Frequently Asked Questions (Updated Weekly)

This FAQ corresponds to the one in the official FAQ thread from our forum.  If you have any questions, click on the link and ask a question there and it will be answered. And then it will be updated here!

1. What is Sapien Medicine?

Sapienmedicine is a alternative healing youtube channel that hosts hundreds of audios, that through listening, create changes in the mind, body and soul. The audios are embedded with morphic fields, which in other words, is informational energy. This energy directs the behavior of body, mind or soul to create the changes intended. This is akin to getting access to the control panel of your whole beingness and program yourself at will. For example, Turn on healing the brain through stimulating production of stem cells to damaged neurons. These things happen naturally already without you having any conscious control. These audios allow you to consciously choose to activate processes like the release of testosterone in your body or increase production of melanin cells to get darker and so many more. It is granting you more control over the machine that is your body… as if the audios are coding that active certain processes in your body’s computer. Well… precisely that. But also, perhaps to repair the broken parts of your mind such as limiting beliefs… choosing to let go of them and free your mind. Having that choice and listening to an audio that repairs it. All of the negative energy buildup in your body… it’s hard to just think ‘release from me… I am positive now’ and it just happens. But our audios are infused with intelligent energy programmed to effectively clear up such energy and repattern your energy system with positivity. For more information as to what fields are and how they are made and even infused into audios, check out our video on morphic fields here!

2. Is it better (in terms of effectiveness) to actively engage or is passive listening equally effective ?

I believe concentrating on an audio field and holding that focus for the duration of the audio is a powerful meditation technique. It aligns your consciousness with the audio and allows it to more effectively work with your beingness. That being said… passive listening is very effective as well and is what most listeners do anyways. I can’t always focus on the audios and I listen to them passively for the most part and get the effect anyways. Focusing on it is an extra measure you can take to supercharge effects. But you will get effects anyways from listening in the same way taking some medicine will still affect your biology. By passive, yes… you can watch tv, play games or do chores while the audio is on.

3. Do you need to feel the fields for them to work?

No, you do not need to feel the fields. Not everyone is energy sensitive to pick up on subtle energies or even subtle changes occurring in the body/mind/energy. But the fields will still work on you passively as if you took some medicine and it began to work on your body without you noticing it.

4. Do you need to hear the fields in order for them to work? (for example playing a field on the lowest possible volume in ur pocket all day without being able to hear anything)

No. So as long as they are playing and the audio is playing from somewhere around you very close, the energy will be streaming onto your being. Would it affect other people around you? Environmental fields yes. Other fields that work more on a personal level may likely be rejected by other people’s subconscious minds since they didn’t agree to have sun free tanning energy on their being. It is still possible that they do though. Depends on the proximity though. They can’t quite reject an environmental fields because the fields affect the environment directly and the environment indirectly affects everyone in it.

5. Can you play multiple fields at once with different devices? ( for example SLR field on mobile + another field on ur pc speakers)

Yes this tends to work. We speak of playing two audios at the same time in one device such as a computer as counterintuitive because the frequencies clash as the device plays both at once… disrupting the original sound in its totality. The original sound is what contains the field so in that sense, the field wouldn’t be streaming anymore.

6. What are the signs that someone is listening to too many fields?

There could are few signs that can indicate someone is listening to too many fields. One being, nausea, dizziness, overly energized, mentally disoriented… as in mind overactive or super underactive… most common though… is feeling drained. Tired. Too many fields can sometimes be the equivalent of taking too many pills at once… telling your body to do this, to do that. It overworks it. overstimulates your whole system and causes strain. I would recommend taking it easy if you can.

7. What to do when someone feels overwhelmed?

If you do feel overwhelmed, I’d recommend listening to automated grounding… Afterwards, deep belly breathing audio and take deep belly breaths while listening to it… . And then… relax. Don’t listen to anything more for that day. Eat well. Drink lots of water. Continue deep belly breathing throughout the day. Don’t overwork yourself and take it easy. You should be fine by next the day. If not, then certainly don’t listen to any fields the next day. Relax some more. Take it easy and keep things healthy.

