Increasing the Effects of Psychic Work, Magic, Will-Working

Most people, at one time or another, have tried to WILL something to happen.
They focus their thoughts, hope extra hard, visualize success or chant a phrase
over and over again trying to make a process work. Sometimes it does,
sometimes it doesn’t and since most people can’t tell why it should or shouldn’t
work, they write off both the successes and the failures as luck. This isn’t the

In this section I will go over, step by step, what is needed to vastly increase the
success of any psychic practice, magic (as denoted by ceremony for this article)
or will-working you may be undertaking. Before I start that though I would just like
to clarify a few things about the differences between Magic, Magik, psi,
psychotronics and most other practices, formal or personal, that involve
influencing the world with your will. This may make some people a bit mad at me,
but here it goes!

At the base level, they are all the same thing. Obviously each has it’s own
tricks and trappings, but that is largely the window dressing and setting that
allows the subconscious mind to understand what it is supposed to be doing and
when it should take place.

I may go into this in greater depth at a later time, because there are some ways
to scratch out a bit more power and effectiveness using techniques that involve
setting, mood and tools, but what I would like to go over now involves the level of
work below that, the deeper level where the real “magic” takes place.

The Principles of Power

The key components here are: Time, State, Bi-lateral synchronization,
Conceptual thinking, Clarity and Foundation building.

No one part is more important than the other and they are all needed for
maximum effect. If one or more of these is left out or short changed in your work,
the level of effect will diminish greatly. Chances are that you already use some
of them without realizing it, all the time.


This is the amount of time you spend working on a project, particularly the
portions in which you are purposefully focusing your will.

Too often people, especially when first starting, try to get away with the minimum
amount of time they can spend focusing their will. It takes work to do so and is a
little boring if you are not in a deep enough mental state. A good rule to follow is
this: for each action you desire to have happen, that you are trying to influence,
pick how important it is for you on a scale of one to ten, with one being
something that you would be OK with if it happened to ten being something that
MUST take place. Then take this number and multiply it by three.

That gives you the rough number of hours (Not minutes, HOURS…) you should
be willing to spend on that project.

The closer something is to pure “Will Working” where the only thing you are
doing to make it happen is focusing your mind on the subject, which includes
casting spells and such, the more time you need to spend on it.

Let me give an example with some projected times:


You have a brick laying next to a circle drawn in chalk on the ground.
You are outside (as apposed to hidden indoors, away from view and
interaction) and other people are around. Your goal is to assist this
brick into the circle. There are many ways to do this…

We are considering the time involved in focus to get this done in a
given way.

Move the brick by hand: 0 time spent on focus.
Have someone else move the brick, but you ask for that help verbally: 2-5 minutes.
Have someone else move it into the circle without asking: 1 hour.
Have the brick move without a human agent at all: 1-2 hours.
Have the brick move into the circle without any outside contact being visible: 10 hours.

Now obviously these times are not iron clad. You may be able to get a person to
walk over and move the brick for you by simply asking, for instance, the focus
just helps ensure that it will happen. If you are in a proper mental state and
focused well with high clarity, a person may come and do this for without asking
far faster than 1 hour, but that takes practice.

Some people will be able to shift a brick in far less time, but unless you are
telekinetically gifted, be prepared for a much longer effort!

The point of this is that even magic takes time. It is seen as a shortcut by many
people, but while you can do more with it than without, the amount of effort in is
still gong to be high in almost everything you do, if you want it to be done


In this case state refers to a persons mental state, this is roughly analogous to
brainwave state as determined by electroencephalogram. (EEG)

Just to keep this clear from the start, your brain waves are largely a description
of how different mental states are measured and not specifically doing anything
on their own. They are useful to describe certain mental states though, as
particular kinds of thinking tend to go hand in hand with specific brainwave

What is listed below is not all of the known brainwave states and there is some
debate as to where one state begins and another ends. As they are loose
categories for this discussion, this list should give you a place to work from


This is what we consider normal waking consciousness. 12-20
(some say up to 40) hertz frequency.

You will fall very naturally into Beta while doing normal tasks, such as reading,
studying, or having a conversation. Focused concentration while in Beta is the
most common hypnotic state. This shows that State of mind can differ even with
a similar or possibly the same brainwave frequency being present. Don’t let this
confuse you however, Beta is the weakest natural psychic State. It is very good
for focused thought and reasoning, and is the main state of our daily world and


Often associated with day dreaming or imagination, the alpha
state is a sign of relaxation. It runs between 8-12 hertz.

Good for dreaming up new things, stories, songs and games as well as new
technological devices. We all naturally fall into a deep Alpha “trance” when we
watch television too long. (About 40 minutes for most people) It is a good mental
state for physical activities, such as Yoga or running. Most people spend hours
a day in and out of this state.

When you begin meditation, it is common to fall into an Alpha pattern. Those
more experienced tend to skip this phase and go directly into their chosen end
point state.


Zen meditation, the beginning of sleep, Intuitive and creative
states. From 4-8 hertz.

