally find and hold a field in your mind for hours at a time. A very important step is to also draw energy from somewhere (zero point energy is best since it is infinitely available everywhere) to grow the energy and program it to sustain itself with this energy by gathering more. If the field is being placed in an item or sound, it is to be embedded in the subatomic make up of the item so that it essentially becomes a part of the item, and not just some energy overlaying it.

It used to take Dream about 10 hours just to make one field.

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