How many Sapienmed audios can I listen to at a time? (Updated)

You can listen to more than one at a time, for best/fastest results its better to listen one at a time. I recommend not listening to more than 4 at a time because you will be overloading your body and some of the fields will not fully work. This is mostly true if you are trying to create permanent changes (height, breast enlargement, facial structures, ext…)

These are for fields that you choose to listen to consistently. As in, if you choose the grow taller field and listen to it every day and also listen to the human growth hormone release audio.

That being said, if you listen to two audios that correlate, they will work powerfully and bring faster results. But lets say you listen to estrogen and then testosterone. Those two will cancel each other out.

There are also many fields you can simply listen to just to experience a mood or hormone boost, no matter how many fields you listen to. What i mean is to try not listen to more than 4 fields daily to create permanent changes. It will take a lot longer and sometimes, one or two wont work.


The max of 4 is suggested only to speed up results if you are looking for permanent physical changes. But if you are listening to different audios like ‘disconnect from negative energy,’ ‘energy blockage removal,’ ‘estrogen boost,’ ‘vagus nerve stimulation,’ then you can listen to as many as you like really.

I know  we can be rather vague in our descriptions. Reason for this is because everyone is different. Experience is all rather subjective so for some people, 10 audios is fine and for others 5 is enough. Too many audios can overwhelm your physical and energy body as well so we try to be careful in asserting limits. Some people are able to listen to over a dozen and don’t find much issue with doing so. So it’s all very subjective. But in truth, there aren’t any universal answers for this sort of thing. It’s something that you will discover through your own testing and experiences.


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15 thoughts on “How many Sapienmed audios can I listen to at a time? (Updated)

  1. Tiffany says:

    How about the growing muscles and fat decrease audios? Those are more than 4 in total? What do you recommend here?

  2. Dean says:

    I wanted to clarify on how to judge fields from the same series. Internal Alchemy has 6 parts, would this count as 6 fields and be a negative impact?

    • Rebecca Ellen Augustine says:

      I can’t speak for Sapien but I think since these are a series that you an listen to all of them in a day and have no trouble.

      That certainly has been my experience with them.

      They build on each other and are synergistic, as far as I can tell.

      So, in my opinion, listening to this series, even though there are six, would work just fine for you.

      I hope this helps.

  3. Ali says:

    So you would say that the maximum if four only applies to physical tracks such as muscles, acne, height or facial symmetry. Whereas, there is no real limit for things such as Energy blockages, auric cleansing, subconscious limits and abundance?

    Thank you

      • Gabriel says:

        what about things like IBS, enzyme production audios or myostatin? Or what about brain related audios? since those things are also kind of physical, but still is a different thing as opposed to osteoporosis or the lip plumper for example.

        • Samuel G says:

          IBS is fine, overstimulation of enzymes can result in adverse effects. Myostatin inhibitors lead to muscle growth (if you work out of course) so you wouldn’t be limiting myostatin with our audios, not increasing.

  4. Simranjeet Kour says:

    I am listening to for Face a) symmetry b)Facial Hair c) skin brightening d) lip plumer. I have pcod so I am also listening to a) Meno-unpause b) Regulate Hormones c) Endocrine d) adrenal. And at last I am listening to a) Subconscious b) Miracle and c)Goodluck… Can you tell me is it okay to listen to all these and if any of these are canceling each other out and Wwhat if I speed up the video will it give me result?

  5. vero says:

    I made a list, please tell me if it’s okay:
    once in the morning I listen to Oxygen Therapy
    And then my list continues with: Glutathione Super Anti oxidant; facial symmetry; Facelift; Stem cells and collagen Booster once in the morning and once at night.

    I listen to the running list 3 times a day, okay?

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