Compilation of some of the many testimonials we’ve had over the years

My skin is glowing, I have noticed faster hair and nail growth, my eyebrows became much thicker. I feel great, but more importantly I feel safe. I can’t explain it, just safe and protected. Thank you Sapien Medicine.

Irina / Eternity

Chakra growth accelerator works amazing! I felt surges of energy go into my belly, on my forehead and even going up into my crown chakra. It feels like a tugging upward of energy on my crown chakra, really interesting to experience.

Harry / Chakra Growth

This was very interesting for me. It feels like a mini Kundalini is happening, allowing the enery to flow more easily. After three months I see myself more intuitive, more in tune with my feelings and it is also helping in meditations.

Rafael / IPF

EnlightenedStates Advanced Fields

Magnetic Field Capsule + Custom Field:

“This capsule is amazing! It’s been about a month since I ordered it embed with two fields and the results have been steady and progressively improving. The capsule alone does as stated and I feel a sense of calmness and level headed when it’s near me. The energy also that’s generating from the repelling sides do also play a role in other morphic fields being a bit stronger to me which I love. At most times I can even feel the energy. I really can’t wait for the coming months while having this on me, great things are to happen for sure.” – Demetri


“The efficiency field is so amazing. Within a short moments of wearing I could feel the effects; I went to get my bicycle and I started to feel a tad different!(I was wearing it in a chain around my heart area and the effect was strong from there)

I went to get some coffe and I noticed that my perception was slightly faster, I had a coffe and a sweet and I could see how the field affected my decision making and thinking process, I had a nice calm time with the coffe and sweet. When I saw that not much time had passed at all I realized I was being effective even at eating and drinking!

Then I went to the gym and had an amazing session, I really felt eager and focused and fast!”- Helios

Unlimited Energy:

“Very useful near the end of the day when I am running a little low on energy. Helps me to have the focus and energy needed to finish my work without any caffeine crashes afterwards.

Also seems to increase willingness to complete tasks (decreased reluctance to get stuff done).” – David

Chakra Growth Accelerator:

“Chakra Growth Accelerator has made me more Spiritual Being. I use it every alternative day and I can feel the difference when I have with me. Thanks Vishal.” – Balaji


“It is hard to review a field like this one. The real goal will take many years to realise, and I’ve only used for a month+. But in that short time I actually feel a little younger and I´m less stressed out. Better breathing and stronger morning wood also points toward health and youthification. Both my daughter and bride have suffered from a cold and stomach flu the last month but I´ve been unaffected. It could be coincident but I think there is a protective quality in the field. This is what I have so far and I´m happy with my purchase. I will come back to this review in the future with updates.” – Gemstone

“I’ve been using this field for about a 6 weeks. So far it has helped me with anxiety, insomnia and allergies. I’ve also had shoulder pain from an old rotator cuff injury that vanished within the first two weeks of wearing the field. I really am happy with my purchase and exited to keep using it, since it has so much to offer.” – Naina

“Hi everyone! I am writing this to express my gratitude for all the power videos Sapien Medicine has created. Since I trust all those videos, I have decided to try the Eternity. I have been wearing it for about a month and half. Yesterday I was writing my checks and suddenly realized that my little finger that I cut 5 years ago damaging the nerve doesn’t give me a shock of pain anymore when it touches the paper. WOW!!! My skin is glowing, I have noticed faster hair and nail growth, my eyebrows became much thicker. I feel great, but more importantly I feel safe. I can’t explain it, just safe and protected. Thank you Sapien Medicine.” – Irina 


“matchmaker definitely works well at least for me, people becomes so friendly with me, oldest friend contacted me, i was living alone for quite long and i was tired of this. and im in love with a woman and she’s interested as her body language shows this, she is shy when she look at me she tries to avoid my eye contact when im facing her but when i look away she take glances at me, she said she likes the way i think. more women shows interest as i start hanging more with friends. im more confident because i know that matchmaker work. when ever i see a woman interested i just go and talk to her. nothing seems difficult to me now.” -Mohammed

