I can get the physical side of Sapien fields but the spiritual side all seems very unscientific…

We follow science closely and create our fields that have physical effects based on scientific research. But there is no science for the spiritual side of things. Science can make observations and assertions on aspects of the physical world. But it can’t make objective assertions on subjective experiences. The spiritual concerns itself with the inner beingness. The self. And where does the self derive from? Consciousness. Consciousness isn’t something that science has figured out yet.

What’s interesting about consciousness though is that it has been found to affect reality at the subatomic level. 2 Observation seems to play a part in the creation of reality and reality may not even exist without it. 3 Some physicists have come to the conclusion that all life is conscious and is that which animates all of reality.

There are of course many physicists that stick to the newtonian paradigm of reality and choose to believe we will eventually be able to explain quantum weirdness in a way that aligns with the ‘laws of physics.’ The reason why most of the scientific community can’t get a grip on it is because the subject is metaphysical. The metaphysical is that which precedes the physical. It is essence; the animating force.

The only tool that can observe the metaphysical and experience it is the mind. Physical tools can’t observe it because the physical can only observe the physical. The mind on the other hand… isn’t physical. It is metaphysical as well. Consciousness literally can’t be observed physically and scientists still can’t can’t seem to find where ir comes from. It precedes the body and inhabits it like a ‘ghost in the shell.’

But the thing is, if you dig deep into your own being by following spiritual practices or even take psychedelics, you can experience that you can actually experience that you are more than the body. You can experience your mind being connected to the vast ocean of cosmic consciousness.

I believe this is objective. Anyone can experience this deeper layer to reality that can show that there is much more to all this than just the 3D realm that our 5 senses can perceive. The science to spirituality is experience. There are millions of people (wild guess but likely figure) who have been able to experience the deeper truths of reality and they all correlate in many ways. There is always subjectivity to them because our egos tend to interpret things in their own way but there are underlying layers of truth that all such experiences share. Such as that we are all connected and are of one consciousness.

And that is how we operate at sapienmed. Through experience. Most of our content is free so that you can experience the effects of morphogenetic fields. I understand it all feels unorthodox and strange but it’s all very new. If people are able to affect reality on a collective level 3, then it is also possible for a person to affect reality in an individual level.

If our consciousness is integrated into the creation of reality then by that same effect, one has the capability to program sound with energy that can direct the cells or other bodily functions in different ways. All life is conscious and therefore can be directed through the mind.

And the things about talking to the dead… well if energy cannot be created or destroyed, then wouldn’t the same thing apply to consciousness? :wink:

To conclude with all this, I don’t think science is going to take us seriously. This will be looked at as BS and I completely get it. I’d be skeptical too if it weren’t for validating experiences I’ve had. But we are open to research.

If we can conduct some research on things like HGh levels after listening to an the HGH audio (a &b testing to remove placebo possibility), then they might consider our work.

But for now, we don’t mind. We just want to help people and we’re glad to have helped so many people thus far. 

If you would like to read an article that goes far more in depth into the science of morphic fields, I highly recommend this article 

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