Entity Removal

If you feel that you are inhabited or that the energy system outside your body
contains entities of any kind, these techniques will aid you in ridding yourself of

These two techniques are basic, but will be effective with all lower level energy
beings of any kind. If they are of a higher level, or if you simply cannot rid yourself
of such things, don’t be bashful about seeking help. What are professionals there
for if not to help you out when you need it?

This article could be loaded down with caveats and warnings, but the simple fact
is that you will be no worse off for trying to remove such a creature than you
would have been leaving it alone.

There are two conditions that you may be in that have real bearing on this kind of

  1. Being able to sense the entity, it’s true location and what not.
  2. Lack of practice that may make this harder to pull of for some

So for those that are having trouble finding the darned thing that is bothering
them, we have a brute force method. A slightly more elegant method will follow for people that can sense the energies involved. And at last, there is the easy method that requires no effort at all.

The three methods work, but using brute force will take longer and be physically and
mentally more draining.

Brute Force Method:

Make sure you have supplies on hand, water, some kind of quick energy food and
a blanket to prevent chills. You can always uncover yourself to get rid of heat, but
chills can be harder to handle when you are already preoccupied.

Find a comfortable place where no one will intrude on you for at least several
hours, possibly longer, up to a day. (That is very rare if you are doing this
correctly though, but better to be prepared than to find yourself lacking in an
emergency situation.)

Set up some kind of soothing music in the background, that loops so that you can
keep track of time and be reminded to hold your internal focus.

When you are ready, close your eyes and begin by focusing on a tiny, tiny speck,
the smallest thing you can imagine, right in the center of your body. This point
does not have to be perfectly centered or anything like that, just pick a place
inside of your body and focus on it.

This will be the middle zone, your reference point, for this whole work, so hold this
point for a few minutes to let yourself learn exactly where it is.



Now you are going to slowly cause this point to grow. As this grows, try to
generate force pushing outward while it gets bigger, hold the concept of this
pushing away anything that doesn’t belong. This has to be done slowly and with
great focus, in order to disrupt the tiny hooks that holds an entity in place in your
body or energy system.

This will take time, because you do not know where the being is located, you have
to do the entirety of your body and the aura of energy around you, out to at least
four feet in all directions.

Plan on taking an hour for it to reach the size of an orange then another hour for
each doubling of size past that.

When you reach the edge of your auras outer limit, instantly shift to shielding
protocols, as indicated in the Psychic Shielding article.

Focused Removal:

Take most of the initial steps above, just in case this takes longer than you think it
will, again, better safe than sorry.

Start by locating the entity or entities, and build a shield around each one so that
is cannot move.

Focus on one of them and empty your mind. Seek the smallest fines level it exists

When you think you have it, try to feel the interface between itself and you. You
should be able to notice a place were it feels “welded” or connected almost
seamlessly. Focus on that point and hold the concept on a tiny portion of it that
these points have come undone and have moved slightly apart.

You will have to do this to every square millimeter of attached area, but once
done you will have a disconnected entity within a shielded area.

Move that small shield through your own protective shielding and place it some
where very far away from you.

Check for a line of energy between you and it. If there is one, focus on it and hold the concept in your mind of it dissolving. It should do so almost immediately. (There is little to hold it in place at this point.)

Then repeat this process with the rest of the entities if there are any.

Finish off by reestablishing your shielding, just in case anything got moved or
jarred while you where working.

Sapienmed Negative And Entity Removal Audio:

Sapienmed has released an audio that works towards removing any negative energies in your entire energy system and well as getting rid of any negative entities or thought forms that may have attached to you. The more powerful or attached the negative energy or thought form is, the more frequently you will have to listen but it will undoubtedly weaken it and rid you of it in due time.


2 thoughts on “Entity Removal

  1. wahl says:

    Dale I found your methods interesting and would like to add some crucial information.

    These beings are there with us for a reason.
    Without a resonance to them we wouldn’t have attracted them.
    Meaning that the being (or another with similar qualities) will be back unless you work on the reason.

    These beings don’t belong here.
    They belong into the light where they can further evolve.
    Treat them with respect and estimation but most importantly let them go.
    Guide them into the light once they are outside of you.

    To make things easier ask the angels for a light cone for as long as it is needed (they will know).
    Intend all energies that leave you to go into the light through this light cone.
    Otherwise they will still be in this realm and may affect you or other people.
    Also they are lost and need love more than anything else.

    Hold your hands like this for a closed energy circuit and more power:

    ° °
    _ _
    | |

    / \ <– body (hands upwards and in front of chest)

    | |
    / \ <– hands (touching and finger to the top)

    Work with unconditional love and non-polar light.
    Ask Godlovelight for guidance.

    Further reading (non-commercial license!):

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Dale, thank you for this article.
    What about etheric spiders? I can’t get rid of them. They don’t like water, but that’s it. I know nothing else. And I can’t sit all day under the shower.
    I believe there should be a connection with lust or anger. But I haven’t really figured it out. Do you know a specific way to get rid of them?

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