For most people, this is the meditative and psychic state. It is the easiest to
access of the deeper states and often allows for dramatic, photo-realistic images
to be seen with eyes closed, visions as some would call them and the ability to
hear voices in white noise. In this state you can reach the first of the “Empty
mind” meditation points and because the thoughts tend to both slow down and
become more powerful, thoughts tend to be easier to keep track of and
understand as well as feeling more profound.


Deep dreamless sleep, some Yogic meditations, sleepwalking,
driving a race car. Between 1-4 hertz.

Most people go into this state daily but are unaware of it, as they are deeply
asleep at the time. With practice you can bring on this state consciously without
being asleep, though few can manage it with their eyes open. This state is clear,
calm and thoughts tend to be non-verbal. While aware of your surroundings it is
possible to hold onto a single focus. Race car drivers going over 180 miles per
hour fall into this state, indicating that fast reflexive action is possible while in


Stillness, no intruding thoughts. Some sense of movement in
the stillness. Called the shamanic state. Below 1 hertz.

When in a deep hibernation/suspended animation, yogis go into deep epsilon
levels. In this state it is difficult to move or preform any actions, pain is not felt or
is barely perceptible and it is very hard to hold a focus for long periods of time.

That said, it is a very powerful state for gathering mental and psychic information
as well as influencing large events, but strangely less effective when dealing with
other people. Information gathered in this state is seldom incorrect, though it
may be hard to put in terms that the conscious mind can understand.


Unity of thought and mind. High level integration in all forms.
Above 40 hertz. *Note: some researchers are working on developing
categories for several states above Gamma. What comes of this is unknown,
most place the termination for Gamma between 60-80 hertz. These are unofficial
labels at this time.

Gamma brainwaves tie all mental activity together. A lack of Gamma brainwaves
has been shown in schizophrenia. There seems to be a strong link between
Epsilon activity and Gamma activity, with both showing the other in a carrier
wave relationship. This relationship will be discussed more in the section on
Bilateral Synchronization.

Meditation is basically a process of using concentrated focus to alter your
mental state. For some this is the end goal, for others it is merely a tool to aid in
controlling the mind. No matter what you are doing in life though, it is a good
idea to spend part of each day learning to move easily into valuable mental

There is no perfect State for all things Magic (or psychic or what ever you wish
to call it) however. For most people I would recommend using a Theta level for
most work and practice reaching the deeper mental states for more physically
oriented workings. So if you are trying to influence the thoughts of another,
Theta, if you are trying to cause rain, Delta and if you want to stop a Tsunami
already in movement go into Epsilon.

More information will be coming in other areas of this web-site on how to reach
those states, for the current time, plan on going into the deepest mental state
you can reach, being as focused as you can, before and during all magical or
psychic work.

Bi-lateral Synchronization:

When a mind is focused and working as a single unit it is said to be
synchronized. This can happen regardless of mental state, but it tends to work
best when focused on a single object (this can be a mental object or even
nothingness as the object of focus, the point is “Just one thing”) and the brain is
showing high levels of Gamma or Epsilon brainwave activity.

When you reach a high level of synchronization it is not uncommon to feel a
sense of thrumming, throughout your body. This will generally be in time to your
heart beat and at times you may notice a very low tone seeming to come from
your body. Due to the nature of infrasound it is difficult to test (at least for me
here) and see if it is there, but I think it likely. (Infrasound means very low tones
under 20 hertz. Hertz just means waves per second. These waves can be any
type of wave though, which is why it is used for brainwaves, sound and radio
waves as well.)

If you are in a totally synchronized state you will not miss the signs, but what if
you are not up to holding a Gamma Epsilon state yet? Luckily for the vast
majority of people, simply focusing on a single object or idea will increase your
natural level of synchronization a lot. It won’t be perfect, but learning to access
varying levels of synchronization will improve the quality of your work greatly.

Gamma brainwaves seem to be the intuitive key here, since there prime function
seems to be increasing synchronization in the brain and anything that produces
Gamma brainwave function should aid in learning to become totally
synchronized rapidly. So brainwave biofeedback is a good place to start if you
have access to a high quality machine or can rent time on one.

If you don’t have a $30,000 EEG machine laying around, you may want to
consider adding Tibetan Compassion meditation to your daily schedule. It
increases Gamma brainwaves and induces a calm, peaceful and tolerant sense
of well being.

photo-141702t4321782-1375735f8987Simply focusing your mind as well as possible on what you are doing is the cheapest way to jump start this and is good enough for starting with, but a bit of effort here will really allow your will working attempts to enter the major leagues.

*Note: When two minds interact in the same mental state, even if at a distance,
the mind that is less organized and not synchronizing will follow and entrain to
the mind with greater synchronization. Once entrained it is possible to pass thoughts as ideas, emotions and even preform biological control of bodily
functions with both bodies being effected. (That last only applies if you can do
the same in regards to yourself.) This is very useful in many situations and
easily pulled off in public.

Conceptual Thinking:

The subconscious mind makes up most of our mental being, it is hundreds,
possibly thousands of times more powerful in it’s ability to retain and process
information and in it’s ability to influence the reality around us. The language of
the subconscious mind is concept. It is raw idea, without words, without pictures.