8. What are the optimal ways to improve / increase energy sensitivity in general and morphic fields in particular?

We created a course that 1 goes into this quite deeply. We are all energy sensitive in essence. The world is constantly giving off signals… such as sounds, visuals, scents and all sorts of things that our brains receive and interprets as reality. Our nervous system is also contantly reacting to all of it without us consciously do anything. These signals are in essence, just energy. Everything is energy. A blind person experiences this as they can feel the world around them. Through sound… be aware of all that is vibrating around them. And just perception… of something being there. Vibrating. Existing. In some form or another. Meditation is certainly one of the best ways to increase energy sensitivity. But while meditating… close your eyes… go deep into that meditative state…and focus on your entire being until you feel yourself as vibrating energy. Then feel the world around you. If you are in your room, you know where everything else without looking. Feel the world around you. Feel where everything is. Touch it with your mind. Don’t look at it or think about it. Or hear it… Only, Feel it. And as you do this… expand your awareness to envelop yourself and the room. And just focus… and whenever you feel anything, any small thing within a moments notice, shift your focus there. Notice the small movements. And follow the flow of energy wherever it goes. If you practice this everyday, you will become more energy sensitive. You will expand your awareness to notice the subtle energies around you unconsciously. Now the course 1, goes into much easier methods that help you become energy sensitive. As well… as audios that get you there naturally.

9. What are the ideal fields that can optimally meet and advance that energy sensitivity goal?

Free fields… ego dissolution, mana circuits, raise your vibration. The fields from our energy sensitivity course 1.

10. What are the general guidelines for the number of listens (iterations) per field. How do you know which field to listen to twice and which three (and even more)? Some files last 10+ minutes. For the example of the excellent “Neg Jing”, which lasts 15M. Listening to one like this for 45 minutes (3 iterations) can be quite demanding and stressful. How can you determine and know if twice will suffice for maximum effectiveness?

Most fields have guidelines that let you know how many times you should listen to a field. In general, not always the case, but… Physical fields should be 1-3 times at most. Fields more focused on your energy have more freedom with listens but still take caution as you can overwhelm your energy system with any of the audios since they are all streaming audios and directing a part of your being. Listening to jing 10 times in a row will obviously more than likely overwhelm your energy system. Even if you don’t feel it right now, over the day or 2nd, your body may likely be strained for over listening to that field and you’ll pay with tiredness or overactiveness or some sort of imbalance later. As for negative jing… if it is 15 minutes long then it only requires one listen. Audios that are 10 minutes or longer have no need for multiple listens and regardless, one listen to that audio will be more than suffice your energy system.

11. Can you listen to audios while wearing tags?


12. What are tags? What are sigils?

Everything is energy and all things… organic, solid, or even imagined, is vibrating at a unique frequency that gives it a distinctive energy signature. An energy signature albeit similar to others but that is individual and not exactly the same as any other. Like you. You give off of a vibration that is completely unique and unlike any other. People around you will feel a certain way. This goes for crystals as well. Due to the high pressure that comes into creating crystals, they tend to give off very strong energy signatures… vibrations that stream outward and have an effect on whoever is wearing it. But most objects don’t have such a strong energy signature that they give off energy that saturates the wearer. The informational energy that makes them up is for simply keeping the form that it maintains. That being said, just as audios are energy that can be programmed to emit energy that has an effect on you…. All matter of objects (better if solid) can be embedded with fields as well. The field is powerfully infused onto the energy signature of the item so that it becomes a part of the energy signature as well… It becomes the energy the item gives off. Same concept applies to images. An image has a unique energy signature as well! Remember, that images are energy. Your brain processes the signals of this image and interprets it into reality. It is affecting your visual receptors. Anything that affects you is energy. Dream embeds fields ontoages energy signature so that the image emits this energy wherever it is. In this case… on the tags sold on sapienshop.