If you’ve ever watched one of those shows where someone gets a magic love “spell” and everyone starts falling for them (watch “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” episode of Buffy for an idea), this field is not that far from it. Its not Ax Body spray crazy, but it is highly effective with sometime extraordinary results

Experiences from the first time wearing out in public place,
– an elder lady in her 60s literally stuck her hand down the back of pants
– men i had just met saying “I like this guy” (this one happens alot)
– various forms of “deer in headlights” stares from women (or homosexual men), lots of smiling back
– women letting you get what would normally be uncomfortably close to them. (ie invade their personal space)

One particular thing happened, that has happened several times since… I was standing outside getting some air when an extremely attractive women passed by. No special attention was given to me.
She walked by several past feet. Stopped. Turned back around and approached me asking if I had a lighter.
I said yes and she made a comment about the lighter being “bigger than usual”. I still wasn’t getting what she was inferring and simply said “yes it is” and which point she said “Stop flirting with me!” .
Finally it hit me this one more than a normal request. We flirted for a few minutes and then she said I should visit her at the nearby restaurant where she worked.
At this point, I demanded a kiss and told her would think about visiting, if I got a kiss. Without a moments thought, she offered her lips to me.

While this may sound like an unbelievable story. I have done this same thing several times since. Asking for a kiss from random women on the street (or acquaintances) who I’ve just met minutes before.. and its worked every time.

Another sign the field works powerfully, is when you make eye contact with a women who is walking with her obvious boyfriend/husband
The ones who are very devoted to their partner will still give you a initiating friendly smile when making eye contact.
The ones who may not be as devoted, will sneak in the smile, the look of flirtation/desire and some type of subtle sex vibe towards you. (Don’t look too long less the bf/husband catch you :P)

 – Candle

Now, these advanced fields were released on this site very recently and the full effects from the fields occur over time. Many people have already reported results through email and will post full reviews as time passes on.

Dreamweaver also used to make fields many years before the sapienmed youtube channel. Although he primarily operated from the website dreammagick.com (website is now expired but can be seen through webarchive.com ), he was very popular and well respected in the xtrememind forums. Here are just a few of the many reviews from the forums and keep in mind, he has grown 3-4 times as powerful since then..

Energy Collector:

“I own Dreamweaver’s Energy Collector item. I’m very impressed with it.

He’s on my trusted list along with Xtrememind. Yes, he is real.” – Vyse

” I’ve been lucky enough to be a “test subject” for Dreamweaver’s enhanced Energy Collector pendant. I noticed that at first, my meditations reduced from 1 hour to 55 minutes. Then 52. Then 50 and it sortof balanced out at 45 minutes and stayed there. Every time I “woke up”, I noticed despite the shorter duration of the meditations the same (or at times even more intense) sensations of heat in the dan t’ien.

Yesterday was the first day I tried his Industrial Strength Energy Collector, and my meditation yielded the same “mile-stone” signs… within approximately 30 minutes! Today, pretty much the same result, at a “29 minute to resurfacing”, accompanied with the same hot sensations.

Definitely a very hot dan t’ien. Definitely a very hot piece of psionic ingenuity.

Dreamweaver, I am mighty impressed” – Arman

“Great experience Very Happy , all his custom work just amazes me.” – soulsearcher


“Dreamweaver channeled energy to an orgone pendant that i had, in order to attract women.I feel now that he reprogrammed it, it has a very powerful and positive energy that makes me vibrate in a higher level.It adapts to my energy and makes people want to be more around me and notice me more.Also they are more friendly and think of me more.

