Using Physical Energy To Increase Psychic Effect

“The Secret” took the Internet by a storm several years ago. A well-produced
modern take on the well known Law of Attraction, it postulated that “What you
think about, is what you bring into your life”. The only thing they forgot, and
probably do not even know consciously, is the missing portion of The Secret, that
has been applied by practitioners throughout the ages and even by the producers
of the video themselves, even though they did not do it knowingly.

What is this amazing and incredible hidden value that causes the secret to
explode in power and utility?


That’s right, the Law of Attraction was never meant to be separated from actually
working to achieve your goals, it was historically used by people like Issac Newton,
Leonardo Da Vinci and St. Germain as only one portion of a given process they
were already working on!

If Leonardo needed a patron let’s say, he would use the law of attraction daily,
focusing on this patron already being in his life, visualizing it completely and fully…
And then go to parties with the rich and famous who may actually take him on in
that capacity, talk to his friends that knew people and made a point to be seen as
an unrivaled artist. He didn’t sit in his house dreaming all the time. He got out,
worked on making his dream come true and was not content to simply try to will
things into being.

the alps from west to east

Adding energy to your intent

What this does in short is put an order in with the Universe, and follow that order with the physical expectation of it happening, while adding energy to the process.

The greatest ability of humans in the physical world is our ability to add energy to it selectively through work and effort.

Another Leonardo example: (these examples are made up using him as a focus, they are not necessarily what he personally did in real life. I don’t want him spinning in his grave over these claims though…)

When he began a painting, he would first create the idea. He would focus on it
and give it life in his mind. Then, when it was alive to him, breathing, real, perfect
inside his mind, he would begin to paint, bringing his creation into being.

Would he have done as well if he just started paining or if he was not as diligent
about trying to bring the mental aspects into play? Not likely. He needed to bring
his full INTENT into the picture to extend into a higher level of skill than people
would normally be able to achieve.

The trouble here is that a lot of people have been taught that magic is supposed
to work without physical input from the practitioner, as if adding physical energy
somehow steals the magic from the situation. I do not know if this was done on
purpose or not, or if the situation is simply one where the ancients never even
thought that someone would “forget” to do the actual work needed to bring about
a successful end.

Foundation Building

It cannot be stressed enough that all “magic” requires a physical foundation for
best effect.

If you want a new house, you can’t just sit and magic it up (Well, so far no one I
have met can do this), you need to look for it, find ways to pay for it, trade for it or
build it to your specifications.

So what good is “the Secret”?

It’s value lay in it’s ability to increase the effectiveness of what you are doing,
about ten times. Sometimes more.

When done well, opportunities that you would not have had to find that house will
appear while you are looking. You will find yourself in places where people are
more likely to aid you in your endeavor and they will more often be wiling to “make
a deal” that favors you!

Magic, psychokinesis, will working…

They all work best when paired with physical work and action! This does not
guarantee certain results all the time, but it will make a huge difference in how well
things work for you and help you to shift into the correct framework for what you
want to happen to become reality.

Don’t become disheartened, though! Not only can you be more successful by
combining these two things, creating your reality mentally and doing so physically,
you can learn to use the energy available in other people places and things to
increase the effectiveness of work at a remove from your physical location as well!
The physical work is needed, but it does not always have to be your own!

Healing is most often done this way for instance, where the actual work is done by
the healing mechanism of the other person, and what you are doing is adding
pattern stability and a corrected information network.

Influencing the mind of another is also largely “borrowing” external energy, getting
the person being influenced to do most of the work.

Influencing the fall of a die uses the energy created by you (in picking the die up,
then dropping it) or another person (in the same way) to increase the effect of
your intent!

Keeping these things in mind, and being willing to do the work needed, will easily
take your “power” up several notches almost instantly!

Remember: Magic, The Secret, Will working, Intent, These things work
best when not placed in a vacuum! A little extra work, in a very normal
way, will make everything you do far more powerful! It is more than worth
the effort.

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