How To Communicate With The Dead

From personal experience I can clear some of this up for you right now, and can even give you some tips of communicating the dead yourself. Almost everyone can do this and many find great comfort in it. It is nice to know that things don’t just end and that we have new adventures waiting for us!

Is there “life after death”?


It seems that while we exist here on Earth, we imprint reality with an indelible copy of all that makes us what we are. Quantum backdrop of reality (which doesn’t have time, at least not in the way we think of it, so something that has happened once always is.)

This never ending collection of all we are, both consciously and
subconsciously, is what we normally refer to as the soul.

It has no weight, and exists outside of our bodies. It is more an imprint on
reality than anything else, but it is very real and much more complex than our
conscious minds would be able to comprehend right now.

The fact that you are alive right now means that, in part, you always will be.

And probably that you always have been. (Now there’s a spooky thought!)

Do the Dead care about us here? 

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This varies from person to person of course, but generally speaking, those that have passed are very concerned about the people that are still here.

What amazes people the most, when they start talking to the dead, is that people that were a little…Difficult in life, often show a lot more love, compassion and kindness than they did used to.

This seems to be related to the subconscious mind being the larger part of our mental beings. On the deep levels of mind, most people are better, kinder and gentler than we are consciously. This is not certain though and rarely a person will be far worse on these deep levels than we expect. Normally those people were pretty evil in life though, so it shouldn’t come as too great a shock when you bump into them later.

Most of the dead though care about those that they have left behind and
check up on them. Sometimes they even call out suggestions from the sidelines
for us! Most people have trouble hearing such suggestions though the
techniques below should help.

So, when it comes down to it, most people that have gone on care far more
about you, and know it, than they did while they still lived.

*Which can be off-putting when you run into “evil” great aunt Ethyl, who tells
you she loves you and wants you to have the best life possible! (This is really,
really common! Most of the time what the dead wish you to know is that you are
loved! Seriously, this is about 90% of what they want to tell you.)

So, if someone dies today, I can talk to them tomorrow, like nothing


There are two main factors here that you have to remember when first talking
to the dead. (If you want answers at least and to communicate with them in a
manner that they will understand.)

The first is this: we all communicate on the subconscious level all the time, but
we do this by sharing raw information, concepts and ideas, rather than words or
pictures. When we die, since the subconscious mind is vast compared to the tiny
conscious mind, it tends to take over and become the leading partner rather than
the conscious mind taking the lead as it does here.

This means that words, the way we normally think and communicate, are no
longer king.

It takes time, about one to three months, for most people that have passed on
to understand part of how this works, to start getting a handle on things so that
they can communicate with you clearly.

So, one to three months for clear communication!

Second: As the humans communicating with them, we need to be able to think
and exchange conceptual data for clear understanding.

If you can master conceptual thinking now, this will probably allow you much
greater range when you eventually die!

So, while I keep saying things like “Talking to the Dead” communicating is
perhaps a better way of putting it! Don’t let that stop you though. While it takes
some practice, conceptual thinking isn’t that hard to learn. You can read more about that here.

Will the dead lead me to secrets and treasures?

They can only do this if they knew about such a thing in their living days.
Grandpa can’t lead you to his secret cache of gold if he didn’t have one after all!

As time goes on, the spirits of the dead have less and less knowledge of such
things that still exist. Their real treasures are information, history and bits and
pieces about what will come next.

Can all those that pass on communicate equally?


Most can manage all right, but even the most talkative will move on after a
time. Contrary to popular belief, they CAN and DO come back every now and

In the main, their “leaving” seems to be about making certain that those they
loved here do not become preoccupied with the dead to the detriment of their
living world.

Between those that have some problems communicating, and those that leave
for one reason or another,  we end up about 1% of those that have ever died
being available at any one time. This is about 80% of those that have recently
died and a smattering of others than hang out for one reason or another.

Wait, so if they can’t talk well when newly dead, then those “dreams”
people have of loved ones are fake or at best are just “dreams”?

I actually spent several days looking into this, questioning people on the other
side about ten years ago. The answer is really simple: Some of the beings and
people that hang around for a while are willing to help the newly departed
communicate with those that still live.

Most often these beings are really good at it, which is why you get full
apparitions and dreams with high levels of verbal communication!