I feel that it has a real magic in it.It enhances my intuition and ability to connect with other people.This pendant is very different from everything i have worn till now. And it was a nice experience to try this staff from this guy.I will add more to this review in the next days. Guys, i am very satisfied with this pendant.It’s very alive and versatible.One friend that is energy sensitive saw it, and she told me that it suits me.I think it adapts on your own needs.. but you have to use it wisely”

EnlightenedStates Audio Fields

Positive Energy For Environment: 

“Love it .I let it play multiple hours per day at low volume in one room and then go there and take my decisions,or write reports and do stuff that has to get done.
My wife wich is a hardcore speptik, loves the energy and keeps on asking me ,to put again the track hahahah. She cant resist it. Looking foreward in the coming years to experiment more ,outside the house. Thank for sharing this” – Al

Cognitive Enhancement:

“I have all these audios and I LOVE THEM. This one I play for my son before he goes to school and he says it really helps him understandi the material faster. I also play it before sitting down and studying The Course In Miracles and omg it really helps me understand the material so much faster and better. Before I would have to keep rereading. Thank you so much Sapienmed you have really helped us so much!!”-Rosa

Crown Chakra Growth & Stimulation:

“Love it ! The field that as described by the maker. My crown is getting cleansed big time. A must for everyone. Thank you !” – P

3rd eye Growth & Stimulation: 

” From the first time I started using this frequency, my expansion has been on hyper drive! After years of meditation, finding something like this to assist in hacking one’s subconscious is a God Send. If you want to enhance your spiritual walk, this one’s for you! I’ve been using Sapien Med’s binaurals for two years now, and all of them have worked. Even the “free” ones, of which there are plenty on his You Tube Chl. He’s like the Spiritual Doc you wish you had on speed dial. Awesome gift and power.” – Cam Johnson

“This audio is very powerful. I experienced bliss, high psychic powers and i could manipulate energy easier than in the past. Also i can notice my feelings more accurately and my intellectual abilities are boosted a bit. I can also feel the energy working more and more in my third eye. This is a great field and the seller is a respected and noble man that works for the best quality. Thank you Vishal” – Konstantinos 

“Love it ! I use it whenever I have mental chatter wich doesnt serve me ,and by the end of the track I feel back on track .Fully centered mentally.
Love the music too😉 Thank you” – P

Heart Chakra Growth & Stimulation: 

“I think this and the unconditional love is perfect to pair with i feel like im becoming love itself seriously ! i feel great” – Thina

“This music really helps me getting rid of my anxiety. From all the chakras series I love this one the most.” – Zenorth

Throat Chakra Growth & Stimulation:

“Amazing choice of music,and powerful energy .Really powerful. My deepest gratitude and thank you.” – Al

Negative Energy & Entity Removal:

“I absolutely love this i feel more in control of my life and free from negativity. five stars thank you mr sapien med” – Thina

Subconscious Limits Dissolver:

“This field managed after 2-3 days to restore my faith in achieving my No1 GOAL .
My faith is restored 100% Been using it for 2 weeks now,and I can build again refreshed my convinction that I can achieve it no matter what .Quite unbelievable ! I am deeply grateful. THANK YOU”- P

“Great one, I came here after listening to sapienmed’s youtube channel. I was really interested in this one. After a few days of listening, I feelt different but was’nt sure, so I kept listening and now I know that this field as changed me.”- Mercan

SapienMedicine Youtube Channel 

There have been many people over the years that have spoken about the changes they have made with the audio fields in this channel. I made a collection of testimonials from some of the videos on the channel.

This is a long list and it would have taken me forever to include every single testimonial (thank you emails, forum discussions, ext..)! But if you have ever doubted the power behind these audios, take a LONG peek at the impact it has had on these people’s lives. (the titles lead you to the videos)

Human Growth Hormone:

I am 76-years old and sense I been listening to this for almost a year, hair is starting to grow on my legs and armpits also new hair roots on my head.” – Emilio Procuna

okay, people i got good news i used to be 6 feet tall when i was fourteen i heard this beat everyday for about a month and i grew 2 inches i stopped listining to it for about 3 months then listened to it again everyday for 2 months NOW IM 6’4 and im even on my varsity high school basketball team “ – Jack Beanstalk

