Root Chakra Healing : Powerful Tips For Growth/Activation

Root Chakra Healing And Growth

The Root Chakra is the first of the seven chakras and is known as the Mualdhara Chakra.  The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine/above the perineum and seats the Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is a feminine energy that lies dormant in the root chakra and is best described as universal life force. The Root Chakra connects us to the earth and our physical vitality. It regulates the mechanisms that maintain the physical body alive. This chakra  is the source of our fundamental urge to survive.

The Mualdhara centers on: safety/security, survival, basic needs (shelter, food, sleep), physicality, personal security and family, foundation for life. In essence, it is the foundation through which our lives are built upon and all basic emotions arise from this chakra into our consciousness. It also manages the lower part of the body, including the kidneys, bladders, back and lower spine.

The term Muladhara split into two words in Sanskrit, the word ‘Mula’ means ‘Root,’ and the word ‘Adhara’ means ‘Base’ or Support’. 

For any individual, it is crucial to balance the Root Chakra in order to fully balance the other chakras.  Healing the Root Chakra will also lead to a strong foundation of health and stability in your being.

If Root Chakra is in the Balance:

The Root Chakra creates a strong foundation, makes you feel secure in this world, and allows you to take care of your daily tasks effortlessly.  You will have sturdy control of your health, relationships, career, and finances. It allows you to work with the world, and not to go against it. You will be much more connected to your physical body and have more energy at your disposal. You will also handle stress and upsetting events in a more balanced way.

Imbalances In The Root Chakra:

If the 1st chakra is imbalanced, then you may experience anxiety, nightmares, or fears. Distress caused by this imbalance is often related to insecurities and negative experiences from our youth.  The physical imbalances created by the Root Chakra result in problems with the bladder, colon, lower back, feet, or leg. Common symptoms are sciatic, prostate problems and eating disorders. Considering the Root Chakra at is the core of your energy system, an imbalance will make it more difficult to fully clear and balance the other chakras as well. 

Excitable Root Chakra:

 If you have an over-active or excitable Root Chakra, then you may become unreasonably irritated and angry at people and during certain events. Also, you may become greedy and try to control others and project aggression towards those who challenge your authority. You may become a reliant on the security of other individuals, job, or certain habits.

You will create strong boundaries around you and make it tough for you to change. Being emotionally impulsive and materialistic are also attributes to an excitable root chakra. You may also have unsatiable sexual drive  if you have an overactive root chakra.

Underactive Root Chakra:

An underactive root chakra can cause depression. It would make you feel detached from the world and your body as well. Feeling disconnected from your family is also a common symptom of an underactive root chakra. Another symptom is becoming disorganized in your day to day life and losing interest in all the things you once cared for.  You will also lose your discipline, focus, and stamina and be overwhelmed by feelings of fear. In fact, many of your behaviors may be ruled by internal and external fears.

Physical Indications Of An Imbalance:

The symptoms of an imbalanced Muladhara Chakra include weight gain or loss, underactive or overactive or under-active sex drive, erectile dysfunction, anemia, weak immune system, laziness, depression, sciatica,  irritable bowel syndrome, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, increase/decrease in appetite.

Healing the Root Chakra:

There are a variety of methods for healing and balancing the root chakra. You should choose the one that resonates with you most. You can also combine some of the methods for even more powerful results.

The yoga asanas that can help to heal and open the Root Chakra:

– Knee to Chest posture – Pavanamuktasana


-Head to Knee Posture – Janu Sirsansana


-Lotus Flexion – Padmasana


Squatting Posture – Malasana


Kegel Exercises:

Kegel exercises are done by contracting the muscles in your perineum, the area between the anus and genitals. Doing this not only has numerous benefits such as strengthening the pelvic floor (good for pregnancy, bladder, bowels), more sexual stamina and longer lasting orgasms, better bathroom control but it  also strengthens your Root Chakra.

The easiest way to find your pelvic floor muscles is by stopping your urine midflow. The muscles you use to stop your urine are your pelvic floor muscles. Now, to do kegels, all you need to do is tighten those same muscles for 3 seconds, then release them for three seconds and repeat this 10 times. Do three sets of 10 throughout the day. You can do much more if you like for even better results. As you get better with this exercise, you can do these exercises anytime and anywhere (Mild Chakra Stimulation).


