How to Create An Item That Repels Negative Energy & EMF Radiation

Electromagnetic fields and negative energy affect our states of being and  influence our behavior on a daily basis. They can easily bring our mood down from one instance to another without warning. In many cases, they even influence us to act in ways we normally wouldn’t and  generate patterns of negative behavior.

Negative energy generally derives from negative entities, other people’s auras, our own energy patterns, the environment and so on.   It is sometimes easy to sense how different the ‘air’ feels after an argument or even accident has taken place. This shift of energy in the environment often latches on to whoever is there and generates random negative feelings and thoughts in them. We have all fallen victim to negative energy from the environment or other people and had our days ruined because of it. We are all tired of being carried away by the vast tide of human negativity and artificially created energy. The fact that we are now on our phones all day doesn’t help either. 

Electromagnetic fields come from everything that uses electricity. Cell phones, televisions, lights, electric motors, computers, you name it. We are all constantly besieged by electromagnetic radiation in this world that is so heavily dependent on technology. Electromagnetic radiation is known to stress our pineal glands, destabilize our energetic systems and reduce the size of our auras (more on emfs, read this article).

Our auras are a function in our energetic system which directly power and filter/send energies to various organs in order to maintain our health and spiritual well being. EMF are weakening our auras and this causes ripple effects in our overall well being. A weakened aura also allows for more negative energy to have influence over us.

It is vital to properly maintain our energetic systems in order to have good health and spiritual growth. Protecting ourselves from EMF and negative energy would have a major impact on our bodily and spiritual growth by repelling outside influences that hinder our development.

So I will show you a method that has been tested and proven effective to engorge and grow your energy system as well as provide a means of protection against negativity an well as destabilizing energies, such as EMF.


1. Two neodymium magnets, the circular ones seem to work better for this.  


2. A pillbox keychain or something similiar


3. Strong glue (like gorilla glue or crazy glue)



1. You will have to determine the north pole of the magnet if it is not labelled (http://www.wikihow.com/Determine-Polarity-of-Magnets)

I personally get a cup of water and a bottle cap. I place the magnet on the battle cap (standing sideways) and then float the bottle cap on the cup of water. The direction that the cap starts moving towards is the north pole of the magnet. 

Now all you have to do to determine the north pole of the other magnet is test which side repels the north pole of the first magnet. 

2. Now, you glue both magnets to the inside of the pillbox, one at the top and one at the bottom piece so that both north poles face each other. The magnets must be smaller than the diameter of the pillbox and thin enough so that you can screw the cap back on. 

The two north poles facing each other will create a large energy field, that repels external energy while at the same time engorging your own aura with usable energy. South poles are not used as they seem to have a more destructive effect on the human energy system. 

You can also flavor the energy by adding small crystals or gemstones between the magnets as well. 


So in essence you would have created a tool that will work towards providing you with a larger amount of bio-available energy and at the same time creating a strong shield around your body. This shield will protect you from external negative energy and EMF. The shield will even provide a great degree of psychic protection for you. 


16 thoughts on “How to Create An Item That Repels Negative Energy & EMF Radiation

  1. Nita says:

    Where should I place these magnets?
    Should I put them near the Wireless?
    Do I need any near body while I’m on my smartphone, or is there any other way to protect against phone radiation?

  2. Ey@el says:

    Is it okay to use an aluminium pillbox (the one displayed on picture looks like an aluminium one like those you can purchase from Amazon) as aluminium is supposed to block EMF. I’m a bit puzzled here. Hope you can answer. Thanks.

    • janosch says:

      and the number of magnets has to be 2? because on the picture it looks like they are 5 and 5. putting two or more magnets togeter makes them similar to a gigger one when theyr similar in size? or not?
      what about the little stones, do they need to be cleaned normaly and to have rest over night from us like normal, or are they cleaned and charged from the proctective energyfield?
      its because i plan to do more than just one to have a nice give away, and i want to understand it better.
      also is there a material for the capsule to choose that could supercharge the effect. or could gold plated magnets have a positive efect maybe?

      thanks in advance

      • Samuel G says:

        Sorry for the late reply, I never got a notification for it. The number of magnets doesn’t have to be 2. You can add an extra magnet to both just as long as they are facing north when glues to the pillboxes. It would make it stronger but careful… you don’t want them too strong either, the energy field would cause you discomfort. And you don’t need to clean them, the energy field would do that on its own. If you somehow managed to get crystal capsules, then that would definitely supercharge it! But not necessary. 2 magnets on each end of the capsule would create a strong enough field and with crystals between will be more than strong enough. And the distance does not matter too much… so as long they are not so far away they aren’t really repelling eachother.

        • Taylor says:

          Hi! What kind of discomfort are we talking about? I just want to make sure that I made it right. The pillbox I bought have the screw thread inside so I have to fit the four magnets inside and the two north poles are pretty close to each other.

          • Samuel G says:

            Don’t worry about it. Thats fine as well. Discomfort in the sense of being overwhelmed by too much energy. If you do feel overwhelmed, then you will eventually get used to having more energy at your disposal. If you don’t, then… nothing to be concerned about!

  3. Jill says:

    Instead of a pillbox capsule can I make a small cylinder out of orgonite and glue the magnets to each end? There would be copper powder, iron oxide powder and quartz sand in the orgonite…

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