“I am a 15 year old female and I used to be 5’6 and I had been that same height for two years. After listening to this every night for a month I am now almost 5’7! “ – Natalie Quintana

“Yay! I’ve had similar results I’ve grown about two inches since I started listening in September!! ( I went from five foot to five two!!) and I’m 13!!” –Rebecca Morgan

Super Metabolism and Weight Loss with Cellulite Reduction

Sapien my brother i love you videos so much i mean they are legit and overall just the best strongest videos. man and all free! thank you and God bless you have a wonderful weekend 🙂” –gaming gods

I was sceptic of this I got to admit but I kept an opened mind and I’ve listened to this video once a day for over two weeks and I have lost two inches. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but I’ve measured and noticed a difference, I’ve slimed down a bit.  I’m not posting my comment to deceive anyone but from my personal experience, I’ve lost 2 inches so far, I haven’t changed my diet or anything like that, just listened to this video. I can’t say if it will or not work for everyone, something you got to try for yourself but it works for me.” – Sorrowfairiewhisper 

Within 60 seconds I felt a ‘hum’ in my throat that expanded to my chest, down my arms, and through my abs, and upper thighs. Within 2 minutes, I felt happier. The longer I listened, the urge to contract my stomach muscles felt like an involuntary reflex. Very fascinating. I’m no stranger to vibrational healing or medicine; theta waves, binural beats, solfeggio frequencies. I practice brain entrainment daily and I’ve got a whole new vibe with this audio. Will see where it leads. Thank you.” -1bigidea

Ok i lost 45 pounds with this in 2 months since my last post i need to drop another 50 pounds till i hit my goal weight dont do estrogen videos they puuuuut on weight FAST” – Princess Adalicia Kaiser 

This is working for me – lost 3 inches around my waist since I’ve started listening to it. If watching it here gets you paid, I am all for it. You deserve to get paid for your work and thank you for doing this.” – chosen baboon 

Stomach Shrinking Treatment

Omg..I just felt a muscle in my stomach flex..I really did and I was a skeptic..It happened only after a couple of mins” – Universal TV

okay. so i was a skeptic even though the comments here are pretty spot-on, i tried this… it hasn’t been a full 2 days and i know it hasn’t been 3 days AND ITS WORKING….. LYK WTF MY MUFFIN-ISH TOP IS REDUCED TO LIKE HALF. This is f*cking working. Oh, i have listened to this maybe umm 20 ish times? i had it playing till i went to actual sleep, and during the day in class. This works(for me at least) so try it. Thanks +Sapien Med edit: okay i looked in the mirror and holy shit. I SEE IT. sorry no pictures of me but trust me (if you can) it works (for me and most likely for you)” – Kat Kawamura  

I have listened to this 3 times today as I just found it. I SWEAR I am getting definition in my abs, waist a bit smaller and I feel like I am contracting my abs .Will keep you posted.Feels like an abdominal workout! Crazier things have happened to me..” – GoddessBrigid PrettyFoot

Hair loss treatment

Listened five times a day. Really made a difference!! Hair is longer and extremely thick! My edges have grown back too!! I’m a girl btw” – Eren Jaeger

I’ve been watching this video 2 times a day for less than a month and I notice definite improvements in hair growth. There are actually hairs in my temples that weren’t there before. Also my mom noticed that I seem to have more abundant hair overall. Great work. Thank you so much guys!”- lovingvibes

I had a hair transplant about a year ago, it helped but I thought I would have to go again to fill in the gaps…. until I found this… WOW what an improvement in a couple of short weeks… all the areas are filled with new sprouting hair… I might have never needed the transplant if I would have found this earlier.. Sapien Med … your the best! Thanks!!!!”- lorneadam2

I use this one and two others once daily. The results are incredible. In places on my scalp where no hair had grown in years, there is hair! Been listening about one month now.Thank you Sapien Med. “- eve Hudson

