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What is Consciousness

Consciousness has long been considered one of the grandest mysteries of the universe. We know consciousness is what makes us aware of ourselves and the universe… but where does it come from? Why do we experience the universe rather than just react to it like machines? Science has struggled to answer the ‘hard problem of consciousness’ in the same way it has struggled with the inherent nature of matter. Science has discovered what matter does but not what matter is. The inherent nature of reality is a question that science and spirituality has sought to answer for ages and I believe the answer may have been found with the double slit experiment.

When quantum physicists performed the double slit experiment to measure the inherent nature of light photons, they discovered something mysterious. The photons would either exist as a particle… or a wave. Neither one or another. It’s state was not concrete. And when nobody was observing, it existed as neither particle or wave… just nothingness. So to conclude, it’s nature was either particle or wave or neither one at all. So what made it exist one way or the other? Observation.

The physicist Pascual Jordan, who worked with quantum physicist Niels Bohr, put it like this: “observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it… We compel a quantum particle to assume a definite position.” In other words, Jordan said, “we ourselves produce the results of measurements.” Yes. So without observation, quantum particle would have no definite position. Quantum particles are the essential make up of the universe.. What this is entails is that consciousness is inherent to the creation of reality.

The results from this experiment and many others resulted in quantum physicists finding that the subatomic nature of reality is not deterministic as the Newtonian laws of physics once presumed. Quantum physicists talk about electrons or events as potential rather than actual physical entities. So that there are various probabilities that something exists… until someone looks and then it sort of forces the universe to make a determination about which probability is going to be actualized.

What this indicates is that all of existence is fundamentally an unlimited quantum field of energy, a sea of infinite possibilities waiting to happen. Consciousness collapses the wave function into actual particles that exist in space and time. Consciousness experiences energy as matter. Consciousness is the energy that influences energy. All energy is actually consciousness, therefore it is consciousness influencing itself. The observer is not apart from the observation.

These implications of the true nature of reality were pondered by many of the world’s great physicists upon these discoveries. But most would discount such ideas because as Albert Einstein would put it ‘the moon does not only exist when we look at it!’ There is a simple answer to this though. What if I told you that consciousness is shared in the same way all energy in the universe is shared by everyone? Energy cannot be created or destroyed and every single living thing is made up of the same energy that has always existed in the universe. If consciousness is an inherent quality in all of existence, then not only is everything conscious but we all share the same consciousness as well. Therefore, something is always looking at the moon.

Whether it is another person, it can be another animal or even star observing the moon. All of existence is conscious. And that consciousness is shared by all. If all of existence share the same consciousness, then we have a shared reality. This shared reality is the result of the complex interaction of a mass of consciousness, observing and creating a common story. This is what’s called morphic resonance. Others like jung and mystics throughout the ages call it the collective consciousness.

Everything is conscious, not all in the same complexity that humans or animals or even plants have but all things, to the tiniest units of subatomic particles are conscious in their own right. They experience the universe and therefore react to the universe. This answers a question that has boggled many scientists minds as well. What makes nature evolve?

In the infinite amount of possibilities, what makes an electron go one way rather than the other? How do animals throughout their course of evolution direct the development of new genes and characteristics to ensure their survival? How does the anything in existence form a pattern of behavior that continues to persist and become a field of organization? Consciousness. Of all the different directions to go in at any moment, the direction to keep persistently moving in the same direction is proof of consciousness existing at every level of existence. Over time this persistent pattern becomes an organizational field that determines the present and future behavior of anything. This is what is called a morphogenetic field.

What are Morphogenetic Fields

A morphogenetic field is a pattern of information that determines behavior. Everything, from a human’s personality down to atoms, have morphogenetic fields that determine its behavior. Our personalities for example, would develop through repetitive experiences from the world that shape our way of thinking. Then our repetitive thoughts or reactions to things would develop into a solid form of  thinking that would become our personality… rather than just being randomized every second. How about cells that turn cancerous when they begin following a new pattern outside of the norm until that behavior becomes the norm? Morphic fields are patterns that become behavior.

 The behavior of cells, of animals and just about anything are determined by morphic fields. Informational energy directing behavior, like coding behind computer software. What is interesting is that this kind of information has been noted to pass on without any form of communication or reproduction. This was found in research done in the 1950s that led to the 100th monkey theory.

In the island of takasakiama, Japanese scientists would feed the monkeys there by throwing sweet potatoes into the sand. One young female monkey, named Imo, started washing the dirty sweet potatoes in the sea before eating them and discovered the improved flavours of washed potatoes.

Other young monkeys in her troop observed her and began doing the same. Soon all young monkeys washed their potatoes in the sea as well as their mothers. According to Lyall Watson, when the 100th monkey in the troop learned the new skill, over night all monkeys on the island began washing their potatoes before eating them. Then, monkeys in neighboring islands with no form of communication with the others began doing the same thing as well. The information passed on to the other monkeys somehow but it wasn’t passed on physically. It was passed on through the collective consciousness.

Morphogenetic fields are passed on through the collective consciousness. They are what determine a solid shared state of coexistence between entities of the same species. Or even beings in the same environments.  As I like to mention, it’s basically coding behind programming. Information determines behavior and where does information derive from… consciousness. The beauty of it is that consciousness is universal. The universe is one mind.

