This powerful audio automates the following energetic process:

Clears and opens your crown chakra
Clears and opens your aura
Draws the Seal of Metatron in light in each of your chakras (including soul star, earth star, bindu point, all three wing chakras on each side, palms, and feet)
Establishes you as a pillar of light between Earth and Heaven via the soul star and earth star chakras
Brings down a Metatron’s Cube of the energy of Metatron made perfect for you from your soul star chakra, and keeps it traveling up and down the pillar of light
Channels the energy of the Metatron and His Seal directly into you and your now expanded pillar of light
Activates the Metatron’s Cube pattern in your aura as a direct connection to him and his various fractal layers – you may feel as if it is dancing in your aura

In addition, this is programmed to be a direct emanation of the Presence of Metatron Himself.

If you have purchased the “Blessings of Metatron” affirmations, this will energize and activate them.

This will only fully activate for the buyer.

You can use it remotely by adding the person’s name to the end of the file, thusly: “Presence of Metatron – Wilhelm Reich.mp3” or by adding a folder named “Presence of Metatron – Targets” to the folder where your audio file is located. In this case it is not necessary to rename the file, as this folder will automatically be used. Lastly, you can create a .txt file named “Presence of Metatron – Targets.txt” and add names to it. In all cases photos of locations, street addresses, GPS coordinates, etc can be used. Use your imagination!

Remember that in most cases you want to ask permission before using this on people.

Metatron is the Archangel of Karma, the Akashic Records, life, death, reincarnation, and ascension. He has a particular calling to protect children and animals, in this life and during the afterlife process.

Metatron’s Presence will raise your vibration, and you can work with him directly on this as well
Metatron can help you access any information in the Akashic records
Metatron can help you with any kind of dimensional jumping or reality shifting
Metatron is a powerful protector
Metatron will help you connect to the higher realms, and you can use His power to verify the authenticity of any other being or source of energy
Metatron can help you move past injustices and right karmic wrongs easily
Metatron is believed to be Enoch ascended – The 2nd Book of Enoch is the first Biblical/Apocryphal/Pseudopigraphal book to condemn child and animal abuse
Metatron is believed, with Shekinah, or the Divine Feminine of Kabbalah in some ancient texts, to have helped create the Holy Ghost with Jesus
Metatron was said to have the power to forgive sins

And really, that is just a taste of His power. Welcome to the next chapter in your ascension.