13. Are fields magic? Is this satanic?

The fields we speak of in field theory are formed of the ambient energy that make objects up, rather than being a separate form of energy. They draw from zero point energy. The pure and base energy that makes up all the atoms around you. The patterns in the fields of energy that form objects influences part of how that object behaves. We reprogram these fields of energy to influence patterns outside of it. No, there is no religion behind this and this is not satanic. Our fields are completely natural and do not use the help of spirits or certain energies. Its simply pure, zero point energy that directs biological or energetic processes to create the changes that one seeks. The energy within you and all around you is already set with informational fields. All that you are doing is altering it to create the change you need. There are some fields in dreamseeds attributed to connected to the energies of different religions. But it works on the same concept really. Everything is energy and all spiritual systems have energy patterns that have existed for thousands of years that can be tapped into and made into fields that you can experience directly. We simply create an easier way to access such energies.

14. What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non fungible token. Fungible means replaceable or exchangeable. Non fungible means something unique and irreplaceable. NFT allows you to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items. NFTs are basically blockchain tokens representing a unique digital item. Blockchain ensures that the item you own is the original copy. Say for example, there is only one original mona lisa in the world. There are many copies but the original is confirmed as the original as it stands in the louvre museum. Now if some artist created some digital art, he can sell it as an nft that would confirm to the user that he has the original copy… NFT can represent almost anything like art, graphics, music, videos, images, etc. In our case, we have sold some rare digital NFT artwork such as astral portal or dreamcatcher. These are energetically infused and only work on the original owners.

15. Why only a few are sold on NFT?

They wouldn’t be rare items if we sold like 50.

16. Will they be available for others to buy in the future?

Those in particular… likely not. But who knows! There will certainly be other NFTs in the future though.

17. Is sun tanner permanent?

No. Although the field increases melanin production, your skin naturally sheds over time. This causes the tanned skin to flake off. New cells are formed and older skin sloughs off. Same applies with getting a tan out in the sun.

18. Do fields work better boosted?

Not exactly. Fields work fine without boosting. But boosting certainly gives fields more of a punch. I wouldn’t recommend boosting a field more than 2 times though. More than that will make the field overly strong and can overwhelm your energy system. This applies to pendants/tags/images… We have a field booster in our patreon for those wondering what I amt alking about.

19. Do fields work better if you loop it overnight?

Not really. Fields tend to work best when the conscious mind is also awake while the subconscious works on you as well. Your subconscious becomes overprotective (for good reason) while you are asleep so it might reject some fields. Hypnotists might put you to sleep but your conscious mind is still somewhat awake and they get your permission from you to allow ideas in. Your mind is suggestible at that point and open to change.

20. Using “Loudness Equalization” (windows sound settings) / equalizer affects the energy?


22. Some audios even on volume 1 can be too loud on my smart speaker. If I were to go to audio settings and lower bass, midrange and treble for the same value, it would lower the volume probably, but would it lessen the effect of field? 


22. Do higher quality headphones give you better results?


23. Wireless vs wired connection?

No Difference

24. 1 earbud vs 2 earbuds?

1 Earbud is fine

25. Speaker set up, mono, stereo, 2.1 5.1 etc?

Doesn’t make a difference. Sound quality doesn’t matter too much. This isn’t like binaural beats. The sound is merely a carrier of the energy. So simply being able to play it is what matters most.

27. Is there a concept of over-crowdedness in the energy/auric body from extensive usage of fields (like months)? If there is, Is Auric Clearing a good solution to use (say once or twice a month)

No there is no overcrowding. Your energy is not locked in… like a prison cell with 50 inmates. Your aura is ever expanding. Energy is sort of like water; it flows and expands. The aura expands with energy… so more energy, more aura. And most fields, are only giving directions to your body, mind or spirit. The energy doesn’t need to linger. The effect will linger. If you stimulate the production of testosterone with test boost, the effects of the released testosterone will linger. Not the energy itself. So while overcrowding is the wrong word. Overworking the body is correct. Your energy system can become stressed from overstimulation.

