How To Communicate With Your Subconscious Mind

Conceptual Thinking

Understanding the Subconscious

The subconscious mind doesn’t think in words and seldom thinks in pictures. Instead it uses concepts, raw ideas, to rapidly process huge amounts of data about you, your world and what is needed for survival.

The conscious mind normally uses words and pictures to process information and make plans.

Since there is a language gap between these two parts of what should be a single unit, problems ensue. In fact most problems that people have in life can be linked directly back to this divide in information. Either because the mind is working against itself with the two parts both trying to make what it believes is a good decision or because needed information is not shared clearly between the two parts.

Take dieting for instance. You consciously have a list of good reasons to lose weight. Thin people have less heart disease, you want to look good in your new outfit and so on. The subconscious mind though perceives a mixed bag of signals that may or may not relate to dieting. A desire to be healthy for instance, or to look good and impress others. Why? Because it clearly picks up only the conceptual portion of your thoughts. It also has cataloged millions of instances of you liking cake (Or whatever you personally like).

Nothing you shared with the subconscious mind says this is different now, so it guides you towards doing what it thinks you need to survive. Cake, for all it’s dietary “sin” is a source of high calorie food that sets off good feelings and associations in most people. So your subconscious self views it as a good thing.

What it amounts to is that the subconscious mind cannot hear the conscious mind much better than the conscious self hears the deeper levels of self. This lack of communication can be resolved however, by learning to think consciously on the same level as the subconscious mind.

The greater the amount of time and effort you spend doing this, the greater the level of integration will become. You will be better able to understand your own true motivations, change habits without effort and perceive things normally hidden to the conscious part of your being.

Plans work better when the mind is operating as a single unit and “powers” that were hidden from you will become far, far clearer.

Learning to do this takes practice, but a little effort now will have huge payoffs for you down the road.

Conceptual Thinking

These instructions are simple, but doing this well takes time and practice. Even when you think you have it down, I recommend regular (daily) practice and use to keep yourself sharp and don’t be too disappointed if you find later that you have a bit more to do to get it right. This is all part of the learning process for this method.

Start by finding a simple object. Look at it and close your eyes after a moment of getting a feel for it.

With your eyes closed (or open when you are getting more advanced at doing this) think about the object, but, don’t say the name of it or describe it with words in your head and let go of any pictures that are (will!) be generated if they try to pop into your head.

Try to make it simply the idea of the object.

When you have this as well as you are able, try to hold the concept steady in your mind.

This will firm up your ability to communicate to your subconscious self while at the same time help you learn to notice when you are slipping into your old though patterns.

closeupYou really can’t practice this too much!

Now, after doing this for ten minutes or so (feel free to switch objects
frequently, to try to hold ideas about abstract things or to think conceptually about what you perceive around you! This isn’t meditation exactly and the more you interact with your world the better you will be able to share complex information with your subconscious mind.) try to empty your mind and look around you. If a picture pops into your head, let it go, and really focus on the concepts and ideas in your head.

As they bubble up to the surface of your mind you should be able to perceive that you are thinking them. This is part of your subconscious mind thinking while you observe it! (Seriously, how cool is that? Most people are never consciously aware of what they are doing on this level at all.)

Try to track the information, the ideas and remember them for later

Advanced Level

It is very hard to think of some things as true concepts. Letters and Numbers are some of the hardest! (Reading is a conscious process by and large. The processing done by the subconscious mind is mainly due to the conceptual links you form when thinking about what you read.)

So, practice conceptualizing each letter of the Alphabet!

Then count from one to ten (or higher) doing the same thing.

Remember though, make ALL the pictures and sounds of the words go away! This gets tricky, because you may not notice at first that you almost always visualize letters and number OR say their name when thinking about them, even while trying not too!

Why Bother?

Most people cannot easily pick up letters and numbers well psychically, not because the information is not their, but because their subconscious mind, which originally gets all such information loses a bit of data when trying to pass it through to the conscious mind for translation. Rather a lot of of information actually.

By learning to think in such a fashion, information can be passed more easily and quickly.

Another great “side effect” of learning to do this is that you can “talk” to your subconscious mind directly, to help move past traumas or to understand dreams and what they mean.

The subconscious mind is involved in everything you do, say and desire. Sometimes, often, without you being consciously aware that this is even taking place. The more integrated you become the truer you can be to yourself and what you really want in life.

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