How To Guarantee A Sapienmed Field Works For You

Whether you are listening to audio fields or wear an item programmed with a field, you may have often wondered how you can maximize its potential. Sometimes I like to feel the energy flowing or feel some sort of effect to remind me that the energy is doing its work.

When we are listening or wearing them day in and day out with a hint of any energy or any results whatsoever, we may begin to lose faith and question our sanity for believing that this item or sound can make us lose weight.

But lose faith how? These fields are practically guaranteed to work for you in due time and there are ways that you can make them work almost immediately for you.

What are fields anyways?

The fields we refer to are morphogenic fields, which are fields of energy containing a certain frequency and resonance that influence and determine how an object or living thing behaves. In other words, it is an “aura” of subtle particles programmed to have an effect on the material plane by means of other planes of consciousness (for more information, watch this video or read this article).

This website and the SapienMed youtube channel contain many different fields programmed with the intent to achieve various effects and purposes such as:

Your body is surrounded by morphic fields that maintain the way your body presently is and behaves. The fields above are energetically programmed with the intent to influence the fields that for example, maintain your present eye color, and overwrite the information so that you can have a lighter eye color. (For more information on morphic fields, read this article)

A field is like downloading software that is slowly installing until it reaches 100%. We are all unique and vary in degrees of susceptibility to change so these fields will download at different rates for everyone.

Before we go any further…

Why would fields not work in the first place?

If you give them enough time, they will definitely work for you. But the main reason they may take so long to make changes is because of SUBCONSCIOUS RESISTANCE. 

 Your subconscious mind stores all of your memories, thought patterns, and beliefs and ensures that it is all kept stable. Therefore, it tends to block any contradicting information or beliefs and in this case, limiting beliefs tend to block change from happening.

If you believe you are too ugly to be confident, you can’t lose weight or that you can’t meditate, your subconscious mind will reassure that for you and block/reject any beliefs that contradict the beliefs you have. In this case, it may reject your fields and make the process of change go much slower than it should.

Here are several methods that decrease subconscious resistance to fields and reinforce the power of the field so that they work as quickly as possible for you.

1. Consistency

If you want these fields to work for you, you need to listen to or wear them on a daily basis. If your goal is to lighten your eyes by listening to the lighten your eyes field, then you need to listen to it every single day and do your best to listen up to two times at least. If you miss just one day, you get rid of the momentum of change that is happening and it would be like exiting your download and starting all over again.

If you have a field in an item, carry it with you all of the time and you could even place it under your pillow. You can easily make the audios a part of your day by listening to an audio field while doing chores, driving to work or sitting in the toilet!

creative_visualizationThese fields guarantee that the changes you want will take place, changes that could take months to years of very hard work to achieve and sometimes thousands of dollars!  There is no excuse for not committing to it every day.

**And if you are really that lazy, you should definitely start listening to the Stop Procrastination audio field  which will give you the push that you need to take action and create the changes you seek. If you are serious about change but aren’t taking the necessary steps, listen to this every morning. Trust me, you’ll have the drive of a heavy weightlifter that will stop at nothing to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

2. Do the things that would produce these changes anyways

It is possible that some of you have already tried exercise or different lucid dream exercises to achieve what you desire. But they didn’t work… But wouldn’t you be inspired to go at it again if you knew for a fact that it was going to work and that you’d see results immediately?

Of course you will! Almost all of the fields from SapienMed and DreamMagick can be combined with certain practices or even treatments to maximize results. You can combine exercise or diet with the stomach shrinking treatment. If you’re lazy, you can take weight loss supplements and they should supplement fields quite nicely!

You could begin to do penis enlargement exercises while listening to the masculine treatment field or commit to writing in a dream journal for the lucid dream field. After listening to the confidence field, you should go out and do courageous things like walk up to women or go to an open mic.

These are acts that will reinforce the power of fields so that permanent change can happen more quickly. Although fields will make changes without any effort on your part, you could think of it as using fields as steroids and you doing these actions as the exercise to go along with steroids.

3. Meditation

In our waking consciousness, we are always thinking and rarely focused on the present moment. This is called the beta brainwave state. But when you think less and empty your mind, you reach lower brainwave states like Alpha and Theta, where not only do you experience inner peace but your subconscious mind becomes less resistant to change. Do you see where I’m getting at?