My hair became really thicker especially in the front .. I noticed new baby hair , my hair loss became more less than before im really thankful and appreciate what u have done .. Thank you”- Dana M

Guys its been only a month since am using it and believe it got my hairs thicker and I would say by hair is more thicker and fuller than it was a month ago…..thanx a lot +Sapien Med  god bless you…..really really grateful to you and your efforts.”- Sagar Doshi

 “i listen almost all of your videos here since April this yr and its very much effective especially the hair loss and metabolism…before when i haven’t heard any of your videos especially hair loss, everytime i take a shower i have a hair fall of more than 70 strands everyday and i know that it is a stress related. I have a very stressful life. Since i started listening to hair loss video i noticed after few weeks of listening to it that i now have only few hair fall as in 3-5 strands daily and i couldn’t believe it happens bec of your video and am really thankful for that bec my hair started to thicken again. I suffered from alopecia for 7yrs and its gone now bec of your video. And i do not use any hair thickening aprt from your video. Thank you very much… I want to ask a favor, can you make one for varicosities (varicose veins)?” – manuel P

Breast Enlargement 

It isn’t fake trust me, I listened to this for one week and 6 times a day cuz I wanted fast results my breasts swell up so much and I could see big blue veins which I never saw and I got scared so I googled it and found out it happens when your breasts are going through a growth spurt and when I stopped listening it never did this again. So here I am starting again”- kyuhyun1300

All my family (mums side) have big boobs so i am hoping it will get pasted to me but right joe I don’t know but this video has honestly got me somewhere i a 30aa but I was a 28a before”- Ania Hayden

This makes my breast feel fuller every time I listen to this. I have been listening at least 2x a day on this for 2 weeks.” – Bless Parco

Everytime I listened to this, my boobs feel bigger and firmer that it formed a noticeable cleavage. GOOD! I’m a 36B and is 17.Misarte Auroria

People this works!!!!! Suggestion: Lay on your back very relaxed while visualizing your breasts getting bigger, rounder and fuller! U can feel it actually stimulate the tissues and mammary glands… 🙂”- Tanya tucker

This is awesome. It works, I feel my breasts aching every time while and after I listen to it. They ache the same they did when I was teeager.  They feel heavy and look bette and bigger. I don’t know how are you doing this but it works! Thank you very very much!” -85whome

For me it worked! I listened to this once a day (replaying it two or three times) and now after 4 weeks i gained 3 cm in breast size. This may not sound much at first, BUT: I gained 3 cm for my breasts, while i was at the same time exercising and dieting (losing 2 kg of weight, 6 cm belly fat and 4 cm around my hips). I’ll keep watching the vid to see if my breasts might increase more although the rest of my body is getting slimmer. Thank you, Sapien Med for sharing this! 🙂”- raniechanie

I LOVE this video! I experienced almost complete rounding of my breasts in just the first week of listening! All it takes is patience and dedication. Thank you so much! I have always had small sad breasts and now they are round, full, soft, and BIG! And they are still growing. Thank you. XOXOXO”- health is beauty

Pure Testosterone Boost  

i imagine it is sexually raw i feel the energy center around an erection which is enlarged and raw in this transmissive moment. im thinking their is extra testosterone extreemly powerful boiling up in my balls im ready to put it on someone and release the pure bubbling testosti in my ball sack to soak the skin and complete the action in the fullest” – Dean Hewitt

“This gave me the aggression, energy and confidence of an apex predator.” – Homo Sapian Carnivore Who consumes Homo Sapien

Making all kinds of gains with this”- PoleReseal

dear sapien med, i really want to thank you for your work and want to tell you how much it helps me in my daily routine life. i am convinced this works. before i’ve listened to this i was a lot more tired and had less energy to get things done. the more i’ve listened to this, the more it changed. now i am able to write good marks in school, reach a good physique in gym and even earn a bit of money by working. also the girls seem to like my general attitude more 🙂 best regards and positive vibrations to you” – Niklas Wilfinger

