Emotional Sensitivity & The Key to Emotional Control

How do we describe energy?

We generally don’t describe how the energy is… but how it makes us feel. If you look throughout our forum or youtube comments in regards to our energy fields, people would describe feeling: woozy, love, energized, buzzing in the head or other part of the body, happiness, wonder, peacefulness, overwhelmed, ext… Even if you look into other energy modalities like crystal healing, reiki and so on, people would describe how these practices make them feel. It is through the emotions that the majority of people sense energy. And so the emotions, are the key to unlocking energy sensitivity. And through this realization, there is a better way to gain emotional control.

In one of our previous articles, Energy Sensitivity: The Foundation of Psychic Abilities, we spoke about how every moment is an interaction of energy. Majority of humanity isn’t aware of the subtle energies in between every interaction but we are aware of how we these interactions make us feel. Emotions are directly tied to our energy bodies and interweave through all of our being.

Notice how when you are scared, your energy naturally tenses up and you feel shivers up your spine. That is your energy body reflecting this emotional reaction onto your nervous system. How about when you are angry? You generate an oppressive force of energy that pushes out and down.

These feelings are energetic forces within that we can sense like smell or sight. What’s interesting is that we won’t notice energy unless we feel it. We don’t sense the cold until we feel the cold. Feeling is the essence of energy sensitivity.

There is a way to feel the cold without directly interacting with it. That is the point of expanding your energy sensitivity. To sense all the subtle energies around you and know what they are in the same way you would know what a bird was if you looked at one.

But before getting to that level, expanding your emotional sensitivity and control is essential.

Some people have underdeveloped or blocked emotional pathways that limit their flow of emotions. Not feeling enough is a limitation on the ability to experience the world and perceive energy.

Some people have overdeveloped and unbalanced emotional pathways that overflow with emotions. These people feel too much and are controlled by their emotions. They aren’t aware of how they are feeling because they become how they are feeling and are carried by this storm to the extent of not seeing things clearly. They are very energy sensitive but lack awareness.

Then, there’s just most people with who are in between feeling little in certain aspects or too much in other aspects of life.

The goal is to have a highly developed emotional pathway system that allows for the full spectrum of emotions but with a high degree of control. Full spectrum of emotions means that you’ll be feeling all there is possible to feel in life. Life will become more vivid and exciting even. You will become very energy sensitive and be able to enjoy things such as nature, crystals, our audios and other energetically stimulating things with much more clarity and vibrancy.

High degree of control means that you become mindful of whatever emotional state you are in. You are in control because you can experience the emotional flow while at the same time not be carried by it like a storm. Negative emotions won’t just carry you and throw you into a loop of negativity that you can’t get out of for a while. You can observe negative emotions as they arise and separate yourself from them. That is the meaning of control. To be here in the now and not lose your present focus to the energies that may sway you.

Emotional Mastery will of course take practice.

How to Feel More

One of the first things you must do to balance your emotional pathways is clear your energy body of much of the baggage/junk that stunts it from functioning correctly. Our Energy clearing audio will help clear much of the junk out that has gathered up in your aura. Energy blockage removal will remove energy blockages gathered up throughout your energy system that may be stunting the flow of energy (emotion). Emotional Release will release some built up emotions that are repressing against your flow of energy and returning over and over again as negative thought patterns.

After a few days of clearing these up, you should begin by… willing yourself to feel certain feelings. Best feeling to start with? Love.

Practice feeling love. If you have a memory of the feeling, just tap into that memory and focus on that feeling. Focus on it and expand that feeling by feeling love in every part of your body. If you have trouble feeling love, listen to unconditional love beforehand and then as the audio is playing or right after, feel the feeling and focus on it with all your being. Do this for at least 5 minutes or as long as you like.

Love is a great feeling to practice because it helps balance your energy body, will expand your ability to feel as love is one of the basest emotions and is tied to all others… and simply because it feels amazing!

You can practice this in other ways as well such as saying the word love, love, love in your head over and over again to keep focus and feeling it will. You can even begin practicing by feeling love for other people, animals or things.

Doing this once a day for even just a few minutes will help expand your ability to feel over time.


To be in control of your emotions, you must be mindful of them. Your awareness must be able to catch on to your emotions and while experiencing them, not be carried away by them either. To be in control is to maintain balance and not be lose conscious awareness of the here and now. We tend to be in the here and now when we feel positive. But when we feel negative, our emotions sway us out of focus and we lose control of ourselves.

The ego is partly to blame because it often rationalizes these emotions in some way. This is why awareness is key. If we remain aware, we can observe the negative emotions and thoughts that begin to arise and not be taken aback. Remaining present can be easy as consciously taking some deep breaths and focusing on them.

Learning to meditate is obviously key here as in moments of discord, you can always remain present and still like a large boulder during a hurricane. If you are not practicing meditation on a daily basis, you should start now as it is the key to gaining control over yourself.

A trick to get ahold of emotions that continually arise within you is to start chanting a mantra in your mind. One I would recommend is ‘Om mani Padme Hum’ which can instantly induce peace and stillness in the mind. If you prefer not to repeat the Buddhist mantra in your mind, you can make one up that signifies and reminds your being that you are aware, present and not swayed by the emotions. Like… “I am unconditional love’ or ‘I am the present moment.’

These are of course for moments where you don’t have access to the help of our audios. If you do have access, listening to ego dissolution can help dissolve the current thought pattern that is pushing against your stillness. Then listening to mindfulness can bring you back to present and help you remain aware and in peace.

Last but not least, Angelgome’s SEE system is incredible for releasing emotions and becoming present.

Practicing these sorts of things on a daily basis will surely gain you control over your emotions in due time.

Emotional Mastering Protocol

We are releasing an audio that will allow for you to expand your sensitivity to emotions and gain more control over them. The Emotional Mastering Protocol will work on the heart and stomach’s emotional system pathways by clearing emotional blocks related to sensitivity and then grow and expand these pathways. These two access points will be developed more and more through each listen and widen the flow of emotions that you can feel. You will certainly feel more so make sure this is something you want because it can get intense.

This audio strengthens the natural reactionary areas (of from you feel natural things without trying such as fear, love, joy, sadness, cold, hot). But at the same time these areas are being wired to the areas of the brain that allow for conscious control. So in other words, your conscious mind can start gaining conscious control of your emotions.

And the way that feels is you having a conscious grip of your emotions in the same way you have a conscious grip of your hands and can raise them up or down when you so please. So when emotions begin to arise, we’ll have a natural mindfulness to them and be able to catch on to them before they go out of control.

That goes without saying, the process of control won’t be automatic. Your ego is still quite reactionary to certain things and if you aren’t practicing mindfulness on your own, you may still lose control. Despite that, this will certainly make it easier to start being more in control of your emotions.

This audio works best if you do the practices above. Practicing feeling more will get you more consciously in tune with whatever you are feeling and also expand your ability to feel. Mindfulness will continually grow your awareness and control of your emotions. Even without the practices though, the audio will have strong results and life will have a deeper depth of feeling. Our energy fields should also begin to be felt a lot more strongly as well.

This audio compliments our Energy Course quite beautifully. This audio increases your energy sensitivity by expanding your ability to feel and the energy course will expand ability to sense and experience subtle energy through growing your energy system. Although the Energy Course also increases your emotional sensitivity, it does it in a much calmer way. This audio is strong and works on expanding your emotional current quite fiercely. At the same time, working directly to give you more control over the emotional current as well.

You can have the audio now @ https://gumroad.com/a/899265651/DXkjw

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