Subconscious resistance is what keeps these fields from working well and meditation takes you to these lower brainwave states which allow fields to make the changes that you seek.

There are many different forms of meditation and the simplest one I can think of is to let go of all your thoughts and feelings and focus on the present moment. Quiet the mind by allowing it to ramble on but observe these thoughts objectively as you go into a deeper state of consciousness. There are other forms of meditation you can do and they can be found in this thread (meditation techniques.)

I will admit that meditation is a lot easier said than done but if you would like assistance, there are fields on this site that can take you to this deeper state of consciousness almost automatically and are found in this page (brainwave).

4. Believing

This is by far the most powerful way of ensuring that these fields work for you. If you believe that you already have a large breasts or have confidence or have lighter eyes, your subconscious mind will become aligned with this belief and be completely open to a fields influence.

As mentioned before, limiting beliefs such as I’m too ugly to be confident are the likely the main reason fields may not be working for you because your subconscious mind is so aligned with these beliefs that it rejects anything that says otherwise.

Ever noticed how when you call an insecure girl pretty, she automatically responds “no, I look ugly?” That’s subconscious resistance at work!

You must believe that you already have the things that you want. If you believe you will obtain them, you reinforce the belief that you already do not have them. Your ego will lash back at you like “that’s bullshit, you are fat. Look at your stomach” “you aren’t confident. Go talk to a girl and see what happens.”

But this is where your willpower and imagination kicks in. Just like a child can believe the floor is lava even though it is just a carpet, believe that you already have what you want. There is no reason not to, and the more you reinforce this belief, the more effectively the field will integrate into your being and create the change that you seek.

How to Believe?

The same way you are consistent with listening or holding on to your fields, you must be with enforcing a belief. You can repeat affirmations every day, listen to hypnotic audios that enforce such beliefs or spend several moments a day imagining as if you already have what you desire.

You can even get the reality programmer field which allows you to directly channel these beliefs to your subconscious mind without the influence of your ego/limiting beliefs (reality programmer).

The Simple Solution

If you didn’t know by now, we have released an audio field that removes all subconscious blockages the more you listen. I highly recommend anyone that hasn’t been seeing results or wants to accelerate results to start listening to this audio. This audio will remove all subconscious resistance and make you much more open to the changes that you seek to make in life and with sapienmedicine.

5. Extra Powerful Boosts

Your state of being sometimes determines whether you are open to the changes you wish for. Many of us have developed very strong limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns over the years to the point that we develop a strong resistance to positive change in our lives. When we think negatively, we generally attract the things we don’t want and have less of what we do want.

Luckily the SapienMed youtube channel has fields that work perfectly to instill in you a state of being that is well grounded and open to change.

Limiting beliefs and negative energy in general develop energy blockages within us that block the flow of energy and in turn block change. The energy blockage removal and chakra growth and stimulation field releases the energy blockages that keep us from moving forward in our lives and chakra growth amplifies our ability to create changes in our lives(energy blockage).

The love, gratitude and appreciation field instills in us a very positive state of being from where we can more easily attract the things we want (love). We are far more likely to achieve the things we desire and attract what we want in a positive state of mind.

If you meditate or listen to your field after listening to the energy blockage and love field, your fields will be met with little to no resistance and welcoming state of being open to produces whatever changes you desire. You may even feel the energy’s resonance immediately.

*  Extra Trick 

An extra trick you can do is leave a field on auto repeat all night beside your bed. As long as your conscious mind can sort of hear the field, it will still continue to work for you all night. If you have a field in an item, you could place it under your pillow. Having these fields work for you in your sleep will help make these changes happen at an even faster pace than you’d imagine. Although this works, sometimes the energies will not allow you to sleep. You can download the ListenOnRepeat app on android or iPhone and have the audio playing all night or create a playlist on youtube that has the same audio for the amount of time you’ll be asleep. 

Now I know several of you have asked many questions over the years and I have tried to answer as many of them as possible. Read the FAQ form below. 



How many Sapienmed audios can I listen to at a time?