This does not mean that the conscious mind does not respond to the
subconscious mind with words and pictures or that the subconscious mind has
no ability to understand such things, but it does mean that when a person learns
to understand how to think in ideas/concepts, their ability to understand and
communicate with their own subconscious being grows immensely.

This idea is so important that it will have it’s own section. For now though, try this
simple exercise.

Look around the room you are in and pick an object. It can be anything, but a
solid physical object is best for now.

Once you have that object in mind, and have finished reading this part, close
your eyes and think of the item. Hold it in mind.

Now, if there are any pictures associated to it, any images, or colors that you are
thinking of associated to it, let them go and focus on the sense of the object only.

Now do the same with words…

If you are like most people you will probably have noticed that this was really
hard. Either a word pops up to remind you of what it is or an associated image
comes up. If it is not that hard for you, then you are either naturally gifted in this
area or, more likely, you are not actually at a level that allows you to notice what
is happening in your mind yet. Either way, if you keep practicing, you will begin
to notice far deeper flows of information.

By practicing this daily, you will soon notice that this happens less and less.
Possibly even going away totally if you practice this enough. (I personally have
worked on this for over a decade and still find that things slip in every now and
then! But that doesn’t seem to interfere with the communication lines to the
subconscious overly.)

You can think of almost any object or idea this way, though numbers and letters
are harder to manage, as the subconscious mind does not use them in the same
way the conscious mind has learned to.

If you thick conceptually while doing psychic efforts everything you try will
suddenly work far more smoothly. This is because your deeper self is not
struggling to figure out which of the tens of signals you are constantly sending it
should be responded to first, or most strongly. It knows, because you are trying
to talk to it in it’s own native language. Concepts.


When you hold a thought in your head for a while, it will start to drift and become
fuzzy. You may find yourself suddenly thinking of other things, your daily life,
what you last saw on television, someone from ten years ago that you haven’t
seen in ages…

This of course, does not help you build up the field strength needed for most
tasks. The natural (and correct!) thing to do is to place your mind back on what
you were thinking. It is natural to drift a little, but the more clearly you can stay
focused on your objective the better off you will be.

There are a lot of little tricks that can be used to help maintain focus, but the
one I find works best is to figure out your average single point attention span,
cut that amount of time in half and make a point of reasserting your focus at that
relative interval.

So if you have not trained regularly in meditation, you will probably have a single
point attention span of about three seconds. Sound low? Try it. Focus on a
single object and see how long it takes to lose focus. Can you beat three
seconds? Most people think they can hold a single point of focus for a much
longer time, but the fact is, untrained people rarely do better than 3-5 seconds
intesting. People with extensive mental training often manage twenty seconds
and some who have mastered the skill can go for much longer than that!

The trick is in coming back to what you were focusing on without a large gap or
disruption, so again let’s say you have a three second attention span. Cut this in
half leaving on and a half seconds. This means that for a nearly flawless stream
of focus, you should bring your attention back to point every at that interval. Try
to do it using conceptual thought, as this will leave your mind clearer and not
interrupt your concentration as much.

The second part of clarity is that you have to understand what it is you
are trying to do.

Here is where the magic gets fun, you don’t have to know all the steps in how
something works or even any of them at all. Focus on the end goal itself, not
how things would need to happen to get to that goal. Some people let
themselves get so caught up in the minutia that the clarity of there idea suffers.

By staying well focused and by using simple concepts whenever possible, as well
as making sure the concept is of your end goal and does not micro manage, you
will get faster and more powerful results.

Foundation Building:

This is an incredibly important part of all magic, psychic work and will working of
all sorts that has been hidden through out the ages.

All magic(of any type or kind) must be used in conjunction with energy
of some sort in order to be maximally effective. In human beings the
strongest force is physical effort. This means that if you have a magical
goal, you need to do all the physical world things as well to make it work
at the highest possible level.

While there are some exceptions to this rule, such as healing where the physical
work is being done by another person (by healing their own wounds or illness
physically) or working with the weather, where nature provides the active energy
system, most things you will be doing need a solid foundation to be built. The
amount of work you do physically should equal the amount of time spent on the
mental/psychic/magical level.


You decide you want a boyfriend or girlfriend. You make a plan that set aside the following:

Time: 5 hours a week.
Focus: Concept of love connection. (It makes it harder to do, but you could build a conceptual image of the type of person you want,as long as you are careful to conserve clarity of concept)
Work state: Empty mind/ meditative theta.
Foundation Building: Go out on weekends to Club, parties, organization meetings etc. Talk to people and try to make a connection. Ask for phone numbers. (3 hours a week) Read books on how to meet people and make connections, apply if it seems workable. (2 hours per week)

Can magic work without all that pesky “doing stuff”? Yes. But you will make
everything work about a dozen times faster and gain much greater effect if you
do the Foundation Building portion too.

How much more effective?

It really depends on what you are doing, but in many case ten or twenty times
more is not out of the question.

Ideally, as you master these skills, you will eventually learn to work the magic/
assert your will, while actively doing the Foundation portion of things. This will
gain you much faster results and in some, perhaps most, cases gain you effects
that are very nearly at the level that we have come to expect from movies and

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