The Power Behind The Trigger Effect (AKA Butterfly Effect)

When a person interacts with certain parts of reality, they can set huge events in
motion with just the tiniest use of personal power.

Think of this kind of event as someone else having set up an intricate array of
carefully positioned dominoes, where one tiny flick of the finger can send tens of
thousands of them falling over, each one moving the next just enough for gravity
and nature to take over and complete the process. If laid carefully enough, each
domino can knock over another that is just slightly bigger than the last, until the
domino being moved is huge, the size of a door, or even a building!

All of this can be triggered by simply moving your finger at the right point, in the
right direction at the right time.

Now, obviously a lot of someone’s power has to go in to setting that specific
situation up! If you learn to sense such potentials though, you can find a lot of
situations in the world around you that can be triggered with little more work, some
psychic, some physical, that can also have huge effects all out of proportion to
the work you yourself has done.

To give a slightly more magical example (hey, if you don’t feel that tens of
thousands of dominoes being knocked down by a single movement is at least a bit
magical, you need to recapture your sense of wonder!) let’s look at the weather.

Simple things can cause big effects

The worlds weather is a vast and complex array of energies. Simply shifting one
tiny bit of energy in a single location can impact the climate of the whole world, if
you effect the right thing at the right time. By simply causing a change in the
timing of a rain storm, so that it dumps it’s water before going over a mountain,
you can create conditions that cause drought on the other side of that mountain.
This isn’t a constant effect, and takes careful planning and management, but the
lack of a single good rain in the right place at the right time, can alter everything,
at least a little.

6903711925_88ee295a0c_zThe basic idea itself isn’t so hard to understand. You cause a single event to
happen that causes other things to take place, using energy outside of yourself to do work you want done. The President does this automatically when he calls for action in an interesting way, say with Kennedy and the space program for
instance. It is similar to the idea of the Butterfly Effect as used in Chaos theory, except that, instead of unintended consequences being reached, the goal here is to find intended consequences and search out possible triggers for specific events.

Doing this consciously won’t work in most cases. We cannot focus long enough or
deeply enough on average to figure out how things will happen at two or three
removes from a single triggering action, much less thousands of potential
removes. So, to do this well, we will have to looking into the psychic areas of

Find the trigger

Simply put, all we have to do here is find a future in which the event we want has
already happened and find out if there is any link to ourselves and our own
actions and that event happening. By following the line back to the first thing we
did that caused this event to happen, we will (part of the time) find the trigger.

Sometimes, about 70% of the time, there will not be a simple trigger available for
very large events. Of course that means that talking to the right person at the
right time, focusing your will at a certain place in a certain way or moving a child’s
toy may have fantastic effects in about 30% of all cases. (These are specific
cases, there will be non-specific triggers all over the place. It is best to ignore
these though, as they can drive you mad trying to keep track of everything you
set in motion or participate in!)

There is no specific technique for this, as each case will be slightly different, but
using good psychic data gathering protocols, finding the end point you want to
bring about and finding links, no matter how convoluted back to yourself is a good
starting point.

Then pay attention to what you actually did to start an event!

Let go of the idea that this will have to make any sense at all. It may be something
that would be highly bizarre and even out of character for you to do. The more
unlikely the event you are trying to trigger the more likely it is that what you will
have to do to influence it will be very odd.

This is a skill worth learning, even if you don’t enjoy 100% success with it at all
times. The times it does work are so obvious and so powerful that you may end up
being amazed and awed at your own ability to influence reality!

Use this power for good please.

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