27. Do fields fade? Does listening to fields give permanent results? What about wearing tags?

Fields like collagen booster, lung antioxidant and many other fields that stimulate/turn on biological processes in the body do fade with time… cause if you permanently had these things boosted/stimulated, you would run into serious problems. What is permanent is the effect they can have on you over long period of use. Such as a high vibration audio over time raises your vibration to the point you don’t need to listen anymore. Or after a long period of listening to heart audios, your heart feeling far more healthy and looking great after some tests. Or finally feeling good about yourself and being able to laugh after a long period of mental health audios. These are things that are permanent in you. The only difference in the audios and pendants is that you can wear the pendant all the time which is streaming energy. But the vast majority of audios are best not worn all the time and only listened to 1-3 times a day. The effect compounds on you over time and creates lasting changes in you. So the gradual effect fading is for safety and also more effectiveness as well (many of these fields would be counterproductive if listened to or worn allllll day).

28. If I stop listening to fields or wearing tags, will my results reverse?

There are fields I stopped listening to or wearing because the results have been permanently realized in me. Fields depatterns one of the habitual patterns that keep you consistently one way and then repatterns it to make it consistently be the intended way. The body works via homeostasis in that in keeps your reality stable. Consistent with your beliefs. Consistent with how you believe your body works. And also just how it currently functions in order to maintain order rather than your body and mind in a state of constant chaos. Over time, how your body reacts to fields after consistently listening to it every single day… becomes a consistent enough structure to your way of being that it snowballs into becoming a new pattern in your body. One that occurs naturally and you believe in because it is integrated into your being. So you won’t need to listen anymore as your body naturally carries on this pattern all the time. It is possible that over years of some of the temporary fields such as hormone boosters or collagen booster… that you naturally produce more of those hormones without fields. Your body habitually has been producing more of this hormone on a daily basis… to the point that it habitually does it without you listening to fields. But this may happen over a long period and isn’t guaranteed. Temporary fields such as those aren’t meant to be permanent as they only stimulate the production of certain hormones. Something like… healing of brain through stem cell production should permanently heal the brain over a long period of time as the production of new cells allows for the brain to start functioning optimally once again. This is intuitive.

29. I had results with hairloss v3 audio, but after I stopped using for 2 months, lets just say those same balding spots have become more prominent.

How long do I have to use it daily in order to keep my results for a lifetime by using it only 2 times a week as maintenance. I am 22 and it isnt drastic, but it is prominent enough for me and people with sharp eyes to notice. Also,genetics are against me in this case.

Long, long period of time. It will take quite some time for new hair follicles to develop and start growing. If you are in beginning stages, I would highly recommend listening to it daily as you are likely to get better results.

30. Can Sestrin replace protein intake to grow muscle?


31. How does listening a stack 2x overall or going 2x each audio in the stack have an effect?

I think if you want to do this, listening to one audio twice then listening to next audios twice would be better. This way, you get more of the field in that one shot rather than restart the process after listening to all these other fields right after and restarting. But this is subjective. Either way would be fine truly.

32. Why don’t you make the field I want?

Some fields can’t reasonably be made was of yet. Not enough research to the subject or no rational way of making it happen. The fields we make are based on scientific research and how the body works. We also make sure that what we do is safe and won’t cause damage over time. Some suggestions would do more harm than good. If you do have a request, it’s best to post It in our requests thread.

33. Are there guarantees on paid audios and items?

There are no guarantees on paid audios. Once you buy them… they are yours forever. You can’t return them and receive a refund. Digital items such as audios don’t get refunds. Ours are no different. There are no guarantees on thesapienshop tags either. These tags are not sold directly from us. The only fields we do offer guarantees for are the specialty pendants on enlightendstates. The ones that are not on tags and sold directly by sam. If an item is lost in transit, you can be refunded though or resent the item. If you have a problem with an order, email us at [email protected] and we will sort it out.

