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24/7 Energy Infused Meditation Music for your ears and soul to absorb. Watch as your environment starts to transform into a magical wonderland as these energies get layered around you. Positive, high vibrational and inspiring energies that will result in a peaceful state of mind and abundance of positive things in your life. 

The audio names are the descriptions. The name of a place would connect you to the energy of this place such as pure land being a higher vibrational realm whose energy puts you in a peaceful state of being. Other audios such as white light energy or deep bone massage are self explanatory. All the sounds here compliment eachother immensely to the extent that they blend with one another and create the most illuminating ambient energy possible. 

The live radio can be listened to on Android Phones, Desktop, Alexa, Google Assistant or this web page! I have provided links below to the aplication for the radio.

For Google Assistant, all you have to do is ask it to play Sapien Medicine live radio. 

For Alexa, tell Alexa to play Sapien Medicine live radio. 

android desktop alexa google Web Link