Types Of Entities

There are many types of entities that may bother a person from time to time, some are harmless, some are pests that should be removed from your presence and some can create harmful disruptions to your life and in rare cases your health.

You can read this article for a guide on how to get rid of them.

It is important to remember that traditional names for these types of beings may be wildly incorrect at times, so are better avoided, at least until you are certain about what you are dealing with. A ghost, for instance, is certainly a type of entity that most people are familiar with, but the vast majority of them are completely harmless and don’t even notice you are present, even though that is not always what popular stories tell us.

What is a demon?

A Demon though, is a very specific term that represents something that few if any entities actually represent, though some of them will try to lay claim to the title in order to inspire fear or heightened emotions in you. (More on this below.) You are best served by not giving them a title that confers power or importance though, as most of them have a specific goal in mind when interacting with you, and it is not to get your immortal soul.

The classes of entities presented here are general and meant to help place what the goal and power level of a being is, so that you will know how to best deal with them. Traditional names are not used, mainly because they are labels that generate fear in many people about a subject that should not create fear. At all.

Classes of Entities:

Type A: These are Beings that have a presence, but do not show themselves to physical sight or interact with humans. You can feel them, sometimes as cold spots or a tingle in the air. Sensitive people may pick up bits of information from them.

Type B: These creatures will show themselves and sometimes have small, physical, but harmless interaction with people. The power level is low in the physical realm of being, but they are often able to interact with the mind slightly. They are however harmless.

Type B2: The same as type B, except that they may present a fearsome or angry demeanor. Still harmless, as long as you do not give into fear. This is the largest group of negative entity interactions. They do not appear to feed off of negative energy however.

6482712475_c1d1f2dca1_zType C: Low level feeders. These entities are the first of the classes that can
“Possess” or more properly in this case, “Attach” a person. They tend to sit in the
energy field a human produces and absorb energy as it is produced. They are
about as intelligent as a leach or worm.

Type C2: Similar to the type c, these will work their way into the body however, and attach quiet firmly. It can be come a constant, if low level, energy drain on a system.

Type D: These beings show primitive thought, and can create and enhance emotional states that cause increased neural activity, which they seem to feed off. Many people with this kind of being intuitively know that something is wrong,  and will often feel cursed or possessed.  This is a far higher level of drain on a system and can cause slow damage to the body at or near the point of attachment on the energy level. (So physical damage to the body, coming from the energy level of being.)

These beings can sometimes cause objects to move outside of themselves, create a sense of foreboding in others at a distance and sometimes manifest visual illusions.

Type F: True Possessors. A person that is infected with one of these beings will tend to drain energy from those around them, will NOT know that anything is wrong in general and may not be in charge of their physical body at all. They are being perfectly managed by an invading force.

When trying to remove these being, it is important to shield the individual being worked on as well as all surrounding people in the area.

Physical attacks that do real damage are very possible, even at a distance from such a being, especially if they are attached to a human at the time.

These entities can give the full on “Hollywood Movie” type of experience, and feed on any extreme emotional state. When dealing with them, remain calm and collected mentally, to avoid increasing their power at the moment.


Several main religions have used fear of possession as a control mechanism over their followers. At the very worst though, such entities are nowhere near as powerful in the human 3-D world as we are as physical beings. Not even close.

Humans have great power over such beings here, and it is only the fear induced by indoctrination and lack of knowledge that allows such creatures to seem significant to us at all. (The unknown is scary and this area has been hyped up a lot by people wishing to control others through fear.)

Yes, something trying to drink your life energy seems spooky, but not nearly so when you learn that you have the power to stop them from doing so at will, if you choose to. I will add more soon about how to rid yourself of such beings, or what things you can do if you do not feel up to the task yourself.

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