It’s real and generally has the involvement of the specific person, but it is not
their own abilities shining through yet.

More rarely, the person themselves simply goes to the point in time and
communicates, after they have learned how to do so. This tends to be more of a
“sense of presence” than a full blow experience though.

Can the Dead cause objects to move? 


This is similar to your own ability to move objects with your mind though. So
you can guess, this isn’t exactly a high level skill that you magically get when you die. It takes work and effort to learn to do this and there seems to be very little pay off for them to learn how to do it well.

Still, it happens and at times random seeming things that happen really are a sign from a loved one for you that they are still around.

What is the benefit of Talking to the Dead?

Personal comfort and perhaps a bit of insight into the world around you.photo-1417577097439-425fb7dec05e

Knowing that everyone doesn’t just end gives hope, which is generally a good

Plus, on some occasions, those that have passed on can experience information you otherwise would not know and will share it with you, if you ask politely and are willing to talk to them.


Is it scary?

Not really.

If Uncle Joe was a good guy in life, he will probably be an even better one in

Even if you catch the attention of someone you would rather avoid, it is simple
enough to simply ignore them or shield yourself and block them out.

In the world of the living, we have the power. So much so that most people
block out such things all the time!

Is it dangerous?

Again, less so than dealing with living people would be. The biggest danger is
in attracting the attention of entities (not humans that have passed, other things
that exist in the darkness…) that can attach themselves to you on the level of
energy interface with the quantum reality.

Some of them seem to feed off of small energy changes, such as emotions. Of
course the ones we notice are those that feed off of negative emotions, and do
so by causing problems for you to increase their supply of energy.

Good shielding before you start working on communication will stop this
though. Again, they can do what they do mainly because people ignore the fact
that they, the individual with a body, is very, very powerful here!

Obviously, if you are afraid when you start working on such communications,
you are putting out a signal for such beings. (Kind of like a bakery pumping donut
scented air out onto the street! Yummy fear advertising!)

Take some basic precautions and it isn’t dangerous though. If you start to feel a negative presence creeping in, you can play the negative energy/entity removal audio out loud.


This part is really simple, the trick is to get your conscious mind out of the way
for a while so that you can listen and “speak” to your target audience. (The
deceased person you want to talk to specifically.)

Read up on and do some practice (at least ten minutes or so! More is better.)
using conceptual thinking as in the linked article above. When you can do this
well, you can preform all sorts of psychic feats almost automatically.

Also read up on and do some practice with shielding techniques.

Set the mood.

You don’t have to light candles and sit in a darkened room, though some
people like to do so for effect. What is more helpful is to have some kind of
reminder of the person you are trying to connect with, something that will evoke
within you thoughts of them. This can be an object, a familiar piece of clothing
some soft music, what ever reminds you of them most clearly.

(You don’t technique have to have anything of course, this is just to make
things simpler for you.)

The Calling.

Recall what they felt like to you in life, on a conceptual level. Hold this feeling of
them until you sense their presence with you.

Holding such a thought as a concept is a powerful way to gain a persons
attention! (This works on living people as well, though those on the other side
actually know it is happening.)

Once they are with you, you can begin to communicate.

Passing information:

Any information that can be held as a concept will be easily understood both
by them and by you. Try to take turns communicating at first though. (Kind of like how people take turns speaking to one another?) This will allow you to actually notice what they are saying.

All you have to do to ask a question is to hold a single concept.

When they answer, you will notice the concept being held changing, the idea
will shift. Let it happen and simply notice what this new idea is.

Then, when you have it, take some time to remember it for later and shift into
your next question, comment or statement.

It’s really that simple!

Some parting information:

If you start speaking to the dead regularly, word will get around and
many, many beings and spirits will show up. If you can’t handle it, ignore
them for a while and the herd will thin.

Language doesn’t matter. Since you are speaking in concepts and those are
similar from one person to another regardless of language spoken in life.

Names and numbers don’t translate well. Don’t expect to get the name of
someone you do not know or next weeks Lotto numbers. If you know a person,
you will get a sense of being when they are being communicated about. You also
get this if you don’t know them, but you won’t have anything to link this feeling toobin particular! Numbers (and letters for that matter) are a consciously learned skill. The subconscious mind is hazy on the exact usage of such things at the best of times. Luckily for us, most information is outside of those areas.

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