You Will Not Get What Desire Unless You Let Go

I have often wondered why is it that the people who seem to need something the most don’t get what they want. We’ve all been there before. We have all obsessed over wanting things like losing weight, more money, the girl or guy of our dreams but life just made it near impossible for us to get these things!

And what is ironic is that often what we want appears in our doorstep the second we forget about it or don’t want it anymore. Well, that right there is the icing on the cake when it comes to law of attraction. Letting go.

What they don’t tell you about law of attraction

I bet some of you stopped believing in the law of attraction after it having failed you so many times. Many of these LOA books say that by simply thinking about what you want all the time, the universe will manifest it for you. This is not true at all.  In fact, it is the reason why you haven’t manifested what you want in the first place.

When you are thinking about what you want all the time and really want or even need it to happen, you are attached to the result. And when you are attached to the result, you are less likely to get what you desire. Life will put many obstacles in your way and even push farther away from your desire. I mean… don’t you notice how most people who become attached to a guy or girl, losing weight, getting rich don’t find success?

But why?

Because they don’t truly believe they will get what they desire! When you are always thinking about what you want, you are reassuring your subconscious mind that you do not HAVE IT. Your subconscious mind reflects your beliefs upon reality and you end up attracting circumstances in life that push you farther away from your actual desires.

The fact that you think and obsess about what you want expresses doubt. Doubt is the fear that something is not true or will not happen. This energy is detrimental to manifestation. I know some of you might be thinking something along the lines of “but I believe it will happen! I just need it to happen soon. My life is going downhill and I really need extra money.” Read in between the lines and you’ll clearly see that this “belief” is shrouded by the FEAR of not having enough money to survive. Fear will keep you distanced from obtaining your desires.

If you truly believed you would have what you want, you would barely think about it. Do you ever think about brushing your teeth? Do you ever think about waking up in the morning? NO. Because you KNOW these things will happen and it would be ridiculous to think about whether or not they will manifest. This is the type of thought that needs to be behind the things you want. The pure belief that it will happen because it is within your reach like… ice cream in your fridge you’ve been craving for the past five minutes!



I know 80% of you reading this have some ice cream in the fridge and if you don’t, it’s safe to assume you can easily get some ice cream today. You all have a song you like to hear that you can listen to right now if you really wanted to. Whenever you want ice cream or this song, you will easily get it because you already have it. And when you know you have something, you don’t think about it at all and have no attachment to the result. Attachment vs. No attachment is similiar to..

Holding onto a snowball in a hill because you’re worried it won’t roll down VS. Knowing it will roll down the hill and just letting it go.


Are you catching my drift? If not, read over this again because here is the key to manifesting what you want. *drum roll*

The way to achieve manifestation is to want what you desire the same way you want the things that you already have!

You already have ice cream in the fridge (or money to buy ice cream) and a device with the song you love to listen to so you KNOW you already have what you want. It is within your reach.

If you already know you have an abundance of money, you will immediately attract it into your life as if it has been hiding in your kitchen cabinet all this time. Your subconscious mind reflects your beliefs onto reality *wink wink*.

The same level of energy you have behind wanting ice cream is the same level you should bring to wanting what you desire. There is no doubt. There is just pure knowingness that you will get what you desire. This is the type of energy that makes the universe work in your favor to get whatever you desire. So let go to your attachment and stop worrying whether you will get what you want. You undoubtedly will if you just let go and treat what you want the same way you treat the things you already have.

But I’m going to be honest here….

Truth is, some of us are extremely caught up in our desires and are already extremely attached to what we want. For some of you to simply start believing that you already have what you want will be met with A LOT of subconscious resistance. And simply letting go isn’t as easy as it seems. But there are some things you can do to let go of your attachment and allow what you want to manifest.


is the most powerful way to overcome attachment. You don’t have to sit in a lotus position and be quiet for hours though. In this case, objective observation is a powerful way of overcoming attachment.                                                                                                       Become observant of the voice in your head. Just observe the voice in your head that is obsessing over what you want. You know that voice. “omg is this working or not,” “this is taking too long,” Yeah… That voice.                                                                

The more you observe the without judgment, the more you will begin to realize that you are not these thoughts and the thoughts will start dissipating. As a result, you let go of your attachment to results that the voice is desperate for. But it is easier said than done…

Alpha Brainwave Audio.                                                                                                I have great news for those that like shortcuts! (I do too. That’s why I use sapienmed). If you subscribed to this site, you will have received a free alpha brainwave audio. If you have not, I highly suggest you do if you want to free yourself of attachments. So… do that now.                                                                                                               This audio field saturates your brain with alpha brainwaves and increases the overall production of alpha brainwaves over time. The alpha brainwave state is a relaxing and peaceful state of consciousness that increases your awareness and shuts down the voice in your head.  

 In this state, you generally let go of your identification with the voice in your head and let go of your attachments… even if for a little while. Being in this state is a great way to disassociate with the obsessive voice in your head and ultimately let go of your attachments… and attract a billion dollars into your life! (If only we were so lucky).


You’ve heard of them before but I bet you’ve never heard of the way I do them. I do them by affirmation stacking and listening to the alpha brainwave audio.                                                                                                                     On your list of affirmations, what we do is add things that we already have and appreciate! In your list, write down the things you already have like “I appreciate the nice house I have on 123 bubble avenue,” “I appreciate the great car I have,” “I appreciate my blackberry phone” (who still owns a blackberry!). When you do this, you are setting yourself up in a state of mind where you appreciate the things you already have.                                                                                       Then right after listing things that we have and appreciate, we list the things we want as if we have them. “I appreciate the abundance of money I have in my life right now,” “I appreciate that I am 120 pounds,” “I appreciate how light my eyes are.”


When you say these affirmations out loud after saying the others, your mind offers no resistance and you feel the pure belief of actually having these things. You penetrate through subconscious resistance and install the belief that you already have what you want.                

Now, repeat these affirmations once or twice a day and listen to the alpha brainwave audio while doing it. The alpha brainwave audio will put you in a state of mind that is more open to change and also a state where that voice in your head shuts up. Remember, repeat the affirmations in the order of things you want and things you have.

Just stop wanting it.

Give up. Sounds contradicting but seriously, its not worth stressing over anymore. Just let go and get on with life. And one day, it will just manifest for you. Its freaking weird but it happens. You finally let go of what you want and one day it appears in front of your doorstep.                                                                                                                                      

I’ll end the article on this note…                                                                                        

You will not get what you desire if you do not act on getting what you desire. This article is for the people who act on getting what they want and nothing seems to be working for them. If you don’t do anything about it and expect the universe to drop what you want on your doorstep, then good luck to ya! That is highly unlikely. And you know what…

As I know most of you listen to sapienmedicine videos, all you have to do for most videos is listen every day. That all the action and commitment it takes. To listen every single day and yet I know there are some people out there who think they can just listen every now and then and expect changes to occur.

But of course, if you want to lose weight and listen to stomach shrinking treatment yet eat 4 pounds of cake everyday (ouch), how do you expect to lose weight? If you listen to muscle growth super charger and don’t work out, how do you expect to get strong?

So if you are attached to what you desire, remember these three simple words…


Let it gooooooo. 

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