The Therapeutic Magic of Cosplay

I think there are deep therapeutic benefits from cosplaying, mental and spiritual that you can use
to help propel your growth and development as a being.
It can definitely work to help somebody gain confidence in themselves which will be reflected in their daily life.
Remember when cosplaying, you put on the persona and dress as a different character, This in a way allows your normally
shy self to now hide behind a mask and persona of someone else, to interact with those around you as something bigger than your normal sense of being.
The therapy in this is that the bits of character personality that you get to portray become a little bit more integrated in your subconscious, providing you with a means now to channel that self confidence in everyday life. The feeling of acceptance and appreciation from being among like minded people reinforces that in a positive way in your subconscious as well.

Families, couples and friends that cosplay together find themselves developing a new appreciation and love for each other.
This can be a dual edged sword, but overcoming this can bring yourself closer to your loved ones, It forces you to accept and support each other.
Doing something together mutually of course will obviously bring you closer to people you are doing it with.

The unique spiritual experience from cosplay is that, cosplaying different characters allows you to at least on a deeper subconscious level,
experience the world and life as different people and beings, adding and enriching your otherwise ‘normal’ experience of life.
This allows you to mentally be open to different states of being and consciousness, overcome mental blocks that can prevent you from these experiences and also develop an understanding for things you would not otherwise be able to in your ‘normal’ day to day life.

Of course there are a lot of negative effects and things that can happen, but these are mostly only dependant on whether you choose to act arrogant or accepting, and if the people around you are supportive or not. These are things you can change of course, so you get the best benefits out of the experience. Also its an awesome way to meet like minded people and develop lasting friendships.

So why not give it try?


Featured Cosplayer: Jessie Inari Cosplay

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1 thoughts on “The Therapeutic Magic of Cosplay

  1. Serenya says:

    I suffered from depression and i can testify that it works. When i was at my lowest the only thing that kept me together was my Superman t-shirt. I waw wearing it like a shield or a shell

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