One Of The Greatest Secrets Of The Mind

There is one thing that you should learn if you wish to be really effective in your psychic work. How to think purposefully on a “subconscious” level. (I know, I know, if you are thinking on that level and able to be aware of it and direct it, then it is not subconscious? We run into some language problems here though, so please bear with me.)

You do this all the time of course, think on that level, I mean. After all, it is the fundamental way that your brain works. For our purposes though, it is really more of a matter of becoming aware of a certain kind of though pattern. Once you get it down you will be able to leap ahead in your ability to interact with the world in a psychic manner, receptively and effectively.

The primitive levels of the mind

On the deeper, some might say more primitive, levels of our minds, we do not use words to think. We do not even use pictures overly. The thoughts of the deep subconscious mind are expressed as ideas, pure concepts, a “knowing” that has no words or need for words. On this level the pictures are without color, even though you will “know” the color if you think about it, the shapes are fuzzy and without the sharp delineation of our normal thought patterns. The most standout feature though is that there are no words.

So in principle the basic technique we need to learn is simple. All you have to do is “know” something, say what your target is and what you wish to happen to it, and hold that thought. In practice most people can’t even capture the idea of what to do, much less form a conceptual thought and hold it. The main problem is not one of ability, but rather a clear understanding of what it is they are trying to do.

Here is an example.

A good friend of mine and I had gone over the idea of conceptual thought several times. She was certain that she understood the idea and could do it with no problem. When she tried to affect the roll of a pair of dice though, she kept coming up with the same results she normally got. (About twice what chance would account for.)

Finally in frustration she asked me what she was doing wrong. (Actually she kind of yelled the question at me?) It turned out that as a very verbal person that thinks in words as a matter of course, she was actually “chanting” at the dice mentally.

“Well, words are ideas, right? I mean you can’t have and idea without a structure to hold it can you?” She did not seem happy when I told her that you can.

With a bit of work though she finally got the technique down. “It feels very weird. When I am getting it right, it is like I am almost unaware of what I am doing?” Her numbers on the testing shot up almost instantly, more than doubling the previous levels.

Very visual people have a similar problem. It is very easy for them to think that a picture, which is worth a thousand words after all, is the same as a basic concept. In a small way they are right. Humans are so very tied to visual understanding that we use a more primal part of the brain to understand what we see, at least in part. It is one of the reasons that visualization is so effective in making changes in ourselves and the world around us. Pictures though, still carry other information and associations than we may intend, this causes even the best image to be fuzzy and unclear to our subconscious mind.

What is the secret?

So the big “secret?” If you wish your powerful and psychically active subconscious mind to clearly understand your wishes, the thoughts you must use will be rather unclear to your conscious mind!

My feeling is that the best way to know if you are being successful is to use regular testing. I generally use two six sided dice and try to make them both come up the same number. The odds of them coming up the same are 1 in 36. So if you are testing often you will know if you are having solid and consistent effects. When you learn to incorporate deep conceptual thought into your practice you will find that you double or more your beginning numbers. Four times chance is a normal result.

Being aware on this deeper level will also cause your raw intuitive level to shoot up rapidly. It seems, at this point at least, that all intuition starts at this level. When you remove the tendency to distort and imagine what you wish to exist, which simply does not happen at this level, as your subconscious mind is not imaginative in nature, your ability to access a whole host of psychic abilities will open up.

This one, basic technique, is not the only thing you can do to increase your overall skill level of course! It is however one of the most important skills you can learn, when it comes to making real and powerful changes in your life.

It takes time, honesty with yourself and effort to learn to think on these deep levels well. It is essential though, if you really want to use your psychic abilities to the fullest. It is worth the effort.

2 thoughts on “One Of The Greatest Secrets Of The Mind

  1. Kawasha says:

    After reading this i am rather confused about the secret. The thoughts being rather unclear to you conscious mind is so vague. Please elaborate on this more.

  2. Annette Hefford says:

    Thank you.
    So, it is what is deeper than or behind the image that is the knowing. I have experienced this before and yes, just knowing made it so.
    Your explanation has just allowed me to ‘know’. Many thanks. Sadly, this puts Einstein’s quotation of “Imagination will take you everywhere”, a little short of my target.

    I am working on a new blog and tend to browse for effective low background music so at this moment. I have one of your videos on.
    I will look at your other blogs.

    Kindest regards
    Annette Hefford

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