This powerful audio automates the following energetic process:

Clears and opens your crown chakra

Clears and opens your aura

Draws the Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol for physical energetic healing and Reiki energy in light in each of your chakras (including soul star, earth star, bindu point, all three wing chakras on each side, palms, and feet)

Establishes you as a pillar of light between Earth and Heaven via the soul star and earth star chakras

Brings down a Metatron’s Cube of Cho Ku Rei made perfect for you from your soul star chakra, and keeps it traveling up and down the pillar of light

Channels Cho Ku Rei directly into you and your now expanded pillar of light

This will only fully activate for the buyer.

You can use it remotely by adding the person’s name to the end of the file, thusly: “Cho Ku Rei Full Reiki Empowerment – Wilhelm Reich.mp3” or by adding a folder named “Cho Ku Rei Full Reiki Empowerment – Targets” to the folder where your audio file is located. In this case it is not necessary to rename the file, as this folder will automatically be used. Lastly, you can create a .txt file named “Cho Ku Rei Full Reiki Empowerment – Targets.txt” and add names to it. In all cases photos of locations, street addresses, GPS coordinates, etc can be used. Use your imagination!

If you use it remotely, it will also work locally, so if you are a Reiki practitioner, you will subconsciously be called upon to assist in the healing. Many higher selves will just do so automatically. So this is a huge booster for Reiki sessions, as well as being quite powerful on its own.

Remember that in most cases you want to ask permission before using this on people.

I use Cho Ku Rei for:
Opening the light of Reiki within your body

Physical Healing

Aura strengthening and growth

Chakra balancing

And as part of every standard Reiki session

It can be combined with Sei Hei Ki for emotional/mental healing (important for physical traumas that effect your mental state), or Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for healing across space and time (particularly useful for past traumas and past-life stuff).

Purging is possible, especially for those new to Reiki.

Use it to unlock powerful “light” energy for healing before or after any other form of Reiki, including products and sessions by different creators.