Brainwave States

When measuring brainwaves, we generally use of a specific machine, sensitive to electrical activity, call an electroencephalogram or more commonly, an E.E.G. This device measures the strength and frequency of the tiny electrical signals given off by the brain.

While it is important to remember that brainwave activity is only an indicator of mental state, not the state itself, the level of brainwave activity can provide a rough guide as to what is going on in regards to a persons mental state. High level active brainwaves indicate an agitated state, slow calm brainwaves indicate more focused activity and relaxed states.

Main brainwave activity

For the purpose of this article, I am going to focus on the more mainstream levels of brainwave activity. These are Beta which can run from around 40-14 hertz, Alpha which runs from 14-8 hertz, Theta from 8-4 hertz, and Delta from 4-1 hertz. I am also going to add a bit of description to one of the newer levels known as Epsilon, which is anything below 1 hertz. (Note: These values change from source to source, use them as a general guide for best results.)

All of these states will allow you to utilize psychic abilities to some level, but data seems to indicate that the deeper the level of brainwave state, the better the psychic effect or response. This likely stems from the fact that deeper, more primitive areas of the mind are more active in deeper mental states, while the pre-frontal lobe (which is responsible for focus and concentration) is also easily engaged.

Here is guide to what these states feel like and what level of response you should expect when working in them. I have also provided hyperlinks to audio fields that will take you to these deeper states of consciousness.



This state is our normal daily waking state. It is jumpy and tends to be lacking in concrete focus. Most brain activity will be focused in the higher, frontal portions of the brain. Psychic information tends to come in flashes in this state and the messages tend to be rather fuzzy.


In Alpha, imagination is easily engaged. Often individuals in an Alpha state find relaxation to be easier and more natural. Daydreaming is a natural Alpha process. Concentration is more easily achieved by most people in this state. Psychically speaking, effects will nearly double over what a given individual achieved in Beta, but information still tends to be jumbled and processed through conscious thought before realization that the information is there. The ability to affect the world around you increases, but is still fairly small.


In Theta state, a feeling of calmness often comes over you. It is common to see (with your eyes closed) images that appear almost photographic in quality, at times voices or music will be heard, particularly in the presence of white noise. It is in this state that useful psychic abilities will often begin to manifest. In this state psychic information will linger longer and the conscious interpretation of the data is slower, giving more accurate images. When affecting things (psychokinesis), your rate of success will go up greatly.


If you are in a Delta state, you are likely asleep! If however you can learn to retain awareness in this state, you will notice increased levels of healing and release of growth hormone. (Well, you may not notice the growth hormone, but the levels do increase.) The feeling is that of emptiness, or a void inside of your head. It will often feel very clear. Very few images or impressions will exist in this state and almost all thought will be conceptual in nature. That means you will simply “know” what you are thinking, without words or pictures.

Traditionally, this has not been thought of as a psychically active state. This largely came about because very few of the subjects being observed in early studies could reach a Delta brainwave state and remain aware. Upon further study though, it has been found that the ability to use psychic abilities continues to go up in this deeper state.

It is important to remember though, that any speaking, writing or other communication will most likely drive you out of the deeper mental states, so any information, largely in conceptual form, must be committed to memory and be reported later.

The quality of data goes up greatly as do psychokinetic effects.


In the Epsilon state, you will often notice a lack of awareness of self, but only after you have regained a higher level of thought. All mental activity is constrained to conceptual reasoning. There is actually very little feeling of anything during this state, with any sensory impressions diminishing as you descend to deeper levels.

Psychic data gathered here tends to be correct. It still must be remembered and carried forward later, but the basic impressions turn out to be correct a very high percentage of the time.

The ability to effect things psychokinetically goes up greatly as well. The level of effect can approach 100% in active systems.

In general, the deeper your mental level, the greater your psychic abilities will be. As of yet though, it has proven difficult to sustain deep Delta and Epsilon states for protracted periods of time, especially when trying to interact with the day to day world. So daily living must still be done in higher brainwave states, for the most part.

I recommend using theta brainwave state levels for most day to day psychic interactions and using Delta and Epsilon states for active working states where you need high level information or wish to effect things. Delta is easier to maintain while using complex ideas or concepts, but Epsilon gives you such powerful results that, if possible, you will normally want to look into simplifying your operating concepts to make use of it.

It takes practice to learn to reach and maintain these states on demand, but if you are interested in using your psychic abilities to there fullest potential, these basic states are essential to high quality performance levels.


by Dale Power


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