I really do belive this works! I’ve been using it for only a couple of days, and have experienced some changes. The feeling of being more energetic and a bit more agressive is what i’ve noted as standing out. I can also feel this in my balls when listening to it – like tension building up 😁 My view on these brainwave treatments are very positive. A good tip I would say is to make sure you’re using the optimal quality of the video and proper headphones. And then just close your eyes and concentrate on the sound. This really seals the deal, as you get focused on the brainwaves so they can make a change in brain chemicals, instead of pushing them out subconciously as background noise!” – Benjamin Thygesen

ok, ive been listening to binaural beats test, and hgh for months now. i lift weights. i feel i recover faster when i listen to the beats. ive gotten good “gains” (5 motnhs training). but most of the changes have been psychological. i have higher libido levels, crave more meat in my diet, more impatient. i check out girls more than i used to and im ballsier. my confidence has gone up, i look at everyone in the eye. so yes they do work. listen every day….” – vitalinov

Collagen Booster

Its my turn to tell my success story. For many years I suffered bad face acne I was able to get rid of it in my late teens due drugs like acutaine but as I got in my mid to late 20’s it flared up bad. I tried everything on the counter and some prescription meds but they didnt work I was gonna see a dermatologist but since I found this my face looks better than ever it looks clean and people tell me my face glows. Thank you sapien your better than my pcp doctor she a complete idiot.” – BTLAGS

My experience with Med’s skin treatments all work and I am so grateful to have free access to these videos; Collagen Booster, Facelift and Facial Toning Treatment and the Skin Regeneration(epidermal growth factor).I have used his videos over a month……..as needed and get great results with every session. I saw my rosacia scar heal before my eyes and I had scratched something on skin earlier and it bled and you can barely even notice anything . Thank you Sapien, I am enjoying your videos.” –Donna Davidson

The collegen booster is the most marvelous thing I’ve ever seen. I sometimes have a food allergy and little rashes break out and with this program, I find the rashes heal much quicker. I try to let the ads play so as to help offset my usage. My skin is much better, my hair has stopped falling out and has begun to grow back and has regained some color. The program is just amazing.”- Bobby James

It made my skin feel smooth and moisturized while listening to this immediately.”- Bless Parco

it took three weeks when I seen results with my hair it worked for my skin to it’s much cleaner looking it really helps the hair” – Rogelio ordinola

This actually works. My mom commented that my skin looks so much younger, and it does. Thanks. I’m listening to it as I’m doing reports for work. GiaSundae

Youth Recapture

Personally, i think it’s more about feeling the tones than it is about hearing them. I’ve got this at a decent “personal” volume and-not trying to be perverted here, but- the feeling of being “16 Again” started in my nutsack and from there has spread throughout my entire body. Skin, Bones,…even my hair and my toenails are felling it and I honestly cant imagine it being any different if I were totally deaf!…I mean I can just FEEL this! 🙂” – Rey Zor

wow this really works~~feel energetic, playful, lighthearted and non-serious… been taking more risks and enjoying life more fully!!!~~ awesome!^^ used daily for over a month now!!~~big thanks~:) “ – Wojciech Pietruszczak 

I’m a performing live musician..after listening to this it brought me a surprize music gig back in middlesex county new jersey where I was born.. haven’t played music there in soooo many years..so it surely brought me back to youthful days..had a great time there too.’” – JoggynSmyler

Wow this video made me feel so emotional like happy and sad but made my hairs stand up at the same time and my heart beat faster this is one of the most effective I’ve tried kind of feels like its playing with my hormones thanks ´- lyrical rage

Androstenol For Men

Its about 10 days im listening this, 2/3 times during the whole day, and today i get the prove that something happened, i was inside the bake shop, waiting my turn, there were other 2 pple who had already ordered, when a men come inside and in a rude way ask for a slice of focaccia, without caring if there were a othere pple before him, after a while when he was at the cash desk, he turns to me but not looking at me with his head down, he says im really sorry i thought you had already ordered and then went outside, now i really dont know if is for this binaural brainwave but i saw also some girl look at me in a different way, we r made of cells so i think something will happen!!! Cheers” – igor fumagalli

