How To Become Psychic: Psychic Development 101

What is a Psychic


A common question we get asked is ‘how can I become psychic. But first we have to ask, what does it mean to be psychic? A psychic is a person who can use extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving telepathy or clairvoyance, or who performs acts that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws.

By information, we would typically hear about psychics identifying information like visions of the future, other people’s thoughts or even dead people’s thoughts. In fact, some psychics are said to be able to see and communicate with entities from other realms. This is possible and it is important to understand that seeing is also a form of identifying information. But such information will not even be made available to the conscious mind unless a part of their brain has the proper neuron connections.

Most people think that all it would take to become psychic is for them to open their third eye. The third eye is actually a nerve cluster (a grouping of nerves) in their forehead (where people point the third eye to be) that is responsible for psychic ability. The forebrain is also heavily involved in psychic activity. The third eye chakra provides/absorbs the energy necessary for this nerve cluster and the rest of the brain to function.

But the necessary neuron connections for psychic activity are not developed in most people and I guess when people say they want to open their third eye, they truly mean that they want to develop this nerve cluster. By developing it through practice or wearing the IPF field, its sensitivity increases in a way you can slowly become more and more psychic.

I know some of you heard stories of people opening their third eye and automatically becoming psychic. That is highly unlikely but there are some special cases. This could happen through heavy stimulation in this nerve cluster which would cause the nerves to become extra sensitive and start firing off signals left and right. The majority of the time in these cases, these people cannot control their psychic ability and it is more chaotic and dangerous than anything. You need to develop this slowly and over time and not seek to rush to become psychic overnight.

An advantage that people who are born psychic (psychic nerve cluster very sensitive from birth) is that they’ve had a lifetime to develop the neural pathways necessary for their brain to interpret psychic information in a way for their conscious minds to understand. Everyone develops differently so all psychics get their information in very unique ways. The majority are also only able to interpret certain things like scents of entities, emotions (empaths are psychic too), visions of the past from certain places or interpret most things as a kind of energy.

In fact, it is all energy and what being a psychic truly means is to be able to access and interpret energy accurately and communicate with it accurately. And before I confuse you, when I say everything is energy… I mean thoughts, entities, emotions, people, animals, the world and the universe are all essentially energy. And considering all energy is connected, everything can be accessed, interpreted and communicated with.

The language of energy is conceptual. It is the “knowing” language, where there is no thought, word, visual and just a knowing of the information. It is the pure form of an idea. This is also the way the subconscious communicates. The reason we do not understand it is because our egos interpret whatever our subconscious communicates. Our ego filters the information with words (which all have so many different meanings), visuals (can all be interpreted in different ways too) and our beliefs which more often than not misconstrue whatever our subconscious is communicating.

Many psychics nowadays have this problem as well in that they allow their egos to get in the way and misinterpret psychic information.

This is why the first and possibly most vital step to becoming psychic is mastering the ability to silence your mind.

You must meditate. If you cannot detach enough from your ego at will, enough to observe the thoughts not as your own, then you won’t be able to catch on to the psychic information you’re getting. Even if your psychic nerve cluster were developed, you wouldn’t be able to accurately interpret psychic information anyways as your ego would change the meaning of the original information or disregard it all together.

When you are able to silence your mind and listen to energy, you will be able to just “know” what is being said. And with enough practice of listening and understanding, you will eventually be able to also communicate in this way.

So how do you begin to understand and communicate conceptually?

Our article ‘how to communicate with the subconscious mind’ goes into detail as to how to learn and start practicing today. Over time, the practice also creates new neural pathways for psychic perception. But I wouldn’t have written this article if I also didn’t have a shortcut for you guys! Our video on dreamseeds ‘animal empathy/telepathy’ creates the connections in your brain necessary for you to be able to just start understanding conceptual communication. The audio is called animal empathy/telepathy because animals communicate conceptually to you all the time but your conscious mind can’t accurately interpret it.  

