Surefire Methods to Accelerate Healing

There are several internal methods of increasing the speed at which we heal
wounds or illness. Below are several of them presented, hopefully, in a manner
which is usable to most people reading this.

Each year we spend Billions of Dollars on unneeded health care in the U.S. Alone.
Being slightly proactive and learning a few tricks will help keep you out of the
medical system except in cases of extreme emergency.

So in no particular order…

Delta State Thinking:


Most people wrongly assume that Delta brainwaves only happen during deep
dreamless sleep, at least in a predominate fashion. But contrary to this incorrect
thought, you can enter a Delta brainwave state on command with just a little

All you have to do is think of nothing, say a void filled with air, inside a rubber ball
that is situated over your head.

  • Then make the ball go away, leaving only the void filled with air.
  • Then make the air in the void go away.
  • Then try to make the void vanish…

At about this point you will have dropped into a delta brainwave state. (Don’t kid
yourself though, it could take a few hours of practice to really achieve a solid delta

The trick of course, is holding it long enough to trigger a release of growth
hormones. It takes about five minutes to trigger this kind of release, and you get
one such “jolt” of growth hormone every twenty minutes or so, then it needs to
replenish in system.

So with fifteen minutes of focus per hour (about twenty minutes apart.) you can
keep a consistently high rate of healing promoting hormones in your system.

How much will this accelerate healing? About ten times.

Now, you can also do this by sleeping (yes, this means you automatically heal
about ten times faster in our sleep than when awake.) but sleeping all the time is
not good for you. So It pays to learn alternative methods of doing this.

With a bit of practice you should be able to drop into a deep delta state within
moments of closing your eyes AND remain conscious of it.

One small side effect of this is that you may notice yourself being conscious all
night long, even though you are technically asleep. Don’t worry about it though,
this is not as boring as it sounds, you simply note what is going on passively as
you rest.

You will also tend to dream slightly more often, and remember more of what you
dreamed for a while after waking.

Another easy way of inducing delta brainwave state is by listening to dreamweaver’s delta audio which induces you into the delta brainwave state.

Controlled Feedback:

If you can feel a bodily system, you can learn to control it. Since so many
problems in the body are linked to chronic inflammation, learning to sense it and
then reduce it, even eliminate it, will help your ability to stay healthy through out
your life.

On the flip side of this, if you learn to increase blood flow to an area, you can
speed up healing at that point by about three times.

Since both of these techniques are very similar in practice, they can be lumped
together here.

You will first want to find a comfortable, distraction free place, at least while
learning these techniques.  (I have managed both of these at the same time, while
running, but that takes a little practice!)

Get comfortable, close your eyes and relax completely.

The relaxation will help you feel small changes as you make them, by removing a
point of confusion from your system.

To reduce inflammation:

Start by letting your attention move to an area of your body that you suspect to be
inflamed. Notice how it feels. It may feel like a low level pain or feeling of fullness
around a joint for instance, or an ache in the muscle.

This will be very low level however, in most cases, so let yourself be free to feel
the slightest bit of what is there, with out trying to ignore it or push it away.

Once you have a sense of it, image the pain or fullness fading away, try to feel
the changes in the effected area and when you do, continue doing what you are
until the whole area is free of that sensation.

You should do your whole body at least once a week!

To increase blood flow:

There are two small “tricks” to increasing blood flow. The first is what I call
“profound” relaxation. When you relax fully, the amount of blood flowing into the
capillaries of an area increases dramatically, nearly three time the amount of
blood will move to the area being worked with. (Nearly three times per minute that
is, not all at once.)

The second “trick” is really just a part of the first, but can be thought of as
separate pretty easily. If you imagine you feel heat in an area, then your body will
respond by relaxing the capillaries in the skin in response to this warmth.

Which, of course, increases the actual temperature of the skin in that area.

(Finally a “Catch 22” that works in our favor!)

Both of these things will take a little practice, but  are well worth the effort to learn
and keep up with.

Pain Control:

Pain is the starting point for the inflammation cycle however. Pain causes swelling
of nerve tissue which triggers edema in surrounding tissues, which causes more

By learning to control the pain directly at the source, you can side step a whole
host of chronic problems, like back pain, arthritis and to a small extent asthma.


Not just for sports warm ups any more!

Daily stretching helps to keep blood flow high to the muscles and prevents
tightening which can lead to pain (see above for inflammation cycle.)

While it may be “handy” to be able to touch your toes, a lack of stretching can
lead to fluid build up in muscle and soft tissue, which can be perceived by the
body as a chronic infection or attack on the system. (And not in a good way,if it
goes on too long.) The net effect is to weaken your bodies ability to heal by
distracting it with unneeded work.

Plus, stretching releases a small dose of endorphines! The feel good brain
chemical we all know and love.

There are many other ways to increase healing speed. Psychic healing, Magical
constructs and Herbal remedies work well in specific cases if used correctly.
There are sound therapies which seem to work as well as aromatherapy which is
actually starting to prove out somewhat in scientific testing!

Don’t let yourself be boxed in by “the way things have always been done” in
medicine. Trying new things and being willing to experiment a little can lead to a
healthier you before you know it!


6 thoughts on “Surefire Methods to Accelerate Healing

  1. Kim says:

    I enjoyed this article and would like to download the healing audio mentioned but the link takes me to a t-mobile page with message: “dream magic not available. Can you provide another link?

    Mucho thanks!!!

  2. Park, June Yong says:

    Hey Sapien. I believe I was in the delta state for about 5 minutes, but then something weird happened. My head started rotating clockwise without any resistance or willpower. Is this normal? Does this mean that my delta state thinking was successful?

    • Samuel G says:

      It is normal. It seems like your beta mind is resisting the deep state of mind you are reaching or it is a first time reaction to you consciously going into that state.. Which means you are definitely doing something right 😀 Just stick to it. You will be amazed with what you can experience in that state.

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