How To Immediately Increase Your Energy

This is a simple technique to increase your physical energy for a short period of
time, a few hours, in case of need. It won’t make you jittery, but it will wake you up
and help you to keep going with a (mainly) clear head, even after days without
sleep if things come to that.

On the good side, you can do this anywhere, while doing other things so the time
it takes, about five minutes per hour, doesn’t really count against you in any real
world way.

On the down side, it is a bit obvious and if you are a shy person, you may not
want to do this around other people. But then again, if they see it working and the
situation is right, they may just join you!

Energy Breathing works in two ways

First, you increase the amount of oxygen in your blood stream, which has a
restorative effect on energy and feelings of energy.

Second, the breathing pattern itself triggers a release of chemicals and
hormones that add energy to your system. So the energy you feel will be real
energy, unlike that you get from caffeine or other drugs. (Which make you feel
more energetic, but don’t free up fuel for the body to operate on.)

There is a price to pay for this energy though, in that you will need extra rest later
and to eat a healthy diet for a few days after prolonged use of these kinds of
techniques. (I will go over a psychically based technique in another article soon.)
This energy comes from your own stores, so remember to replenish them or pay
the consequences in lethargy and tiredness later.

Energy Breathing Technique:

  • The key here is to take short, very rapid breaths for about twenty seconds,
    through the nose if possible, while expanding and contracting your stomach. This should give an almost “bouncy” feel to it, if you are going fast enough. 
  • You should try to take about three to four breaths per second. You obviously
    won’t be filling your lungs all the way, and that’s all right. 
  • At the end of twenty seconds of this (about, you don’t need to use a watch for it.)
    take three, very deep, very slow, full breaths.

If you are used to breathing very slowly, one or two breaths per minute, speed up
a little, so that each full breath takes about ten seconds.

  • Then repeat this for five minutes. 
  • You will want to repeat the whole five minute routine about once per hour, more if
    you need greater energy.

You can also do a session longer than five minutes if you need much greater
energy in the near future. (Say for strenuous physical activity.) Or if your personal
energy reserves are getting low.


Breath through your nose, at least on the fast breathing. For some reason this
seems to increase the triggering of energy effects.

If you start to feel tingly, especially in the fingers and toes, this means you are
slightly hyperventilating. This is not harmful, but you can probably shorten the fast
breathing portion of this technique for now. Slowing your breathing will allow this
to return to normal, though many people find the slight tingling pleasant.

Visualizing bright lights, the Sun and “feeling” awake, as if you just got out of bed,
can also help reset the chemistry of your brain, tricking it into releasing chemicals
that will wake you up. It won’t make you feel “high” just awake.

Finally, you still need to sleep! Don’t push yourself without a good reason. Not too
often anyway.

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