7 Life Changing Benefits Of Opening The Third Eye

What is the third eye?

The third eye chakra, also known as anja chakra in Sanskrit, seats the eye of the soul. A fully activated third eye allows you to perceive the world through a higher perspective. Imagine being able to perceive energetic forms through the five senses. To feel energy, see it and even hear its vibration. Psychic perception is only possible with an awakened third eye.

The third eye is a nerve cluster linked to the pre frontal lobes of the brain that influence and affect psychic perception. The pineal gland is at the center of this nerve cluster and when activated, grants the five senses the ability to perceive energy. This activation is possible through the growth and stimulation of the third eye chakra. 

For millennia, esoteric schools and various religions regarded the pineal gland as the connecting link between the physical and spiritual realm. But it would take initiates of these mystery schools months/years of arduous training to activate the pineal gland.

In this fast moving modern age, you can actually activate it in a matter of weeks by consistently listening to this energetically programmed audio

Why is the third eye chakra closed in the first place?

Well, the third eye chakra is not closed, just under-working. In fact you would experience major problems if any chakras were closed, they function with the body and organs and play an important role in maintaining life by correctly distributing/filtering/changing energy.

It is underworking due to various reasons such as preset conditioning of the mind, energy blockages, negative energy, limiting beliefs, and the calcification of the pineal gland.

The accumulation of fluoride in the pineal gland causes it to harden which makes it produce less melatonin, disturbs its wake-sleep regulation and halts its ability to enable psychic perception.

Therefore, it is essential to clear your third eye chakra of blockages and decalcify your pineal gland if you plan to awaken your third eye. If you force your third eye to awaken prematurely, you are very likely to attract negative entities and become very vulnerable to psychic attacks.

The energetic programming in this powerful audio field will actually clear your third eye of all blockages and decalcify the pineal gland. At the same time, it will stimulate and grow the third eye open in a way that you experience all the positive benefits you see below.

Now, everyone experiences different benefits upon opening the third eye but these are the benefits you can expect upon opening it and developing your abilities through practice.


                7 Benefits of opening the third eye

1. Higher level of consciousness free from stress, anxiety or worry

An open third eye chakra will increase the vibration of your thoughts and higher vibrational thinking is centered on the present moment. Anxiety and worry is centered on the future and stress is centered on the past. The chains of anxiety and stress will no longer drag you down and you’ll instead experience the bliss of being in the present moment.

2. Awaken your higher intuition 

Opening the third eye is like unveiling another layer of reality you didn’t know was there. You have probably heard that you would be able to see astral entities and auras but will you also understand what these entities communicate and what these auras say about someone?

Yes.Eyes of the Universe, abstract environmental backgrounds

The third eye chakra is also the seat of the intuition and grants you access to a higher level of understanding. Everything is essentially known to your spirit and an awakened third eye bridges the connection between your spirit and your conscious mind. 

Granted this higher level of understanding, you will begin to realize how we are all connected and a part of a universal consciousness. Your intuition will reveal the reasons why certain events in your life happened and how you became the person you are today. But most importantly, you will… 

3. Be directed to your true path

With direct access to your intuition, you will know exactly what you need to do at this moment to progress in life. Better yet, you will be in your soul’s direction and directed onto the path that will bring you the most fulfilment.

No more confusion. No more searching for answers. They are all within as they always have been. But now you will know how to find them.   

4. Tap into your hidden psychic abilities and obtain razor sharp instincts

All of history and everything that will happen in the future has happened in the present moment. Everything is here now. Our third eye chakra transcends space/time and is attuned to this truth. This is why psychics (with open third eyes) are often able to tell what will happen in the future. The future is intuitive knowledge that can be tapped into with the third eye chakra.

Sense danger approaching. Know the right answer. Do the right thing. That is what a heightened intuition will result in.

 You will also be able to see people’s auras and astral entities that dwell around. As I mentioned, you peel away a layer of reality and see it for what it truly is. We are energetic beings and are all interconnected. Our thoughts manifest in the astral. These are some of the things you will begin to understand and experience for yourself with an open third eye.

5. Harness the power of the law of attraction and manifest the life you desire

Higher vibrational thoughts exert more power and manifest much more quickly. You will begin to notice many synchronicities with an open third eye chakra as your thoughts frequently manifest into ‘coincidences’.

This level of thought is centered on the present moment and the present is the source of all the energy in the universe.  

If you have ever tried to manifest your desires by imagining you have it, you may have failed because your imagination was overshadowed by your anxiety to obtain what you desired and stress of not having it. In fact, you may not have even been able to clearly visualize what you wanted.

You can expect a much more vivid imagination that is centered on the present moment with an open third eye and finally take advantage of the law of attraction.

6. Awaken your childlike imagination and enjoy boundless levels of creativity

Generally, people with active third eye chakras (not necessarily fully open) are able to visualize very clearly and have a great imagination. This is because the third eye is able to see into the astral realm and our thoughts are manifested in the astral. An open third eye grants you absolute clarity with your imagination and enables you to experience your thoughts like you did as a child.

With your conscious mind more in tune with the astral, it is more in tune with the endless possibilities of reality. Connecting with the source of creation activates the imagination.

7. Gain the ability to lucid dream and astral travel

The third eye allows you to consciously glimpse the astral when you see entities, auras or even when you vividly see what you imagine. It will also grant you the ability to consciously visit the astral realm in your etheric body.

An awakened third eye results in a higher level of awareness that goes beyond the egoic mind that is attached to the body. Awareness of your energy body can keep you awake even when your body falls asleep and allow you to enter the astral as your astral self.

This level of awareness often allows you to remain conscious in your dreams as well.


Should you open your third eye?

If you are serious about spiritual growth and continue progressing down the path, your third eye will eventually open on its own accord. An open third eye is crucial to your spiritual evolution by allowing you to becoming more in tune with yourself and the universe. With the ability to perceive the deeper layers of this reality, you will have a much more immersive and fulfilling experience as a human being. 

If you feel you are ready to embark on this crucial step of your spiritual evolution, I would highly recommend you listen to this third eye opening audio. All it requires is your daily listening everyday and the energetic programming in the video will clear and grow your third eye chakra in a wholesome way. It will soothe you into an awakening rather than causing a spontaneous awakening which can be dangerous.





3 thoughts on “7 Life Changing Benefits Of Opening The Third Eye

  1. Frederico Bauhaus says:

    The true infinite is inside.
    The outward expansion is dangerous.
    Person has to be very prepared.
    And be very careful with artificial lights (energy vampires).

  2. Raaja Selvanaathan D says:

    Hello Samuel, I have just now bought Theta Brainwave Meditation audio field. Will that we enough to open my 3rd eye. As these benefits mentioned above are also mentioned for the Theta Brainwave Audio. Which will be superior to the other? A reply would be highly appreciated.

    PS: After 20 days of listening to Theta audio. I just experienced Astral projection for the first time for few secinds and I am frightened.

    • Samuel G says:

      I’m a little confused with your question. But listening to theta will not open your third eye on its own.

      And yes, astral projection tends to happen in the theta or delta brainwave state. That shouldn’t commonly happen though but some people are more prone to it. If that continues to happen to you and you would not like to astral project then I suggest you stop listening. If you would like to astral projection, I suggest you let go and surrender to what is happening.

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