Vibrations can stimulate and bring back to root chakra into balance. There are certain mantras that when chanted, vibrate on certain chakras in the energy body. The Mantra  that vibrates the root chakra is ‘LAM.’ Reciting the mantra “LAM” with a long emphasis on the MMMM directly stimulates the Root Chakra. I would recommend doing this for 15 minutes to an hour. (Mild to Medium Stimulation)

If you perform this mantra while listening to our free energy blockage removal and chakra stimulation audio, you will much more powerfully stimulate and result in healing the Root Chakra. (Medium to High Stimulation)

Gemstones/Crystals & Colors:

You can use the color red and certain gems/crystals to also help you heal and balance your root chakra. You can wear red clothing, imagine a red lotus in your root chakra area (base of spine) or even light red colored candles and have the glow in front of you. This will result in mild stimulation and balancing of the Root Chakra. 

You can also place certain gemstones/crystals right in your pubic bone area and lie down with it for Root Chakra stimulation. Gems/Crystals include Bloodstone, Golden Yellow Topaz, Azurite, Obsidian, carnelian, Citrine, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, garnet, black tourmaline, bloodstone.  (Mild Stimulation)

Grounding Exercise

The Root chakra also connects you to the planet earth. We are all literally standing on planet earth and the more ‘grounded’ we are, the more rooted we are to the earth. When in balance, you will feel your weight on the ground and you will have stronger awareness of your whole being. If you’ve ever heard the saying “get on your feet again” or “stand on firm ground,” they signify this sense of being grounded. Phrases like “lose ground” however depict a loss of inner balance and can signify an imbalanced/blocked root chakra.

Sometimes, you might feel like your feet are not even touching the ground or be much aware of your weight on the world at all. You can increase your connection to the ground with this exercise and in essence, also better heal/stimulate/grow your root chakra.

Stand up straight and have your feet at shoulder width apart. Then bend your knees slightly and put your pelvis forward (not too much). Maintain balance (ensure your weight is not too much on either left or right side) and sink your weight down your body. Stay in this position for several minutes and then repeat 1 or 2 more times. (Mild to Medium Stimulation)

For more powerful results, you can also recite the mantra “LAM’ while doing this exercise or play the energy blockage removal and chakra stimulation audio. (Medium Stimulation)

If you do all three at the same time, then you will get (High Stimulation).

Powerful SapienMed Meditation

On our youtube channel, we have an audio that clears energy blockages in all the energy system and also stimulates all of the chakras at the same time. Combined with the meditation below, this is the most powerful method for growing and healing the root chakra in this list.

You can simply listen to the audio and solely focus on the root chakra during the duration of the audio and get good results if you want as well. But I highly recommend this method because of its advanced healing and balancing in the Root Chakra and in all of the other chakras as well. 

First, you start by playing the audio on either headphone or speaker. Get yourself into a relaxed state by meditating for a few minutes. Then imagine a red ball of light beginning to glow at the base of your spine. Imagine this little red ball slowly glowing brighter and growing larger at the same. Continue doing this until it grows to the size of a basketball. Imagine this energy clearing all the junk in your body and revitalizing all of your energy.

Then begin focusing on your sacral chakra (below the navel). Imagine an orange ball of light slowly growing brighter and growing larger. Repeat the same for all the chakras. Solar Plexus is yellow and above the navel, Heart chakra is in the heart and is green, Throat chakra is in the throat and is blue, Third Eye Chakra is in your forehead and is indigo, Crown Chakra is on top of your head and is violet. When you get to the Crown Chakra and grow it to the size of a basketball.. after a few moments, imagine the energy grow larger and larger until it explodes and surges downwards throughout your entire body. Imagine this energy saturate your entire being and pour into every inch of your body. Do this for several minutes and you will feel invigorated and very balanced overall. (Medium to High Stimulation)

Root Chakra Audio Field

Our root chakra and sacral chakra audio field clears, stimulates and grows your root and sacral chakra in a very safe way. I would highly recommend it if you would like to balance and grow your root chakra as the audio’s energies will automatically do the work for you. But I would still highly recommend doing the practices I listed above while listening to this audio as it can lead to quite powerful, spiritual experiences. 


Now a field like Chakra Growth Accelerator will stimulate all the chakras in a way that will pave the way for a safe awakening. The exercises I shared above are also safe ways of healing and growing the root chakra. 

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