Your mind is all of it as well… But the ego convinces you that you are separate from it all. In dissolving the ego through meditation or other practices, you can dive deep into the universal sea of information. It is possible to tap into morphogenetic fields such as those the organizational patterns that produce testosterone and replicate those patterns using your mind.

If your mind takes part in the creation of reality that you experience day to day, it can also create a morphogenetic field.

The way you would do this is by gathering enough energy to replace all the repetition necessary to create a working morphic field, and use this energy to grow the pattern you are focusing on until it becomes self-sustainable. This is how Dream create the audios and pendants. It is a difficult skill to learn and takes years to master but with enough persistence, can be achieved by anyone.

Is there proof of all this

The proof is in you. Your consciousness is a mystery that science cannot seem to solve. We don’t know where it comes from, why it exists, and how it came to exist. Because… it cannot be physically observed. Perhaps because the very thing we are trying to observe is the very thing that is observing. So to observe consciousness, one must observe within.

 There are layers to consciousness. Brainwaves determine the level of density consciousness is in. I will briefly go into each brainwave state so you can get an idea how deep the mind goes.

Normal waking state is beta: state of thinking we are all usually at. Thinking all the time, scrambled, mind is heavy, you are ego.

Alpha brainwave state: More relaxed and present state of consciousness, less flow of random thoughts, less heavy.

Theta: Very relaxed state of consciousness that is close to sleep. Thoughts are very palpable here,  ego isn’t too present, people day dream in this state, most people can’t remember anything in this state and just end up falling asleep. Experienced meditators end up in this state and remain conscious. In this state they experience very vivid visuals. People on psychedelics generally end up in Theta. Right and left part of brain more synchronized.  Brainwaves are significantly less dense.

Delta: This is the state of sleep. This is the brainwave state where we dream. The layer of consciousness where we are literally inside of our thoughts. We are inside of information that the brain is regurgitating in random events. Randomized events from your memories. Chaos. As mentioned before, chaos is what the nature of reality would be were it not for the order of morphogenetic fields.

Yogis who have been meditating for decades, can remain conscious in delta. They report feeling a oneness with the universe. They may also ‘astral project’ in this state or feel an expansion of consciousness. Right and left part of brain significantly synchronized. Density is practically weightless.

Epsilon: Epsilon is the lowest brainwave frequency recorded. Practically no density. Very few can remain conscious in this state but those that have report this the as the essence of existence. The void. The brain is completely synchronized in this state. And it is from this state, that the observer creates reality. Mind becomes matter.

If one seeks the truths of the universe, one can find it by remaining conscious in the deeper layers of consciousness. Parts of the brain that generally don’t interact would interact in these deeper states. More synchronization, means more information is being processed than the egoic mind ever accesses. Most people can’t meditate to save their lives so many don’t access these parts of the mind. But throughout the ages, and especially now in modern times, people have turned to psychedelics to access these deeper parts of the mind.

One of the most interesting questions psychedelics has raised is if the experiences hold real world value in the way they affect consciousness. A lot of research suggests that it does in many cases. It was used to treat alcoholism and many studies are realizing it can treat depression. Part of why, is because it makes one remain conscious in a certain brainwave state for an extended period of time. Psychedelics can stop the ego’s recurring thought patterns that keep people stuck in a certain state of being.

Psychedelics also activate the energy body and make you more aware of energy. This is the reason for the heightened sensitivity people get on them. Deep states of meditation also make you more aware of the energy body as the detachment from the ego which is centered of the physical body… allows for you to become more aware of the energetic self.

So people on psychedelics and meditators end up making very similar discoveries about consciousness and the universe.

Some might say that psychedelics are just causing hallucinations or even these deep meditative states but I highly disagree. In a deep meditative state for example, you are silencing the mind and stopping all the ego’s constant thought patterns that are littered with beliefs and biases. You are seeing the world clearly without the lens of the ego and it is in such moments of clarity, where one experiences themselves as one with the universe. The same thing happens with psychedelics if one lets go of their ego.

It seems that ancient truth has been to look within to find answers to the universe and it was something that was even once considered secret from man. The secret societies of the ages all shared this fact amongst each other. As religions sought to find god outside of themselves, those in the know were aware that god was in themselves the entire time.

The plants that Native American shamans would take would give them this very knowledge. Something interesting about these shamans is how they managed to find the healing plants out of the millions of species in the jungle. They would say that the plants would communicate this knowledge to them.  But the idea sounds so outrageous to the rational mind.  Truth is both rational and irrational at the same time. I attempted to piece this all together logically but even then, I can understand there are some holes in this logic. The only real way to understand this is through experience.

And that is why we have offered this course to you. So that you can explore these deep states of consciousness without the need of psychedelics and actually remain in these deeper states. For you, to clear your mind and be able to experience more of the world and the truth that can found in the more silent layers of consciousness. The ego masks the truth with its biases but the truth is waiting for you when you clear yourself of all the baggage you carry and silence the ego. So, if you want proof, go through with the whole course and you may find it then. We have a free preview of the course in this link here:


SIDE NOTE: If you want to dive deeper into the science behind morphogenetic fields, I highly recommend your read this article by Dr. Meliha @ https://medium.com/@royalriptides/what-do-corona-virus-hundredth-monkey-effect-and-morphic-resonance-have-in-common-innovation-2-0-1db473959518 

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