No shit,I listened to this once,woke up and had a musty smell under my arms,not nasty b.o.,but a manly,musky smell.My workmate (male) was acting up and trying to act all alpha! Must try near females! Weird shit!” – TheBusterMan

After hearing these frequencies kept a conversation with any woman, before I didn’t have that confidence. Women react well to my conversation that really is amazing. Thank very much for you Sapien is providing these wonderful frequencies.” – Dracule Mihawk

I’ve been using this for the past 3 weeks, and the results I got were: increased amount of self-esteem/confidence, bit of aggression different way I walk more hand gestures more respect off people as they Gave more eye contact That musty smell (which I got before even listening to this)” – Michael Pearson

Sun Free Tanning

Been listening for a couple days…someone asked me today if I was tanning because I looked darker ” – ML3016

This works really well in the summer when you are laying out in the sun. Yes, it will work faster in the sun. It will also work in the winter. This video induces melanin production and results vary from person to person. So don’t give up if you don’t see results in 3 days like the select group of people. This works for everyone. “- The Three Tits

I love it, it makes me feel extra happy right away,it heats my body,and it makes me look more healthy,.Thank you Sapien Med,My love to you”- Juan Kryszon

Pure Estrogen Boost

this made my boobs grow to a 32f!”- Yes Tiffany

Thanks to this , my body now produces estrogen by itself mainly instead of testosterone. I thank you happily for this gift! <3 I tend to come back here for an estrogen boost , still , it feels fantastic. <3” – The Ethereal Watcher

I listen to this once every other day (it is because I can really feel that it has a strong effect upon me) and after some listening session I saw that my hips became wider and my butt became a bit bigger. From 33 inches my hips became 35 inches.” – bless parco

Actually I’ve seen the result very fast like at the first day I listened to the video before I went to sleep and when I woke up my breast and my butt were bigger and then after 15 days My voice was very high and until now nothing change the results are permanent👌👌👌👌👌 so go for it !!!!!!!!” – Adam Addison Clor

Ladies and gentlemen, it works. In only one week I gained 2 cm in hips and I loose 3 cm in waist (sorry for my bad english, I’m Italian). I’m 18 years old and I have to say then my body seems to be very sensitive (since I was born), whatever I take, it works, no matter what (natural medicines, sport,…), that’s why in only 1 week I have this results. For example, I can’t take coffee otherwise I can’t sleep the night!  “ –samantha destine

Lung Restoration and Strengthening 

Amazing. I have recently embarked on a journey of healing.  I have severe debilitating asthma and bronchitis, and literally hate the meds that I am dependent upon for breathing.  I’ve listened to this video twice, this morning, and each time I yawned, uncontrollably, through the first half…which is good, because before I would feel the need to yawn, and couldn’t. I am now able to breathe more freely, sit up straight rather than hunch over (no diaphragmatic support) and can walk through the house without having to deal with shortness of breath. Thanks so much for publishing this awesome video.  It certainly does help.” –NH

This is so wierd. I have asthma and after listening to this for just a couple of minutes [with headphones] mucous in my chest began to loosen and clear. I feel I can breathe more deeply!’- elaine31347

Grow Taller

I have always been 5’6″ I lie and say 5’7″ and my little brother has been 5’10”. Today I got out f the car and we were walking in the house, and I was almost as tall as him. So thank you SapienMed!” – Christian Homburg

I’ve been using this for about 6-7 months now, and I definitely saw results. I grew about 1.5 inches. Was skeptical at first but damn, this really works!”- Jéff Máthew

“Grew an inch. I used it like 7 times within 3 weeks.  Heard some did the same but also did cardio. So I took that advice and it did work. I’m going try it again see. one month update starting today.” – trump aces