34. How many Sapienmed audios can I listen to at a time? (Updated)

You can listen to more than one at a time, for best/fastest results its better to listen one at a time. I recommend not listening to more than 4 at a time because you will be overloading your body and some of the fields will not fully work. This is mostly true if you are trying to create permanent changes (height, breast enlargement, facial structures, ext…) These are for fields that you choose to listen to consistently. As in, if you choose the grow taller field and listen to it every day and also listen to the human growth hormone release audio. That being said, if you listen to two audios that correlate, they will work powerfully and bring faster results. But lets say you listen to estrogen and then testosterone. Those two will cancel each other out. There are also many fields you can simply listen to just to experience a mood or hormone boost, no matter how many fields you listen to. What i mean is to try not listen to more than 4 fields daily to create permanent changes. It will take a lot longer and sometimes, one or two wont work. (Update) The max of 4 is suggested only to speed up results if you are looking for permanent physical changes. But if you are listening to different audios like ‘disconnect from negative energy,’ ‘energy blockage removal,’ ‘estrogen boost,’ ‘vagus nerve stimulation,’ then you can listen to as many as you like really. I know we can be rather vague in our descriptions. Reason for this is because everyone is different. Experience is all rather subjective so for some people, 10 audios is fine and for others 5 is enough. Too many audios can overwhelm your physical and energy body as well so we try to be careful in asserting limits. Some people are able to listen to over a dozen and don’t find much issue with doing so. So it’s all very subjective. But in truth, there aren’t any universal answers for this sort of thing. It’s something that you will discover through your own testing and experiences.

35. Why do videos not work when downloaded?

The video was uploaded with a certain extension/file type and gets compressed when converted into a different file format and that tends to mess with the frequency and programming in the audio. There are some people who have downloaded it and didn’t feel the same effects when downloaded. You can download them and try them out if you like, no one is stopping you. And if it works for you, awesome. I put this out there because I would like everyone to get the full benefit from the audios. Results vary with the downloaded audios and I don’t know if you want to spend your time listening to something that isn’t guaranteed compared to the videos on youtube which have a high success rate(testimonials). In due time, updated mp3 versions of the youtube versions will be available for download. *You can also download these audios these audios through youtube red and they would work perfectly fine. We also have most of our audios and exclusive ones available for download in our patreon.

36. What if I miss one day? Do I have to listen everyday?

If you are just looking for a mood/hormone boost, you can just listen to an audio once or twice and you’ll get the effects you seek. But if you want to make permanent changes like to grow taller or breast enhancement or facial symmetry, you should try your best to listen to it every single day. You will stop the momentum of change happening in your body if you miss a day. It is likely that it will revert back to normal if you stop listening. Remember, the body reverts to homeostasis so when you consistently listen to such fields everyday, it is snowballing change in your body to occur. I highly suggest you listen once in the morning and once at night. This is all it requires to make the changes you desire to listen consistently and not miss a day. As for most other fields that are just turning on certain processes in your body, enhancing your energy and so on, it’s fine if you miss a day on those kinds of fields. And if you do happen to miss a day with fields with permanent changes… don’t stress it. Not a big deal. Just keep going at it. Don’t get hung up on the past and think you just lost 45 days of effort if you miss a day. It’s not that serious either. The snowball will still be rolling!

37. How long does this take to work?

It depends on how fast your body is susceptible to change. A few people report in days, others weeks and months. I can’t tell you how quickly it will work for you but I can tell you that if you just make it a part of your daily routine, and listen to it every single day, it will eventually bring the changes you desire. And you will definitely start seeing the changes as well. Yes, there have been cases where it takes months to make permanent changes like make someone taller. You might be thinking that is way too long. But, at the end of the day this is a free alternative to medical treatments that will cost you a fortune. Would you rather pay for them or simply listen to these audios 2-3 times a day and get the same results? But generally, it may take this long because of subconscious resistance to the audio fields. Reality truly is mental. Your beliefs have an extremely palpable effect on the way all the world effects you. In this case, fields. Resistance is a natural way of your current patterns fighting against new patterns that contradict how you are now. This is why the spiritual path is something we recommend to everyone. The path works to undo much of the programming that limits our minds from taking in new information and changing our way of being. A number of the users here tend to get instant results from fields because they’ve set foot on the path and cleared many limiting beliefs and opened their minds and bodies enough to easily take in new patterns from fields. PS: If you still have questions, post one in the FAQ thread or if it’s more private, send an email to [email protected]. (And no, we do not make customs anymore)

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