You can listen to more than one at a time, for best/fastest results its better to listen one at a time. I recommend not listening to more than 4 at a time because you will be overloading your body and some of the fields will not fully work.

These are for fields that you choose to listen to consistently. As in, if you choose the grow taller field and listen to it every day and also listen to the human growth hormone release audio.

That being said, if you listen to two audios that correlate, they will work powerfully and bring faster results. But lets say you listen to estrogen and then testosterone. Those two will cancel eachother out.

There are also many fields you can simply listen to just to experience a mood or hormone boost, no matter how many firlds you listen to. What i mean is to try not listen to more than 4 fields daily to create permanent changes. It will take a lot tonger and sometimes, one or two wont work.

Why do the videos not work when downloaded?

The video was uploaded with a certain extension/file type and gets compressed when converted into a different file format and that tends to mess with the frequency and programming in the audio. There are some people who have downloaded it and didn’t feel the same effects when downloaded. You can download them and try them out if you like, nooone is stopping you. And if it works for you, awesome.

I put this out there because I would like everyone to get the full benefit from the audios. Results vary with the downloaded audios and I don’t know if you want to spend your time listening to something that isn’t gauranteed compared to the videos on youtube which have a high success rate(link testimonials).  In due time, updated mp3 versions of the youtube versions will be available for download. 

If I listen to it more than a certain number of times a day, will it have an opposite effect?

Sort of. Listening to it more than 3 times a day can overload your body and can have unpleasant effects. Too much of anything is bad. Too much testosterone can produce balding in your scalp. Too much human growth hormones can have adverse effects on the body.

Can i listen to this with other subliminal videos/binaural beats from other channels? Does it decrease the effect?

Sure, no problem with that.

Does it work if i play a game, doing chores or reading a book while listening?

Yes. It will work. All it requires is that you can hear it. The energy in the fields work on their own. You can even play other music in the background.

What if i miss one day? Do i have to listen everyday?

If you are just looking for a mood/hormone boost, you can just listen to an audio once or twice and you’ll get the effects you seek.

But if you want to make permanent changes like to grow taller or lighten your eyes, you MUST listen to it every single day. You will stop the momentum of change happening in your body if you miss a day. It is likely that it will revert back to normal if you stop listening.

I highly suggest you listen once in the morning and once at night. This is all it requires to make the changes you desire. To listen. Consistently and not miss a day.

How long does this take to work?

It depends on how fast your body is susceptible to change. A few people report in days, others weeks and months. I can’t tell you how quickly it will work for you but I can tell you that if you just make it a part of your daily routine, and listen to it every single day, it will eventually bring the changes you desire. And you will definitely start seeing the changes as well.

Yes, there have been cases where it takes months to make permanent changes like make someone taller. You might be thinking that is way too long. But, at the end of the day this is a free alternative to medical treatments that will cost you a fortune. Would you rather pay for them or simply listen to these audios 2-3 times a day and get the same results?

But generally, it may take this long because of subconscious resistance to the audio fields. You can now listen to subconscious limitations dissolver and actually eliminate subconscious resistance to the audio fields and accelerate the process of change. You should also read and follow through with the advice in this article.

Do I have to listen with headphones? Does it work in the speakers? Does it have to be at high volume?

No, you do not have to listen to it on your headphones and it definitely works on speakers. It does not have to be at high volume and just needs to be at a volume that you can consciously hear.

Can I listen to one video after another? Will listening to the same one back to back have a stronger effect?

Yes you may listen to one video after another. Listening to the same one back to back will amplify its effect. I recommend not listening to the same one more than 3 times in a row.

Do we have to look at the video while listening to the video?

No you do not. You can be on your other tabs while listening to it or doing something else.

Can I listen to the video on repeat throughout the night while I sleep? 

Yes you may. Although you are not conscious, your subconscious will be taking in the frequencies and creating the changes you seek. It also won’t overwhelm your system as much because during sleep, you are in the delta brainwave state which is optimal for bodily changes. 

But do not be surprised if one of the audios don’t allow you to sleep! For example, you will probably not get any sleep if you are listening to pure testosterone all night because it will get you pumped up and ready to punch a wall. 

How do these audios work? How could these audios produce hormones or make your breasts larger?

Information is sent in the form of energy and frequency, which tells the body and cells how to act and what to do in order to accomplish a specific task. 

