How To Effectively Tap Into Your Intuition

When I say Intuitive thinking, I am not talking about using the occasional hunch or even having full blown psychic premonitions. Intuitive thought is a complete process that allows for psychic input as well as learned information, to form complete ideas that can be used in everyday life. It is a true altered state of consciousness.

With this one technique you can learn about, understand and invent processes that otherwise would never occur to you. It allows a person to approach true understanding of a subject matter, if given enough time.

See what’s coming

It can also allow you to understand the current course of events in a specific subject area, and by application of thought, let you to alter or influence events in another direction. This is perhaps the true, greatest use of precognition, to see what is coming and avoiding it skillfully to your benefit.

I have used this type of thinking to make great personal strides in many areas of my own life, martial arts, psychic phenomenon and business in particular!

First I am going to make a few assumptions here. My working premise is that anyone trying this will already be familiar with some form of meditation or bio-feedback, as well as some type of psychic functioning.

Second, if you are interested in intuitive thinking skills, that you are a person with enough discipline to handle the potential problems that may arise from thinking in a new fashion. Quite frankly, when you begin to think in a markedly different fashion, it is possible to encounter situations in which your actions seem so different that to some they seem insane. Until your actions bring about the desired results, of course.

Even with the potential hardships involved, as we are moving into times so troubled that they cannot be understood in our common way, we need to have as many as individuals possible capable of alternative thought and action.

  • Start with an idea of the topic or subject you are going to address. You will need this idea as a starting point.
  • Drop into a theta brainwave state. You will recognize it either by the meditative feel of the state, the clarity and lack of verbalized thought, or you may notice clear photo like images in your mind. Both show you have reached the appropriate mental level.
  • Once you are in a deep clear space, introduce the idea you are going to work on. Hold it in your thoughts, getting a sense of the psychic reality of each portion of thought.
  • You will begin to feel as if you are thinking from the middle of your head. This is a sign that you are entering the correct mental space.
  • From this place of abstract thought, you will be able to focus on each critical part of an idea and allow the intuition to direct you from one part of the idea to the next. What is of interest here is that you will often move from information you already know, to information that is true, but you had no awareness of before.
  • The next step is to use this form of thought in daily life. This takes great practice and control, but will allow you to live as an intuitive being, rather than simply as a psychic. This is also a learning process. It will take time for your mind to learn how to react to the world while in this state.

It is important to understand that this is an integrated state. You are not just in a meditative state, but a logical one, that uses intuition and psychic information as part of its base. You will find yourself understanding not only what will happen, but often why and how to change it to a different, hopefully better, outcome, if needed

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