 So I would suggest listening to this audio every day for the next 2-3 months (maybe more). The practices in the article are necessary for you to learn how to communicate conceptually. The audio will make the practice easier too. Say for example, you would like to communicate to your subconscious mind that you “feel very happy right now.” You would meditate and silence your mind and communicate it and it would reciprocate immediately. Words/visuals can get through to the subconscious but they take a long time to fully take form as a concept that the subconscious understands. And often, the original intent gets lost in the visuals/words/beliefs about oneself anyways.

Another way you can test the ability after developing it for some time would be: you can start listening to our fields on sapienmed or hold on to your pendants and then silence your mind. Meditate for a minute or so and begin to observe objectively how the energy from the fields are interacting with your being. Don’t try to understand it. Just tune into it with your conscious focus and naturally you will just “know.”

And as you master this more, you can tune into any energy by just focusing on the concept of what it is. Then your subconscious will give you conceptual information of what it is and you can go further and further… Everything else that can be said about such things is too conceptual to put into words 😀 As we mentioned in our how we create fields article, dream holds onto concepts for several hours and raises enough energy for it to take on a life of its own and be able to draw energy on its own as well. That is extremely advanced stuff but a lot of such things become possible with conceptual communication. The subconscious language or might I say “the psychic language.”   In the future possibly, we can go deeper into this but that’s all for now folks!

PS: Important details to help you further with developing psychic abilities

If you have the IPF field, the conceptual bridge part of the field pretty much does what the animal/telepathy field does. So, the most important thing you should learn would be to meditate. The IPF field already creates all the neural connections necessary for you to be psychic.  Now you just have to develop enough mastery of your mind to make sure your ego doesn’t get in the way of the psychic information you receive (which you probably receive a lot of already).  You can also listen to animal/empathy audio to accelerate/amplify the ability of understanding/communicating conceptually.

If you don’t have the IPF field, you can also listen to our 3rd Eye Audio from Gumroad. It stimulates the psychic nerve cluster. This would take longer to see results from but in combination with this article, you can definitely start to gain psychic ability.

Last but not least, you do not have to spend money and can follow this free ebook: awakening the third eye goes into methods as to how to stimulate the psychic nerve cluster and build up its sensitivity. They don’t use the same terminology I do but following those practices and the ones in this article will also work wonders. Most of the practices are focused on the pineal gland which is at the forefront of the psychic nerve cluster.


As for meditation, there are over a million articles on meditation as well different methods you can try. Find the best method for you and do it every single day for at least 15 minutes. It will seem impossible at first but eventually you will break through. Our alpha brainwave audio and theta brainwave audio can help as well. If you don’t have the alpha brainwave audio, here it is.



7 thoughts on “How To Become Psychic: Psychic Development 101

  1. Adel says:

    Wonderful article, I have a qigong practice and I use feelings, in a very energetic sense, to communicate with my subconscious. Would you say your meaning of the use concept is similar to a feeling (as in incorporating all the zang fu organs) or is it more cerebral?

  2. Richard Hayes says:

    Hi Samuel, I’m interesting in buying 5 advanced field items and I am wondering if I can wear all the items at the same time? Can you listen to audios and subliminals while also wearing the items? The items I’d like to buy are Gambling Luck, Best Path In Life, Social Mastery, Matchmaker, and Fountain Of Youth. If Eternity is a more advanced version of Fountain Of Youth with Longevity & Telomere Regeneration combined I’ll consider buying that instead. Thank you.

    Kind regards,


  3. Erika Csizmadia says:

    I have been doing two-three day water fastings. I believe it does help to be more psychic. One of the reasons is that the mind becomes so clear. I don”t know the other reasons.

    • Samuel G says:

      Water fasting makes you very light in vibration as well. If you listen to our dreamseeds (youtube channel) high vibration audio while on a fasting, you will experience some very spiritual effects. But… I don’t recommend you do these fastings very often.

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