For example, the information behind the energy and frequency of the pure testosterone video direct the hypothalamus gland to signal the pituitary gland to release follicle stimulating and luteinzing hormones. When released, these hormones stimulate testosterone production. 

The ‘information’ we refer to are morphogenic fields. They are fields of resonance that dictate how whole systems such as cells or organs are organized and behave. They generate patterns of behavior that allow things like new cells to take on attributes of stem cells to grow body organs or the release of hormones that stimulate testosterone production. (For more information on morphogenic field theory, this article sums it up quite nicely.)

Now, what we do is tap into the field of information that directs these patterns of behavior on the intended area and replicate it on to a sound frequency. When you listen to the audio, the energy field in the audio works on the intended area and dictates the patterns of behavior that will create the changes you seek. 

The next question will be, how do you do that? I can’t just put it into a few words but this article on psychic field theory explains how it is possible. As to how these fields are made, I plan on writing an article that will show you how you can make these fields.


28 thoughts on “How To Guarantee A Sapienmed Field Works For You

  1. Shukra says:

    Hi Samuel. I recently started listening to Sapien Medicine audios via YouTube.

    I have a few playlists where in one, I have got the ‘Clear All Subconscious Limiting Beliefs’ looped 3 times. In another, I got the ‘Energy Blockage Removal & Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation’ looped 3 times each, respectively. And the last one is ‘Attract Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance’ and ‘Powerful Good Luck Energy’ looped 3 times each as well.

    Before I head to sleep, will start off with the Clear All Subconscious playlist and will fall asleep. Once that stops and if I wake up in the night, will continue with the Energy Blockage and Love, Gratitude playlist. By morning, when I am almost up, will play the Attract Wealth and Powerful Good Luck Energy playlist.

    Is this considered the proper way to play the audios? Or should I make some changes? During the day, I will listen to ‘Positive Vibe Energy’ audio once. I haven’t started another field that I wanna listen to as I am focusing on Attract Wealth and Good Luck Energy at the moment.

    Kindly advise and let me know your opinion if I can start listening to another field (subliminal) from another uploader. If yes, during which time will it be appropriate to listen to that field?

    Hoping for a reply. Thank you in advance.


  2. Nick says:

    Hey, I am feeling very apprehensive when I am listening to all these audios. I don’t know why but for some reason I have always been afraid of my subconscious mind. I am having a really hard time believing and also I am getting these negative thoughts as to why this would not work for me even when I listen to the Clear all subconscious limiting beliefs audio. I am constantly feeling that what if I gain the desired results and then lose them. I have this deep fear of losing the things I receive that haunts me everytime. I feel I have extremely deep rooted subconscious limiting beliefs. What do you suggest I do to remove all these energy blockages and the fear I get when I listen to these audios?

    • Samuel G says:

      The clear subconscious limiting beliefs audio is a good start. The audio isn’t going to work overnight but the more you listen to it, the more it dissolves your fear so that you ultimately can let go. Because it is rather clear you need to let go of your attachment to result. By listening and not caring whether the audio works or not, you can let go and You can also listen to the energy blockage removal audio and that should help as well.

      How long have you been listening to the audios? Where do you think this fear springs from?

  3. tightgeist says:

    i also get suggestions by my angels, that it might be the third eye(chakra) which causes the constant retriggering of the frequencies.
    that would make sense because of your chakra growth video and the effect i had the last time i listened.

  4. Ladyx says:

    You talk about certain videos cancelling each other out. Would listening to the breast enlargement along with the butt enlargement cancel each other out? I wouldn’t think so, but I just want to be sure I’m not wasting time with conflicting beats. Would listening to the growing thicker hair conflict with the facial hair removal video? This one I would assume it does, but never hurts to verify?

  5. Johnny says:


    I was just wondering about the 4 field limit. Does that mean four videos total or 4 types of fields? For example, listening twice to clear subconscious then twice for Energy Blockage removal count for four fields or does that only count as two since it’s just two fields but repeated twice each?

    • Samuel G says:

      The limit is more of a way of us saying that the less you listen to and focus on, the faster the results may be. But you can certainly listen to more than 4 audios a day. And we meant 4 different types of fields.

