Secret To Slow Aging and Extending Life Span

It has become possible for people to age at a much slower rate and extend their lives by 20-30 years. New developments in genetics research have found a way to make cells practically immortal. In this article, you will learn how this is possible and how you can slow down the aging process so that you can maintain a younger and healthier body as the years pass by.  

It is in our nature to desire a long and healthy life. Although, it is consistently claimed that exercise and healthy diets attribute to a longer life, the only thing scientifically linked to longevity is genetics. You can exercise and eat healthily and still get cancer. But if your parents and grandparents have healthy genetics that allowed them to live long lives, it is likely that you will live a long life as well. But what is it about genetics that allows some people to live longer than others? 


Telomeres are the caps at the end of DNA strands that protect the strand and separate one chromosome from another. Telomeres ensure that none of your DNA gets lost or messed up during each cell division. 

Yet every time a cell divides, some of the telomere wears off in the process. Once the telomere is too short, the chromosome can no longer replicate. Once it can no longer replicate, the cell dies. 

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 Telomeres are like a clock that regulates the amount of times an individual cell can divide. This means they can only divide a certain amount of times. The more they divide, the older they get. The older your cells, the more your body deteriorates and older you appear. 

Scientists consider telomeres as a marker of biological aging. They measure telomere lengths to determine overall health, risk of disease, premature aging, premature mortality, cancer, coronary heart disease and various other things. People with shorter telomere lengths are closer to the end of their biological clock and are more prone to diseases. 

People with longer telomere lengths tend to live a lot longer and age a lot slower. I personally know several people in their seventies that look like they are in their 50s and this is likely due to long telomeres in their cells that deplete at a very slow rate. 

If you can increase the production of telomerase, the enzyme that generates telomeres in your body, you can essentially slow down aging and protect yourself from the various diseases and ailments that lead to death as you age. Increasing its production will stop your telomeres from shrinking after cell division and extend your lifespan in the process. 

You can essentially make a mortal cell into an immortal cell! 

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There are several ways you can gradually slow down the rate at which telomeres shorten and even grow such as taking certain multivitamins or meditation. 

There is also a powerful audio field that directly and continually increases the production of telomerase (enzyme that produces telomeres) in all your cells and practically make your cells immortal. 

Multivitamins and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Vitamin D supplements have also been associated with longer telomere lengths. In a study from the London school of medicine that spanned about five years, over 2,000 women were tested with vitamin D concentrations. It was found that women who had higher concentrations of Vitamin D over the span of 5 years had longer telomeres than the women who used a smaller concentration of Vitamin D. The researchers concluded that a high concentration of Vitamin D in one’s diet results in longer telomere length. 

Omega-3 fatty acids have been associated with slowing down the rate of telomere shortening.  Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn published a study in the journal of American Medical Association that measured the lengths of telomeres on over 600 patients with coronary artery disease. After five years of taking Omega-3 fatty acids, the research found that patients would experience a much slower rate of telomere shortening when taking the omega supplements. 


A study in Howard University Medical center researched 40 African American men and women who have hypertension. Twenty of the participants were assigned to learn the transcendental meditation technique which is known to reduce stress and promote better heart health and the other twenty subjects were assigned to take a part in an extensive health education course. 

The study’s results would show that the meditation and healthy lifestyle changes would increase the production of telomerase in their bodies and reduce blood pressure. This means that such lifestyle changes and the process of meditation can change people at the genetic level and extend their lives.


In fact, a study in 2004 found that stress was directly associated with telomere shortening in antibody cells that fight disease. But if you consistently meditate, you will keep the antibody cells at a healthy length and protect yourself from diseases.

Telomerase Audio Field

We have released an audio field that stimulates the production of telomerase enzymes so that it can continually add more information to the telomere caps. So by consistently listening to this audio, telomere caps in all your cells will remain the same length and possibly grow longer after each cell division! The result of this is slower aging and an extended lifespan.  

As mentioned throughout the article, every time a cell divides, the telomeres shorten and have a little less information to work with.  This audio field essentially fills in for the lost information to the ends of telomeres after each cell division to ensure that they do not shorten. It’s like having unlimited energy to live off of.

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Slower aging in the cells of your hair follicles means your hair will maintain its natural color and form for many more years to come. In fact, your physical appearance will remain more intact and youthful for a much longer being that your cells will not deteriorate over time from the shortening of telomeres. Maintaining long lengths of telomeres in your antibody cells (that fight diseases) will keep you safe from diseases that tend to strike later in life when our anti body cells telomere lengths are shortened.

You know how the older you get, the more tired and weak you become? The increase of telomerase production in your body will invigorate your cells and grant you more strength and energy to work with. In fact, it is also possible that increasing the length of telomeres will bring back some of your youthful traits. There are endless health benefits one can obtain from listening to this audio.

Note: Cancer cells are immortal because they have unlimited telomerase production which prevents their telomeres from ever shortening (which would lead to a cancer cell dying). This audio is set to avoid errant cells such as cancer cells, tumor cells, hiv, ext.. So there is no risk in listening to the audio. 


The length of our telomere caps are like a biological clock ticking away as we get older. The time it takes for our telomere caps to shorten is generally attributed to our parents and grandparents genetics but can be dramatically reduced by unhealthy diets, stress and disease. We can maintain our telomere lengths by meditating, exercising, sticking to a healthy diet or taking supplements such as omega-3 or Vitamin D. You can also purchase our telomere regeneration audio which continually increases production of telomerase by  simply listening to it several days a week.

Who wouldn’t want to extend their life by another 10-20 years? I would like to see all the technological advancements humanity comes up with by the turn of the 21st century! Or maybe the destruction of it all. But there’s only one way to find out…

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  1. N G says:

    Hey. I am hoping to invest in Telomere Regeneration Audio Field. I have 2 questions:
    1. How many times should I listen per day?
    2. Is it OK to listen that much of times (as you’d answer for question 1) every day?

    • Samuel G says:

      You don’t have to listen to it more than once a day. You can even listen to it just several times a week. The older you are, I’d say the more you should use it.

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