Unconditional Love

Hi I enjoy ur uncondiatonal love I’m feeling something. I feel light💝😍😌💀 something is happening.💀 have a good one from Costa mesa ca😍” – darcie michna

“Love is the strongest vibration in the universe, about 5 minutes in I began to feel the unconditional Love radiating from me… We can make this planet much better by putting our Love vibration to the world…Changing it by one small positive  vibration at a time…. Namaste’ lorneadam2

“Hi something interesting happened toda y I went into a store where I always Go and the owner of the store was amazingly kind with me not the first time that I Go there but it is truly the first time that lady treats me like she did today and today sale day after going To the store I pulled over by a coffeteria I bought a cofee and only had half the price for a pastry … I told the guy I only had half the price and he still gave it To me … It is my third day listening To this and I has listen many times throughout the day… This is incredible .” – mirna aburto

“I feel like dancing. Seriously.” – DivineandFlawed Masterpiece

Bro wtf is this magic, within 16mins of listening to this i felt the urge to love people, wtf man “ Robert newsome

“This hit me instantly. A huge heavy feeling into my being that grasped my very existence once again.” – TheOmniphobia

Skin Regeneration (Epidermal Growth Factor)

“WOW THIS IS REALLY WORKING TY…” – Je suis très fou

wtf! wow my acne scars that I’ve been dumping medicine for weeks suddenly started to fade!!” – I Esposito

“Well …. I would like to inform you that I some time ago had something eczema the skin on my forehead in my face 😏 … The FIRST time I listened to this video, I could feel something was happening? … The SECOND time I listened, I could feel “pinching movements” in the skin? 😮… The THIRD time I listened, it was gone … GONE? 😳 (it has not been there since) .. It’s GREAT 👍 … BIG THANK you 😃” – Mr. Hypnosis


Facelift and Facial Toning Treatment

“This is working! I’m 50 and people say i look 35! Before I listened to this the use to call me that old woman”- gabrielle cases

“Fast and effective. This REALLY is amazing!” – Wayne H

“This works. I am in my early 50’s and I look like I am in my 30’s. This fills out the cheeks. I can feel that even my smile is different because of it. My daughter says my skin looks much smoother than it used to. I listen 2 to 3 times per day on and off cause of computer issues but have been listening for about 2 weeks. Thank you Sapien Med for blessing my life with your videos.” Lori R

“heyy this video has really helped me it makes my face look much much better than before thank you for everything!!! i really appreciate it!’ – isha anand

Energy Blockage Removal with Chakra Growth and Stimulation

“powerful, my whole life is better now!!!!!! haha 😉 but seriously this was great”    – outbackjaxx

“I don’t know guys but I listened to this one yesterday and the other day the first thing that came to my mind is that I am happy..I really don’t have a reason to be happy but wow …” – essil bidhief

Schumann Resonance Vibration

I love all ur videos. But OMG this worked instantly… like the frequency equivalent of taking drugs lol – somalicious

“Haha this one made me laugh, I don’t even know what happened lol.. just feels very good indeed” – at ome

“vI’m sure this is how good we are supposed to feel as a human race !!” – isla miln

“it absolutely made me feel better :)” – bless parco


There are many other testimonials (read the comments of the videos to see for yourself) and more still to come. Some of these videos were recently uploaded so it is only a matter of time til they change the next person’s life and he shares it with the world. 

Now I know some of you are thinking that many of these people could have been paid to make these comments or some are just making those comments to mess around. Well… some of these videos were uploaded in 2012 and people are STILL posting their success stories in the comments. And fake accounts are easy to discern because their only activity consists of these types of comments on youtube videos which is not the case with all these youtube commenters above. So you have a choice…

Remain skeptical and lose the opportunity to make miraculous changes in your life.

Or just try out one of the many free audios we have on the youtube channel and join the hundreds of people who have improved their quality of life with these audios.