  6. Sara says:

    I would like to know that if we listen to 4 videos or mp3 that are different, how long after listening to one mp3 should I wait until using the next one? Such as using the subconsicous beliefs then the vision/20/00 then the lightening of the eyes and then aura cleansing. Should i wait a certain time between each video? thanks for any help

    • Samuel G says:

      No, you can listen to each one after another. You can also listen to as many audios as you like. I only say 4-5 because after that, the fields might take some more time to take full effect.

  7. Marie says:


    I don’t really understand what counts to a field? Is every audio/video a field? Or is
    different videos with the same theme a field, for example facial lift, skin regeneration and stem cells targeted to face? how many audios can you listen to per day with and without the same theme?

    Thank you in advance

    • Samuel G says:

      All of our audios are made with morphic fields that create the intended effects (stem cells to face, regenerate skin, ext..) We don’t do subliminals or hypnotic audios. You can listen to as many as you want. We say 4-5 because after that amount, the effects may take longer to happen.

  8. Marie says:


    I wonder if you count audios that correalate with each other as different fields? (For example: facial lift, stemcells targeted to face and skin regeneration) or can it be counted as one?
    if you want permanent results how long time do you have to listen?

    • Samuel G says:

      They correlate in the sense that if you listen to both, one after another, you will probably amplify the effects you are looking for. Amount of time for permanent results is certainly different for everyone. Could be a short period of time or a longer period time for you or anyone. It’s very subjective to the listener.

  9. Jasmine says:

    Hi! I just found your videos a week ago. I was having lung issues that were getting hard to control with medicines any more.I started listening to lung restoration and I felt a little effect, but 12 hours later my lungs began to open and feel good! That continued to improve for the next 3 days as I listened daily. I only needed medicine to work out, and just a small dose. I was thrilled to be processing so fast! But after day 4 things began to go down again. Now it’s been 9 days listening and I’m back using my nebulizer throughout the day. What could cause this? I really believe in frequencies for healing, but yours was the most promising I came across. I am listening to many of your videos now, so could that cause my body to loose focus and revert back to how I was? Any ideas, please? Thank you for your amazing work you are doing for the world!

    • Samuel G says:

      Actually yes. I wouldn’t say that your body would lose focus but listening to too many audios can slow down effects of certain effects. I would suggest sticking to lung restoration and subconscious limits audios strictly for now if you are looking to truly get results faster. Lung restoration once in the morning, evening and night. Subconscious limits will help diffuse any mental blockages you might have about your lungs that can prevent you from getting better. I will also suggest that you listen to our ‘energy clearing’ audio from our ‘dreamseeds’ youtube channel. You may have some energetic blockages in your chest that need to be cleared up. Listening to that once a week is very healthy habit to begin to follow. Hope my advice helps 🙂

  10. Meri Gutseva says:

    Hi! Can I listen to the sounds of Sapiens Medicine without the headphones of my laptop or phone speakers and do we need to drink water before and after the video?Thank you in advance.Greetings and hugs from Bulgaria

  11. Too tone says:

    Also how come we can only listen to 4 fields a day if there aren’t any affirmations in them? Wouldn’t that only apply to subliminals?

    • Dreamweaver says:

      In the FAQS here, we have updated to let you know it’s best not to listen to more than 4 audios meant to create physical changes because that would slow down those kinds of results. But fields for things like clearing your energy, increasing hormones or love and gratitude can be stacked and aren’t affected by so many different fields.

  12. Kaylah says:

    Hello! When I listen to these fields for healing I feel strong sensations immediately on my legs (the injured areas) is that a good thing?

  13. hana says:

    about the 4 audio limit.
    I have a playlist of 23 audios from both Sapian and dream seed mainly about – purging, brain, love, luck- I added all audios related to each intention to amplify the effects.
    they all correlate somehow and no audio cancels the other.
    My question is can I listen to all of them every day while I am sleeping? even if it overloads my body and I get fatigued I don’t mind as long as they work.

  14. AAAA says:

    Hi Samuel, will the effectiveness be reduced if I download the audio through YouTube Premium or Patreon? I wanna listen to the audios offline, in the background and have different playlists so I can auto repeat, loop and auto play them.

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