Psychic Field Theory

One of the major problems science has had over the years with psychic ability is not the oft sited, but incorrect claim of “lack of proof”, as tens of thousands of studies have show a real and consistent psychic effects. Instead it is the lack of a theory that explains how such thing can possibly happen that has stalled research and effort in this area.

Psychic Field Theory (PFT from now on in this article.) is an attempt to explain how our minds and bodies can create action at a distance and gather information not available to our regular senses. This information is critical, if correct or even if close to being correct, because it allows us the ability to see what techniques and studies may allow expansion of psychic, or mental skills, more clearly and move away from pure trial and error methods, which is about all that we have today.

Two worlds

We live in a world that is made of two layers, based on size. Possibly more than just two, but for now we only need the two that we know we inhabit. The Macro world, which is the one we normally see and interact with physically, and the Quantum world, which is the world of the very, very tiny. What science has tended to forget until very recently, is that the macro world and the quantum world both interact with one another constantly.

Changes in the “big” world are instantly reflected on the Quantum scale and small changes in the quantum world can have influence, sometimes powerful influence over the Macro.

I won’t go into a lot of explanation as to the workings of the Macro world. Since we all consciously live in it, everyone should have a decent handle on it.

Instead I would like to start with a few points in regards to the Quantum level of reality:

Quantum Reality

On the level of the very tiny, time and space are not the same as what we think of as normal. Time may flow backwards or stop, cause may come after effect, before effect or simply never show up! Quantum particles travel from point ‘A’ directly to point ‘D’ without ever passing through points ‘B’ and ‘C’.

On this level it is more than fair to say that “quantum Particles” are not actual pieces of something, but are instead vibrating “Strings” of information. This is all known (or at least theorized) by modern science.(The “new” information is below.)

PFT states that it is possible for a sophisticated and redundant mind to notice pattern disruptions due to Quantum Tunneling (That is what it is called when particles teleport) when tens of thousands of electrons pass into the brain from a specific object, another person or a field of energy that has some coherent form.

This explains all psychic information gathering. (Telepathy, psychometry and Clairvoyance as well as Remote viewing all operate on the same basic level.)

What is happening is this.

When two (or more) objects enter into resonance with one another, which humans can start by focusing on an object or person and happens automatically, a cascade of quantum tunneling starts between the two objects, the person focusing and the object of that focus.(It is a little more complicated than this, but that can be discussed later. For now this is a good enough approximation for this explanation.)

Once the Quanta (most probably electrons) are passing back and forth, each object (the focuser and the object of focus again.) will begin to have their basic pattern disrupted by the other object, as the quanta will tend to “fire off” in a pattern that represents their starting position in the object of origin.

If one of the objects is able to quiet their though pattern enough, they will be able to notice a pattern emerging due to the repeated, constant, tiny disruptions of their own being.

Simple, right?

PFT also allows for formative information to be passed in this fashion, allowing information from one source to influence the pattern of the other object, as long as the “guide” pattern of the influencing object is held in a fashion that allows for constant correction.

You can make changes

So, in other words, if you hold an idea or picture in your mind well enough and don’t let it be influenced by the object you are focusing on, you can make changes to the other pattern.

The higher the energy state of this object, the faster changes will be made and the more focused the image in the mind of the first party will have to remain during the time of resonance.

It should be clear by now that two physical objects may interact at a distance if the conditions are right, but how does this alter the an object towards anything except the pattern of information of the first object?

This is a property that is strictly in the field of mind. Using our minds we can create an exacting “image” of an object with an effective quantum profile, that has no macro level mass or shape. But, if we hold it stead enough in our heads, this object responds on the quantum level exactly like it would if physically present.

By making (and holding) small differences between the mental object and the physical one, and not allowing deviation of the mental object (It will try to change due to resonance interference from the other point of interaction.) the constant flow of information will eventually alter that “real” object.

Again, the more energy involved in the process the faster and easier changes will be to bring about.

I would like to leave on this point:

The base psychic ability of humans is singular. We can interact with other things, people, places and concepts, and note changes in ourselves. This is the basic tool of all magic and psychic functioning. Everyone has this basic ability, though skillful application is needed for high level effects.

by  Dale Power



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